My Crazy Normal

My Crazy Normal

By:  Tatum_Whispers  Completed
Language: English
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Jackson D’Angelo, the most feared Mafia Boss in the state, he is ruthless and a man you do not wish to get on your wrong side. He is devoted to his Mafia Family and take pride in the things he sets out to do. He might seem to be your typical playboy, but the one thing he craves will be the thing that catches him by surprise. In enters Kayley, a girl that finds herself on the wrong side of town. Her path crosses with Jackson one night while she is at his nightclub. He finds her dancing on his bar counter. The moment he helps her step off, he claims her as his. She is wild and free and brings out the soft side of Jackson. But there shall be betrayal and deceit placed in the way that will threaten to keep them apart. Can they overcome these obstacles? Shall Kayley ultimately become Jackson’s Mafia Queen? Will she tame him or will he tame her instead?

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Haze Mont
i very love this book,it has everything,little bit of drama,action,lovestory & the characters are so funny,hilarious!!! i cant stop laughing.. good job author...
2021-11-25 10:35:47
default avatar
I just love the book. Its hilarious .........
2021-11-12 09:18:18
user avatar
Great job writer! I laughed, I cried, I wanted to smack the 3 stooges!! I was sad they broke-up happy they made short totally enjoyed well done. the spelling errors did not take away from the story worth the read
2022-05-04 19:13:03
39 Chapters
The Reunion
Dear Reader Thank you for reading the first chapter of the book called, My Crazy Normal. My Crazy Normal was originally written as an Interactive Story Game. I am in the process of adapting it into a novel form. The original version contains a great deal of dialogue to fit the platform for which it was intended. Though you can enjoy the story in its interactive format too as currently published. (eg when Kayley speaks, the format will be as this: Kayley ~ “Mike, what an awesome surprise. Where have you been?”) Full adaptation will be dependent on the popularity of the old Interactive Story. Let me know what you think, of My Crazy Normal. Happy reading, Tatum Whispers ********************   I have never been a normal person; I have never done things the normal way, I have never lived by any of the normal rules or even met people the normal way.   
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Caught In The Act
 This hot as fuck sweet piece of ass has just helped me off the bar counter. That smile had me all but drowning in my own wet mess. For a moment there, I had my thighs clenching as his rough hand touched my palm. I don't think they make them any hotter than this.I am assuming he is Rob's business partner, as he called it his club. The fact that he called me baby girl means that he is not just a normal kind of business partner either. I understand now why they want me to stay away from him. There is no way that it will happen; I am even more drawn to him now.“Rob, I leave you alone for one minute, and you turn my club into a whore house.”
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You Are My Girl
This guy is everywhere; it is bad enough he is stuck in my head, now he shows up at my work too. Not that I am complaining, but I am not quite ready for him to see me naked just yet.  “Baby girl, what are you doing up there?” “I am working, Jackson.” 
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Closet Full Of Secrets
Oh, my god, I am in way over my head, but it is a rush, a rush that I need, a thrill that I crave. Everything about this man is hot, and he is burning right into my skin. What happens when I fall for a mafia boss. I don't know, but I am sure as hell going to find out. "Fuck Kay," Rob looks me up and down as he greets me, "You are looking hot tonight; I feel I can almost eat you." "Do you want that jaw to eat?" Jackson asks Rob. "If it is to eat Kay, then yes." Jackson steps forward and fists his hands around Rob's shirt, pulling him awkwardly closer, "I will rip that thing off your head." "Jackson," I pull Jackson away from Rob. "It is fine, baby girl," he reassures me. "I am just reminding him of his manners." From next to Rob, Anelle speaks, "You do look hot, Kay." "It is Kayley to you," I remin
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The Big Move
There are three assholes banging down my door; one of them better have fucking coffee, "Fuck can't a girl sleep in?" "Sorry, Kay," Matthew says as he is the first to walk in. "Morning, gorgeous." Drake jokingly says. "You better watch your mouth," Anthony warns. "Boss, while feed your tongue to his dog." "Fuck Ant, that shit is sick," Mathew says. I look at all three of them standing in front of me, "Which one of you pricks has my coffee." "Boss is bringing it," Anthony says. "What. I thought he was not going to come?" "He changed his mind." "God, I look like shit." Mathew looks as he sees Jackson's car pull up outside, "I will keep boss busy while you clean up." "Thanks, Matt, you make me sound like a whore." "Better go perk that ass
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The Best For My Girl
I kind of pissed Jackson off a bit, but I am sure when he gets to know me better, he will see I have a kind of fucked up sense of humor, and I always say things how I want to say, I tell it how it is. I do things my way, and I sure as fuck don't let people tell me what to do     Kayley ~ “Baby, I am sorry. I was just messing around.”     Jackson ~ “Don't worry, baby girl. I just got a bit frustrated there.”     Kayley ~ “What are you three idiots staring at?”     Drake ~ “Waiting for boss to bend you over.”     Jackson ~ “Drake, get the fuck out of here before I rip your balls off.”     Matthew ~ “Boss, the truck is loaded.”     Jackson ~ “Then fuck off, we will meet you there.”     Kayley ~ “Baby, are you coming wi
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The Price Of Betrayal
My fucking head is pounding and Jackson is standing at the foot of the bed with a fucking smirk on his face.     Kayley ~ “How the fuck did you get in here?”     Jackson ~ “I have a key.”     Kayley ~ ”Why are you fucking smiling like that?”     Jackson ~ ”I have never seen anything so gorgeous sleeping before.”     Kayley ~ ”Don't think your lame ass lines are going to get you off the hook.”     Jackson ~ ”Baby I am sorry.”     Kayley ~ ”Why the fuck are you naked?”     Jackson ~ ”I sleep naked.”     Kayley ~ ”Did you fucking sleep next to me naked?”     Jackson ~ ”Yes       Kayley ~ “Where the fuck is
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The Other Woman
I am so fucking pissed off at Jackson. I hate being lied to and now I am the fucking other woman, not even the only woman in his life. What is so god damn special about that, he has made me nothing less than a fucking whore?     I am going to show him who the boss is. I grab the yellow pages and find what I am looking for. I dial the number.     Kayley ~
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Taking What Is Mine
The way he just fucked me makes it hard to stay pissed off at the man. There is nothing like a god damn big cock between your legs to make you forget everything.     He is not off the hook though, I want to know what this bitch Kathleen's fucking problem is.     Kayley ~”Come I need a drink.”     Jackson ~”Sure baby girl.”     Kayley ~”Steve give us two JDs.”     Stephen ~”Gotcha girl.”     Jackson ~”I fucking love it when you get so bossy. It is god damn hot.”     Kayley ~”Flirting is not getting your ass out of this one Jackson.”     Jackson ~”Baby girl please let me explain before you get cross again.”     Kayley ~”I want you to think very carefully how you going to answer the ne
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Time To Pack Up And Leave
I can't believe this fucking bimbo is Jackson's wife. I can see now why it is an arranged marriage, he would never have such god damn awful taste in women. She is more like Malibu Barbie gone wrong.  Kathleen ~”What the fuck are you doing here?”  Kayley ~”Come to give you some
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