Chapter 16

Current Location: Outside the Dragon house restaurant

Kyle, Lucas, and I were all sitting in my car. One of the men Kyle tasked with finding Derek told us he was staying at Dragon House. Dragon House was not just a restaurant, but also a hotel. They only had a handful of rooms, and unless you had a lot of money you could not afford it. Each room was very luxurious and had a lot of accommodations. One night in the Dragon house cost almost two thousand dollars.

Derek has been here since the day of the wedding. It may only be two days, but that was already four thousand dollars he was shelling out. Kyles man said he booked the room for seven days and nights. Derek was burning over ten thousand dollars on this one room, which was nuts since he only lives fifteen minutes away. The amount of money he was spending should tell you how well off my family is financially. My mother, siblings and I had much more wealth than Derek and Ruby did. It may seem like I am rambling or bragging here, but
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