Chapter 17

Current Location: Big Henry's Steak and Fries

Currently I was sitting down having lunch at my favorite restaurant with Lucas and Kyle. I had just got done telling them about Derek’s objectives list. " Kyle, I want someone at all times to have eyes on Derek until we stop him. It is time for my cousin and I to meet face to face so we can end this. Any ideas?" Lucas spoke first. "Well, you can just show up at his room and confront him with a bodyguard of course!" Kyle shook his head no. "I think it would be better to pull him out of his room. Lore him somewhere neutral and secluded. Then many of our men can be there in the shadows and they would be able to get to you if need be. Lucas or I would be escorting you and staying by your side of course."

We decided to go with Kyles plan. Besides it was the safest of the two. Kyle would be the one who was going with me. After all he was a trained fighter and Lucas was not. Lucas also has a wife and daughter, and I did not want to put him in harm
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