Madlyn POV.

I woke up groggy, I don't like the car seat, it's annoying, and the car did make fall asleep, when I woke up it was to Adrian unstrapping me. He took me inside, I saw other humans like me dressed like me or in clothes that make them look older, some were on their feet another crying, I felt like crying now. I don't like this, last time I was somewhere similar to this, the guy pushed too hard on my stomach making me cry, I held closer to Adrian.

Jaxon went and talked with the woman at the desk while I stayed hidden where I was in daddy's arms, I was hoping we'd get to go home soon, instead, someone called my name. Adrian got up and carried me with him toward a closed office, way too similar to the one from last time, a bed, the scale, but I could also see some other torture devices, I started crying right away.

"Nu wanna...wanna go home" I cried holding tighter to Adrian who just shushed me and started to talk with the other guy they called Doctor.

"How old is the little b
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