chapter 132

Dr. Marsh and i exchanged looks before he told me to go lock myself in the bathroom. like that was going to fucking happen! There was currently someone inside the hospital shooting at people or something of that nature. There was no way i was going to stay here like a sitting duck. I sat up and slid off the bed. I located a bag in one of the chairs with my cell phone, socks, and shoes. I pulled out and put on the socks and shoes than I tried calling Shane. The phone just went to voicemail. The same thing when I called Natasha than Tony. I figured I would try calling Kyle even though I knew it was a long shot since he just had surgery. I was very surprised when he answered on the second ring in a very hushed voice.

“Miss Emma! You are okay! Thank the Gods. I would ask about the babies and your health but right now we got a problem. Did you hear those gun shots and those people yelling?” Kyle asked me in one breath. I rolled my eyes and said, “Of course I heard it. I’m in the surgery w
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