Chapter Fourteen; Betrayal


The audacity of Marco to try me was nothing compared to the nerve the detective had. I hate being caught by surprise but I've mastered the art of keeping my face void of emotion. Luca exchanged eyes with me and he understood how serious things were getting.

The entire New York police is under my wraps including the politicians because my wealth funds their projects. But the fact that this new detective is untamed doesn't sit well with me. He can't do anything to me but he can create trouble by disturbing my alliances especially if the news that my father was a snitch gets out.

I know he will come after Ella because she is the weakest one among us right now but that's the least of my problems. As I was taking my morning walk, her grandparents called me and said that they needed to speak to me about something. Now this is a poor old couple. How the hell can they have information about my father?

I mean he was a fucking ruthless king who shoved the fucking oath up my ass all
The every woman

They say a broken heart hits the hardest when it's from someone you trust the most! Please leave a gem if you are enjoying the story. Xoxo

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