Omega's Rise: From Rejected Mate to Savior

Omega's Rise: From Rejected Mate to Savior

By:  Racheal O  Updated just now
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Gwen, an omega who ran away from her pack because she was wrongly accused of starting a rumor, finds refuge in a rival pack. There, she catches the eye of the handsome Alpha Blake, which makes her old mate Derek jealous. Soon Gwen starts getting visions, but as the visions become more intense, revealing a chilling human plot aimed at harming all werewolves, whispers of a forgotten prophecy start to emerge. It speaks of a chosen one, marked by destiny, who holds the key to the survival of the werewolf race. Could Gwen be the one they've been waiting for? With the threat of war looming, Gwen finds herself navigating through suspicion, her growing feelings for Alpha Blake, and a newfound gift she never knew she possessed. Can she overcome the odds, unite the divided werewolf packs, and fulfill the prophecy before they face total annihilation at the hands of their human adversaries? Keep reading to find out.

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1: Special Request
*Gwen’s POV*As I was weaving my way through the crowded club, balancing two full beer glasses on a tray, someone suddenly grabbed my arm, stopping me in my tracks. It was the club manager, looking serious. He pulled me aside into a quiet corner."Gwen," he said quietly, "we have a special request for you."I was surprised. A request for me? That was unusual. Normally, these requests were handled by the girls in flashy outfits, not someone like me – a girl dressed in oversized t-shirts and baggy pants."Who's asking?" I inquired, feeling curious.The manager shook his head. "You'll find out when you get there. It's in Lounge 3. Drop the tray and go. Right away."I felt irritation bubbling inside me. I didn't like being bossed around like a pet. But with Mr. Tony's stern gaze fixed on me, and the silent threat of losing my job looming over me, I followed his orders.Setting the tray down with a loud thud that earned me a few annoyed glances, I hurried towards lounge 3, feeling my heart
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Chapter 2: Whore
“Gwen’s POV”As Derek's words echoed in my ears, I could feel a sharp pain shot through my chest, as if my heart had been clenched in a vise. It was accompanied by a sickening sensation in my stomach. Our mate bond had been broken. I could hear my wolf whimper in pain.Standing there in pain, I could feel the weight of his gaze bearing down on me, his eyes filled with a mixture of anger and contempt."You should be grateful, Gwen," he continued speaking, his voice dripping with malice. "Most girls would kill for the opportunity to be this close to me."I shrank back against the wall, my hands trembling with fear as Derek continued to advance towards me. His words sent a chill down my spine, filling me with a sense of dread, unlike anything I'd ever experienced before."You disgust me. I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget," he growled, his voice low and dangerous.Panic surged through me as Derek called for his guards, the sound of their heavy footsteps echoing in the sm
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Chapter 3: Rumors
“Gwen’s POV”The bitter taste of all the things that happened since last night still lingered in my mouth as I made my way to the Pack hall. Each step felt heavier than the last, burdened not just by the weight of my own sorrow, but by the shame forced upon me by what Derek called me.“Whore”. I replayed the events of the previous night in my mind, each memory a painful reminder of how quickly love could turn to scorn. I tried to push back the tears threatening to spill from my eyes, not wanting my fellow pack members to see and start asking me questions.I prayed silently to the Moon Goddess, begging for a second chance at finding a mate who would truly love me, who would see me for who I was, and not treat me like Derek had.Entering my room, I wasted no time in taking a shower, the water soothing against my skin as I tried to wash away the shame and humiliation that clung to me like a second skin. With a heavy sigh, I proceeded to resume my cleaning duties.By late afternoon, exhau
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Chapter 4: A Familiar Scent
*Gwen’s POV*Fear surged through me as the guards dragged me into the back of the van. The floor, made of cold metal, sent shivers through my body as I curled up in the corner.My hands were tightly tied with silver restraints. The van started moving, and I knew we were headed toward the outskirts of our territory, where the pack dungeon was located among the trees.With every bump and twist along the rough road, my heart raced faster. Each jolt seemed to taunt me with the grim reality of my situation.I stole a glance out of the tiny window, observing the trees whizzing past in a blur. My mind spun with thoughts of escaping, but the guards remained watchful, their eyes keen and alert.Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, fate intervened. Suddenly, there was a sharp jolt, followed by a hissing sound as air escaped. The van came to a stop. We had a flat tire.The guards cursed as they got out of the van to inspect the damage. They opened the back of the van where I was and took
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Chapter 5
