Chapter 8

Current Location: Cheap Thrills Party Bus

"So Emma since you saw the list do you know where we are heading now?" Dede asked me curiously. "Wait you do not know? Shelly said you worked with her to make the list. I did see the list, but I only glanced it. I believe we are going for dinner before going to a club to finish off the night. I am just not sure which restaurant or which club." I said knowing Shelly said no such thing.

Dede was speechless at first than said to Ruby" what the hell is going on with Shelly, Ruby? First all these crazy arrangements for your Bachelorette party. Then she lies to Emma and says I helped her come up with the festivities for tonight! Which for the record I had nothing to do with." "I know you did not. I saw the shock on both of your faces. Shelly has a lot of explaining to do." Ruby said confidentiality.

"Maybe Shelly is interested in Shane and she is trying to ruin your happiness." Derek suggested. Well, he is not far off except he is wrong about the gir
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