Chapter Forty : In three days

’Someone just came in from the back door! Camilla are they here to kill us?!’’ Cassie cries in fear and I run to hold her in a tight hug before whispering, ‘’Everything is going to be okay. Just remain calm okay?’’

‘’Oh, I hate loud bitches. Shut her or I will. Permanently.’’ Dimitri growls as he takes a sit on the couch and his goons stand in the corners of our apartment. My thoughts are moving at an incredible speed only to come up with no solution.

The only thing I have is fear. I should have known something was wrong when he asked so much about me and from the way that Luca reacted when he saw him.

I should have read the signs and like he is reading my mind he says, ‘’Oh don’t beat up yourself too much. You couldn’t have known. But now you do so I suggest you do the right thing and we will all be happy.’’

‘’I have no money and I owe no one. What do you want from us!?’’ I scream as tears roll down my face. I should stand and be strong but the strength is slowly fading and I can
The every woman

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