By:  Kage Kinomoto  Ongoing
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Stella is happy in every aspect of her life, there is nothing she could ever ask for. Until on the night of the full moon, the light envelopes her and sweep her away back to her recurring dream. There she found a fragment of herself, a memory that is long gone. "You are my Luan, and in this dream no gods, no fate, or deity can forbid us to meet" - King Sun "Our love is God, when we say let the mountain move, it will move. Empty the sea, it will be empty. If I need to kill everyone, even the one who love me and precious to you I will. You are mine and only mine" - The Justice "We are destined, Fate declares it. Yet, fate is not written in stone. It can be burn, torn, tampered, and destroyed. So who am I? Telling you who to love. I love you and that's all I know" - The King of the Celestials

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MoonLight by Kage Kinomoto is a magical love story. Stella is living a peaceful life with her Nana. Together, they work in their bakery, baking bread and pastries that people love. She visits an orphanage as a volunteer for charity. Stella gets mesmerized by the library and pulls out a book titled, The Moon Princess. Then like a dream, a celestial being appears and declares her as Luan. He calls himself King Sun and proclaims her as the new Priestess of the Moon. What does this title mean for Stella? 

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keep going! may i know your active social media that i can follow?
2021-07-23 17:30:11
15 Chapters
The life in my world And sweetness in my word A nightmare I had She turns into a dream   Dried up your tears my lonesome Princess I will be your guard Protecting your kind heart Draw a smile once more Stars will shine at its core As the moon sets the night Another fragment will unfold  
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Chapter 1 Is this the beginning?
It's just another dream for Stella. Stars winking and the breeze starts to pierce her skin. She stops as she felt her knees wobble. "How many times do I have to have this dream" she murmured. Suddenly the water in the lake starts to shimmer, directing her to the tree of fireflies. Her heart starts pounding when she saw a familiar figure under the tree. She gathers her strength as her knees try to stand her up and give her a little courage. Two steps forward... Then another four steps... Six...... Seventh .... Tenth... Then she stops, 'Is this right? Should I go and see him?' her clutter mind asked her. Then her feet take ten more to twenty or a hundred, she doesn't know anymore, she just stops counting as the figure gets clearer and clearer. "You are here" the man spoke, then their eyes met. Now, the four-steps seem to be an inch away as her eager body wanti
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Chapter 1.1 Is this the beginning?
On the front gate, Stella and Lynx decided to take a break and ask some of the volunteers to take over for a while. They walk at the back of the Orphanage to take a peek on what Lalaine is doing. The kids seemed to be playing around and few nuns are watching over them. Stella and Lynx roam their eyes a little bit more but their blue haired friend is out of nowhere. "I'll check the Library" Stella said "She is just probably looking for someone else" Lynx answered. Their eyes suddenly pointed at the man with hair as dark as blood and mood as fiery as the sun. He is tapping his feet, arms cross and eyes that seem to be stuck on the same scene. "What an impatient fellow" Lynx said as they walk towards Nathaniel "I can't seem to find Aeriol, he said to meet here and it's been hours" when it was just been a couple of minutes. Lynx wrap his arms on Nathaniel's shoulders as he gently shakes his head "Now, now." he said with fresh and naughty idea craw
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Chapter 2 The Meeting
The man holding Stella, gently lay her down. She removes the books on her feet and crawl out. He slowly stood up, pushing the shelve back on it's place as if his aching bones are clueless on what it did. "Is everyone ok?" Father Rhen said running towards them "Y-yes Father" Stella answered as she drag her right leg “B-but I don’t think he is” pointing at the man stacking up the books as if his joints are as healthy as it was before “Justine” Father Rhen called out “Are you ok?”  “Yes, I think the books really made an impact” he chuckled. Momentarily, Stella thought it was the man on his dreams yet this man has a black hair that covering his eyes. His skin was so pale that the ray of sun doesn’t dare to touch it. She just can't seem to understand the leap on her heart and image she saw moments ago.  “I think that girl sprain her leg” Justine said as he points to her.  “Let me call Sister Lily” Father Rhen immediately runs and cal
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Chapter 2.1 The Meeting