Gwen's POVI was ushered into a dimly lit room which cast a long shadow on the wooden walls. I was so tired and was barely keeping my eyes open but with the gentle pressure of Alpha's Blake's hand against my back, I could move forward at a steady pace.His touch was careful yet firm as if he was afraid I would shatter, I was on the brink of doing that because of the pain I was going through.“You don't have to worry about anything, Gwen, you are in safe hands!” He said to me as he helped me to the bed where I sat down with his help. The pain was becoming unbearable and I think he noticed because he immediately called one of the guards at the door.“Call me Nora, tell her I need her service and it's very urgent!” He commanded as his voice echoed through the room, leaving no room for disobedience as his tone implied.Minutes after, three omegas rushed in with a beautiful lady behind them, they came in with a variety of herbs, bandages, ointment, a black liquid in a transparent bottle, a
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Chapter 6
Gwen's POV“Thank you Alpha Blake for even listening to me! Thanks! At a more strategic time, you can deal with them!” I said to him calmly. It was nice to have someone who would actually listen to you.He turned to face me as he took a step closer which sent a shiver down my spine. I looked into his eyes and I saw a look which was intense and raw. I recognize it to be lust or desire but there was something else to it that I couldn't place a finger at, something more controlled and restrained. I could see him fighting it so much but I don't know what it was.“You should rest up, you need to be relaxed but be well assured that no form of harm is coming to you here. You are safe now,” He said instead with a hoarse voice as he led me back to the bed.“Thank you so much, Alpha Blake!” I exclaimed as I felt a sense of gratitude then exhaustion washed over me.He walked to the door but paused as he got there, and turned with a smile. “If you need anything, just anything even if it sounds ri
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Chapter 7
Gwen's POVIt's been three days or more. As I laid in my bed, my body was slowly beginning to heal under the expert care of the beautiful lady who I learnt her name is Nora. I noticed a particular herb she used on my injuries and when I asked her what they were, she called them the lunar bloom flower. It has delicate petals and a soft ethereal glow to it.And I am sure it is as a result of that flower which Nora said it enhances healing, I don't feel any sting, pain or discomfort from my injuries as it seems the flower had worked its gentle magic on me. My injuries at this moment were almost dried up and I could also feel its soothing presence even hours after being applied. It was a balm for not only my body but my weary soul.I slowly drifted off to sleep as the room around me slowly blurred and faded away from my vision. I assume this was also a result of the flower because sleeping has become easier than before. I noticed that my sleep these days was being haunted by strange and v
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Chapter 8
Gwen's POVI watched as days turned into weeks and I found myself becoming more comfortable in my new pack than I had ever been! However, there was a little hesitation from me when I noticed how nice and caring the whole pack members were unlike in the Stormfur pack where they were hostile and so condescending.Alpha Blake had urged me to always come out of my room and explore my new surroundings and with his help, I had met new people, enjoyed myself, and felt comfortable and relaxed.I was happier than before, though I still had my strange dreams which I haven't told anyone, not even Alpha Blake but I hope one day I will be completely honest and courageous enough to drop all the burden I was bearing.All the members of the pack, even though at higher levels all related well and they were unlike anyone I had ever met. Alpha Blake and his pack members were kind and genuinely caring towards me which stood in stark contrast to the cruelty I had to experience with Derek and in Stormfur p
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Chapter 9
Blake's POVI was captivated by her presence and couldn't help but stare at her. She was mesmerizing and breathtaking since the first day I set my eyes on her. I can't deny that there isn't something that drew me to her, something special apart from our special bond mate. There just had to be an invisible force that compels me to her and also makes me want to learn new things about her.She was very different and unique in a way that stirred something up in me, deep within.She might be an omega but she was just too beautiful to be just an omega and I was curious to know her more. Her type won't have warranted a second glance from me but like I said she had become the center of my world.As much as I was interested in finding other things about her, I had to task my beta, Felix, to help me with some findings about her. Who was she? Who are her parents? Where they are and likes and if she was actually telling the truth about her past to me. But I don't think anyone with reasonable sense
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Chapter 10
Gwen's POVIt had been an amazing day with Blake as I collapsed into my bed. As tired as I was, my mind couldn't help replaying all the beautiful moments spent with him. His promise and obvious care for me. I was grateful for this lot, never ever have I thought someone would care for me deeply but here I was. Then I remembered the moment Blake said he wanted to tell me something.And for a short hopeful moment, I thought he was going to confess his feelings for me but I think I got over myself with that as he brushed it off as nothing. I shouldn't have gotten over myself, he cared for me platonically even though it wasn't as romantically as I thought. I am okay with that, at least he cared for me which was better than my treatment in Stormfur Pack over the years.Though this harsh reality bit and gnawed at me, I allowed my resolve to be hardened. I needed to clean up and the thought of getting up to do that felt like work. I was becoming lazy!Just then there was a knock on my door wh
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