Chapter Thirty Nine: You need to leave


The tea flies all over the place as I try to sink in what Luca just said. ‘’That’s not funny!’’ I snap but he doesn’t smile or tease me. He just looks straight into my eyes and I shift uncomfortably.

I wait for the moment when he passes a nasty comment to break the ice but it doesn't come. I get more uncomfortable as the realization hits me.

He is serious!

I clear my throat as I try to digest what is happening until I find the strength to speak,’’ Luca, we can’t just get married.’’ I reason with him but he frowns and I smile at how cute he gets when something confuses him.

‘’Why not? We love each other.’’ He says and I nod although, I’m still yet to believe that this man here loves me.

My heart pounds at a crazy speed to hear him repeat that.

‘’Well ...’’ , I begin but he beats me to it. ‘’You don’t believe me?’’ He asks as an expression of pain crosses his features.

‘’I do. I do. It’s just that we have so many things to sort out. I mean I was made to leave because
The every woman

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