Nora and Erik; When we were nothing

Nora and Erik; When we were nothing

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Nora was part of a transaction her father and Erik agreed upon. She was already married at the age of 18 five years ago. Nora is alone and desperate. The life, she thought, is nowhere near reality. The life of crime, and the unbridled carnal excesses that her husband lives, are dangerously bordering her on the brink of despair. Betrayed by her family, and by her husband. Nora wants to find a way out of this unwanted life, and one day finds love. Life seems to shine her way finally, but her that happiness was cut short. Nora thought that she had finally found her way to happiness. But her whole life fell apart in a matter of minutes. Alone and pregnant, Nora will have to face the person she fears the most from her past. Discover the future that awaits Nora. Where betrayals and misfortunes are just around the corner. And revenge is the main dish. Join Nora and Erik on this turbulent journey. Where mistakes are paid dearly. And the solutions are very painful.

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Chapter 1
This is my life nowNoraIt was lunchtime, we were all at the table. The maid started serving the soup, and when it was my turn, I shook my head. I wasn’t hungry. The food wasn’t the problem. It was them. I could barely sit around them without vomiting. Keeping my composure is what I was focusing on, I felt my sanity fading away through my hands.“Carmela, serve my wife soup, and don’t remove the plate until it’s empty.” My husband Erik ordered her. Under the table, I was burying my nails in my leg. Our situation is getting worse and worse. To the point where I cannot tolerate their presence. I always have to come up with new excuses to avoid them. But it’s been almost impossible for me lately. Since he is determined that we share all the meals together. And of course, I had to go with him for meetings, or reunions. The worst part is that I must stay by his side. As if the whole world doesn’t know that this marriag
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Chapter 2
I couldn't save myself Nora My dad encouraged me to say something, but I just held out my hand to say hello. Erik just raises an eyebrow in amazement. Sure, he wasn’t expecting this. Then, he left me there, he didn’t take my hand. I put it down and my face turned red from embarrassment. I knew that everyone does that when greeting someone, I don’t know why Erik took it wrong. “Okay, Charles, I agree. I’m sure you’ll keep an eye on her until I come to collect her.” That was the first time I heard his voice. And to my little self, it sounded like thunder had fallen in the middle of the house. My dad smiled even brighter, “you don’t have to worry, Erik. Nora will be ready for you when the time comes.” I turned to see my dad since those words did not make sense in my head. “I hope so Charles, I’ll keep an eye anyway.” He nodded his head, then turned around and left the office. I was left with my mouth open looking at his back. And with a bad feeling. Until I’m re
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Chapter 3
His violence growsNoraAnother time, I found myself doubled over in pain on the floor. It was not just slapping he gave me that day but blows with his fist as well. The beating was followed by several days of me being locked in my room. His excuse was that I needed to rest, so I could recover better. The man I am married to is an animal. Only because I do not follow his directions. I get in trouble, and I get in a lot of trouble.Or the time I disagreed with his mother and got into an argument with her. I raised my voice to be heard. Even so, his reaction was as though I had struck his mother or worse. Afterwards, he pushed me to the ground and made me apologize on my knees. Kneeling on the floor, again and again, I begged for forgiveness until he was satisfied.Looking at the plate of soup now, and thinking about all that, I decided to avoid getting beaten up for not eating the soup. This was not worth it. No, that’s not happening! I do not believ
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Chapter 4
Yes, I am a bitter woman Nora I decided to have a bath after feeling sorry for myself in bed for a while. I want to remove all traces of them from my body. And especially him. I took out my pyjamas from the closet and took them with me to the bathroom. I learned, the hard way, what could happen if he came into my room, and I was in a towel or underwear after the bath. It doesn’t matter that I locked the door. He will always have access. As he once told me, this was his house, and he could go anywhere he wanted. OK, so the bathroom is the safest place to change. I turned on the hot tap and put some bubbles in the water. I try to use floral scents, as I found that these oils relaxed me and kept my mind calm. After removing my clothes from me, I dove in. The sensation of hot water on my skin made me shiver. I needed all the comfort I could get. I put a wet towel on my face and relaxed. After a while, I felt my fingers wrinkle, and not only that, the water had tu
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Chapter 5
When can I be able to fly free? Nora I took my time getting ready. My beautiful black hair takes time and effort to make it look radiant. I let my hair down, my waves falling gently over my shoulders, reaching the middle of my back. The dress I chose hangs loosely, reaching mid-thigh. It is not long, but it is not short either. This one has no sleeves and the neck is V-shaped, so it shows my feminine attributes in a sexy way but without being vulgar. Not that I dress up for someone in particular. More than anything, I want to show everybody that I have not been defeated. I want to look my best. In this way, the inferiority that Erik caused me with his infidelities would not weigh me down so much. And it would give me more courage to face people who know my situation. By now, I think everyone knows what we were up to. After a while, I heard someone knock on my door. I knew it was time. Taking a deep breath, I grabbed my handbag, with everything a woman could n