Back to the woods, Lynx is kneeling down as his eyes watching the clouds pass one after the other. While Nathaniel loading his gun."I want to thank the gods for giving me this life" he said clasping his hands together and fake tear drop on his left eye."Natty" Lalaine suddenly called out. A sigh of relief lets out from him and sun seem to be shinning brightly, his savior came. "Let's chill, okay. I know it pisses us off but I think having fun is good. It doesn't hurt anyone, anyways" she said"Stella fell from the stairs and broke her ankle looking for you" Nathaniel said in calm manner as his gun disappear."W-WHAT?!" Lalaine presence becomes cold, the water from the stream floats on the air and created a huge ball ."Goodbye world" Lynx whispered and the ball of water splash on him then floats his unconscious body to the stream."Is he dead?" Nathaniel asked worriedly as he watches Lynx floats away."Nope" Lalaine said and smile "
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Chapter 3 Who am I
Stella went home but apparently her friends doesn't know how to go back to their respective houses. Aeriol is carrying ingredient for a good hot pot. Lynx is soaking wet and just trying not to get the cold. Nathaniel is carrying bags of fruits and beers. Lastly, Lalaine is simply being pretty."Hi Nana!" they all greeted"Oh dear" Nana said in surprise "You’re all here” she added."This girl sprained her leg and left us no choice" Lalaine explained"What happened to you?" she walks towards Stella and sat her down"Just a little clumsy" she responded "but I am fine now" she looks at the swollen ankle"You know I have a very good herbal medicine for something like this” Nana said as she strokes Stella's hair"Thank you Nana" she smiled "But first let Lynx take a bath, he fell into the lake and now he looks like a baby chicken run down from the rain" they all laugh except for Lynx."Ha-ha-ha" he said mockingly "L
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Chapter 3.1 Who am I
Lalaine was shocked when she found Stella laying on the floor, the moon light illuminates her like flittering lights in the night. The crystal orbs surrounds her, slowly lifting her from the ground. She immediately called out Nana, Aeriol, Nathaniel, and Lynx. Aeriol immediately pull out Stella from the illuminating light and lay her to bed. Nathaniel and Lynx looks out the window and saw a beautiful red rose. As if the  moon light blessing it. The more light it absorb, the radiant the color gets. Lynx trails back to Leis last words. "The light of the first moon will lead you to it. The chorus of the song that will wake her up in a dream. Fragments of fragments will show. Her powers can destroy or restore. Wicked is the heart that love and weaker is the love that steals. Who owns the priestess that no one can steal?" "Aeriol!" Lynx called out "We need to seal the flower" he said and jumps out from the window followed b
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Chapter 4 The First Fragment
Stella’s head is pinching her hard, as she squints her eyes to the first ray of sun slips on her window. This is different, she is different. She feels like someone is gripping her heart and wanting it to stop beating.“You are my Luan” she remembers him saying. She is Luan, the orb showed her that. Then who is Stella? Who are these people caring for her and loving her? She shouldn’t be crying, it is still early. Her palms are sweating and her mind is running in deep. She is lost, if she could only close her and eyes then go back to the dream she had. Maybe, just maybe Aelius can tell her more.She holds her breath as she heard the door crack open. There is Lalaine peeking.What should Stella say to her, can she ask her who s
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Chapter 4.1 Jack-The-Ripper
Aeriol immediately receives a call from James. He looked for Nathaniel and immediately went to the crime scene. They saw Gram hogging all the publicity and reporters"This is surely the work of Jack-the-ripper." Gram said as he brushes his mustache with his fingers."Do you have any clue who is the Jack-the-ripper?" one of the reporters asked"Definitely!" he answered concealing the fact they got no one on the suspect list "We can't just release anything for now. We are trapping our prey" Gram said as he laughs proudly "Maybe he is the killer" Nathaniel murmured making Aeriol smirk"Now, now, let's look at this scene"
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Chapter 4.2 Jack-The-Ripper
 “The thing about being a detective is the mystery, the clues left by the Murderer. Right now, we are getting closer” Gram said as the Reporters continues snapping photos of him and the wrapped-in-the-blanket-Officer-James. “Poor little James” Lynx said as he keeps snapping photos of the crime scene and Nathaniel's pissed-off-looked.“By the way, why a graduate in Philosophy is here?” Nathaniel snaps“Oh my, Remember I am a consultant” he winks. Nathaniel rolls his eyes and tries to disregard Lynx's entire presence. “We should get going,” Aeriol said “You know the killer?” Nathaniel asked in surprise
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