Chapter 10

Current Location: My bed around four o'clock in the morning

I was jolted out of a deep sleep by the constant ringing of my cell phone. I rubbed my eyes trying to get my bearings. My phone stopped ringing, so I was planning on going back to sleep. But withing about five seconds it was jingling again. I reach for my phone and unsurprisingly I see that it was Ruby calling. I expected this now that the drugs have worn off, I knew she would be panicking.

I answered the phone with a huge yawn " Ruby do you have any idea what time it is? First you ditch me last night now you are calling me so damn early in the morning!" Ruby broke out in hysterics." I ditched you. Did I ditch Dede as well? She has not been answering my calls either. I have been trying to get through to you and Dede for the last thirty minutes. I was about to give up. Anyway, none of that is important you can catch me up on all of that later. I have a favor to ask can you please come back to this nightmarish club and pick me u
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