10. Hangout

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Alright, I look pretty good in the new clothes Kenan gave me. Today he invited me to go to the game center to play.

Last night I didn't sleep because I was looking for Kenan's social media account. Honestly, I'm curious why my friends are so excited to see me with Kenan; they say that Kenan is quite popular. Am I the only one who doesn't know him? Kenan—the mysterious man who suddenly helped me

I want to get to know Kenan better. Who is he, what is he like, and what is his motive for helping me now that my problem with Lenny is over? Shouldn't Kenan be honest with me about what he wants?

I rushed downstairs when I heard the sound of Kenan's motorcycle engine stopping in front of the house. As usual, the man casually waved at me.

Apart from his good looks, what makes him so popular?

"Hey, I have a few questions! This is bothering me, so I hope you will answer them!" I said that when Kenan gave me his helmet.

"Wow, relax! We still have plenty of
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