Madlyn POV.

I must have fallen asleep on the way back home, I don't like the doctor, I decided that for sure, he too said I have worms, but I can't have worms, they'd eat my stomach. I woke up back in the wooden cage, my stomach was rumbling, I was hungry. I told myself that I will fight them if they try giving me anything other than real food.

"Good morning princess" Adrian says picking me out of the crib cooing at me, he came just in time for me to wake up. I mumbled out a morning hoping the rest of the day would be better.

"Are you hungry sweetie?" Adrian asks taking me toward the flat surface and changing my wet diaper, when did I use it, I blush at that but she doesn't comment on it, just get a new clean one on me.

I nod hungrily, I was hoping to get some good food today, Adrian took a seat on a chair that moves too much, I got scared and cling to him. I was hungry, so hungry that my stomach was making noises, he takes off his shirt and pull down towards his chest.

"Nu want food
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