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Chapter 6
Waiting for the storm Nora After closing the bathroom door, I walked straight ahead. When I had just passed him, he grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall. Putting his face in front of mine, he drew me into a corner with his arms. He pressed his forehead to mine, and I could hear that his breathing was heavy. And between teeth, he said to me, “I’m sick of you and your tantrums. You’re going to act as my wife for the rest of the afternoon and when we get home. You will go straight to the basement.” Those words fell on me like ice water. I expected it, my fear always came true with this man. If he was going to lock me up anyway, then I wouldn’t have to play anymore. So I pushed him away with all my might, far from me. “Don’t you dare to touch me again with your disgusting hands. Your hands are filthy and smell like a prostitute’s vagina.” Without waiting for his reply, I headed for the exit, not before grabbing my handbag that was on a hanger by the entr
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Chapter 7
A Visit to the Basement Nora Once inside, he slammed the door and threw me to the floor. I fell hard on my side, hitting my hip bone. But I didn’t have any more time to dwell on the pain, because in seconds he was on top of me. He grabs onto my hair again, pulling my head back painfully. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? HA! WHERE WERE YOU, NORA? Saying this, with my hair in his hand, he shook my head from one side to the other. It hurt so much that my tears started to come out. Until he stopped. He let me go suddenly and got up. Then I felt a kick in my back, and then another in my legs. After several more, I got into the fetal position, to avoid being hurt, but it didn’t work. The blows kept raining. Then, he stopped. His heavy breathing and my sobs and groans of pain were all that was heard. He was looking at me from above but did nothing else. Until he squatted down and brushed the hair off my face. He stood still for a moment, and after that, I could hear his teeth
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Chapter 8
The fall Nora The door to the small bathroom was open, and as I walked in, it smelled a bit bad. Looks like they haven’t cleaned here since my last visit. How degrading. I sat on the toilet and peed. But I felt a lot of pain and burning when doing it. This was new, he had never hit me like this. After cleaning myself, I stopped to pull up my underwear, because I noticed that the water was a little red. What could I do? Nothing. Forgetting about that for the moment, I went to the sink to wash my hands. And what received me when I saw myself in the mirror horrified me. I closed my eyes immediately, I couldn’t see the image before me. My eye was completely closed, my nose was swollen and full of blood. My lips are cracked and bloody. I had a gigantic bruise on the other side of my face. Now I know why my head hurts so much. My spirit plummeted at that moment, I lowered my head and went back to bed. I didn’t turn off the light, I just leaned back facing the wall
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Chapter 9
My parent's visit Nora “I did not fall, let me be clear to you. I know he’s paying you, I can smell it. But I want to make it clear that I DID NOT FALL. DON’T ever insult my intelligence. Did you understand? He beat me and then locked me in a basement for days. With nothing, no medicine, only water, nothing! And you tell me that he brought me immediately after I fell? And above all, was he worried? I don’t want to see you here, I want another doctor. Did you hear me? After exposing the injustice I suffered, I closed my eyes and sobbed silently. They were all bought. I know it’s useless to say something, no one would do anything to help anyway. He had a lot of power and influence and I had nothing. “Calm down, Nora, don’t get upset. We are going to leave, and you will not see us again, but calm down, you are still not well, please.” I didn’t bother answering them, I just stayed in bed with my eyes closed. I heard when they closed the door after leaving. Fortun
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Chapter 10
The doctor Nora So, what I wanted to know was how long would the doctor keep me here. Then, I asked the nurse, “Can you tell me how long you plan to leave me here?” The nurse grabbed the datasheet that was beside my bed and answered. “Of course, Nora, your doctor wants you to stay here for one more week. Due to the damage you suffered, he considered that possibility. The best course of action is to keep a close eye on you.” Okay, I’ll consider it my holiday for one week. I thanked her and said I was hungry and wanted to eat something. She said that the menu would be brought to me in a moment. So I preyed on that time to try to stand up. Although I’m not sure what condition my body is in, I’m eager to stretch. Tentatively, I sat up, luckily it didn’t hurt that much. I could see with satisfaction that I was already improving. I put my feet down and tried to stand up. Then, I held onto the bed rail and managed to put my feet on the floor. Furthermore, I don’t kn
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