Chapter 133

Kyle and I took an immediate left and half walked have sprinted down to the elevators. Not surprising they were turned off. It makes sense that they would deactivate them with an active shooter on the premises. It Would be harder for them to get to a different floor. We headed over to the door for the stairs and headed through. Neither of us knew exactually which floor the NICU was on, so we decided to go to the highest level and work our way down. Along the way we stopped so Kyle could smash the glass on the fire ax box that was in each stairwell. He took the ax and led us the rest of the way up the steps.

We went through the access door once we reach the top and walked through. We found ourselves in a hallway with doors every six feet or so on each side. I walked up to one of them an read the plaque on the wall. “LAB NUMBER THREE: REASEARCH AND DEVELEPOMENT”. Since the entire hall had these same type of rooms, we decided this was the wrong floor and there were no patients up here, s
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