Chapter 11

Current Location: Wedding venue bridal parties dressing room

Ruby was already here when I walked in. "Hey Ruby, how are you feeling after your, um, Bachelorette party?" Ruby rolled her eyes "Happy it is over but thankful for you. I think without you everything would be ruined. I am so happy you are my maid of honor. Shall we start getting dressed. I noticed our dress bags all have our names on them."

I was having a tough time holding back the excitement inside me. Ruby is already pissed at Shelly. Now Ruby is going to hate Dede as well. This was a complete disaster no bride would ever want to go through, and one Ruby could never had anticipated.

Ruby pulled down the zipper on her garment bag and was utterly shocked to see, not the beige dress she wanted, but a lime green dress that was two sizes too big. It looked like baby poop it was so ugly.

I approached my dress bag and unzipped it. It was purple and very poofy with a lot of lace it looked like a fancy tablecloth, and it was a siz
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