Chapter 7

Current Location: Cheap thrills Party inc.

I was standing outside the building waiting for Mrs. Spooner to bring around the party bus when a text came through from Kyle. "Hey boss lady I am across the parking lot, and I have eyes on you. Do not worry I will stay in the shadows. Also, I took care of Shelly. I sent her dad an anonymous text from a burner phone saying I had his teenage daughter and will only give her back if Shelly was there. Then as soon as Shelly got word and left her house to go to her dads, she stopped at a gas station and went inside. I than took her phone from the car so her dad cannot warn her when Shelly’s sister comes back and finds out she is completely fine, and the text was only a prank.

"Brilliant job Kyle! Just remember when I give you the signal it is time for your photography skills." I sent the message and I heard three short car honks in concession. Conformation from Kyle that he understands.

At that moment Ruby and Dede both pulled into the parking lot one behind the other. They both got out of their cars and approached me. "Emma, you made it here first! But why are you outside is something wrong?" Ruby’s face scrunched up with worry.

"Oh no nothing like that. The owner of Cheap Thrills Party inc., Mrs. Spooner, just went to bring around the party bus. " I said anticipating the disappointment she was feeling.

Ruby gasped "Ew a party bus why would you book a party bus I hate them! You should know that from our cousin Saras birthday party two years ago. I must have mentioned it like twenty times that night!" Actually, it was more like three hundred but who is counting.

I faked a look of shock stating innocently “Oh no Ruby. I completely forgot. Shelly said you would love it. In fact, everything that is planned for tonight was her idea. I just booked the time slot and forwarded the list she sent me to Mrs. Spooner."

Ruby shrugged " Ugh I guess Shelly forgot I hated them. I will forgive her for this because I know everything else will be spectacularly fun. At least I hope." I was having a hard time not busting a gut full of giggles. Dede looked at Ruby confused " Ruby I do not understand why Shelly booked this bus. She definitely knew you hated them we just talked about a few days ago when we went shopping." This was great Dede is unknowingly helping me make Shelly seem like the asshole here.

At that moment Mrs. Spooner pulled around with the party bus. I must say it was an eye sore. It was the most hideous and flashy party bus i had ever seen. It had half naked men and woman on it, and it had orange and red lightning bolts all over it. On top of all that in gigantic Hot pink letters it said," HONK IF YOU ARE HORNY". Ruby looked like she was going to be sick. She looked as though she wanted to just lay down and die right where she was standing.

" Why would Shelly request such an outrageous party bus! Has she gone mental all of a sudden? There has to be a mistake this cannot be our bus!" Ruby cried out. Mrs. Spooner stepped out of the bus and addressed me " Hello Emma. It is a pleasure to see you again. Everything has been planned out per Miss Shelly’s instructions." When Mrs. Spooner said this Ruby looked pissed off.

"Excuse me. I am Ruby Saxton, and this is my Bachelorette party. I know Shelly asked for this bus which blows my mind that she did, but is there a possibility to use a different one instead?" Ruby said full of hope. Mrs. Spooner looked at Ruby apologetically "I am so very sorry, but I am afraid all of our other party buses are rented out and in use. I am so very sorry for disappointing you!"

"Do not be this is not your fault Mrs. Spooner. Shelly on the other hand is going to get a mouthful from me when I talk to her. She is not answering my texts now probably already knowing I am mad." Ruby said with fire in her eyes." Let us just get the night started."

We all headed inside the bus. Even though I arranged for this bus to piss Ruby off I was relieved that the inside was not any different than a usual party bus. It had seats, a bathroom, a bar, a dance floor, and a privacy curtain between us and the driver. I pulled Mrs. Spooner aside and told her we had to pick up Derek and told her where to go.

The windows on the party bus were completely blacked out we could not see out and no one could see in. When we arrived outside of Derek’s house Ruby had no idea. "Where are we?" Ruby pondered.

I smiled ant Ruby "Wait here for about five minutes. I have a special surprise for you!" Ruby looked back at me with a frightened face " Emma I have had my share of surprises already today and I have to say I have not liked a single one of them! I suppose though there cannot be anything worse than this party bus." Oh, just wait and see Ruby. I deliberately rolled my eyes at her " Trust me Ruby you will love this one."

I turned around and went to the front of the bus behind the curtain than exited through the door. Derek was sitting on his front steps smoking a cigarette." Cousin, you know those things will kill you right." Derek grinned back at me "Seriously that is our ride tonight I bet Ruby is pissed." I nodded and laughed "This was all Shelly’s idea, and she is not even here. Ruby is so mad at her."

" Okay the night is not getting any younger let us go. Just make sure you stay behind the curtain until I say so. I saw the list of things Shelly has planned for tonight and my guess is you will probably be the only happy surprise!" Derek’s eyes opened wide "Shit well It is a good thing I am here to ease the tension. After you Em!" Derek stared at my ass the whole way back to the bus. He is disgustingly vile.

I walked back into the bus and went through the curtain. Ruby looked at me uncertainty "Em, what is going on? What is this surprise you have for me? I am getting a little antsy over here."

I smiled at Ruby "well I was not sure what to get you as a wedding gift, especially since you and Shane already live together so I thought long and hard about it and this is the only thing I could think of. You can come back here now!"

Ruby stared at the curtain in anticipation. At that mentioned Derek pulled open the curtain. After the disbelief Ruby was feeling dissolved, she started laughing and ran and jumped into Derek’s arms.

"Derek!! I am so thrilled you are here! Emma you were right this is the best present ever. If I ever have another party, I want you to make all the decisions! I was so upset Derek has to miss my wedding because he cannot get out of work. Now even if this night somehow turns out miserable, I can bare it now that Derek is here!" Ruby said emotionally.

I hated seeing her so damn happy. At least I know it is only going to be temporary. With all the shenanigans I have planned tonight it will not last. And the finally of the night is going to change her world forever. After tonight it will be a long time before she is happy again, including here wedding day, I guarantee it!

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