Chapter Thirteen; Plans and Pleasure.


With bare feet, I excitedly run up the stairs to his room. When I reach the floor, my jaw almost drops to the floor - true to Camilla's word, the entire floor has a long passage with only one door. I reach the door and open it.

I'm sure he doesn't lock it because he feels so safe here.

Did he kill whoever came here, or is this where he brings his women?

Shaking my head, I concentrate on the plan at bay. When I open the door, I'm in shock from its beauty.

The room is incredibly spacious, with high ceilings that add an air of grandeur. The dark gray and white color theme gives it a sleek and modern aesthetic, while soft, plush carpets adorn the floor. A large, luxurious bed sits in the center, inviting anyone to sink into its comfort.

The walls are adorned with tasteful, abstract art, and a massive window stretches across one side of the room, allowing natural light to flood in and offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. A sense of opulence permeates every inc
The every woman

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Carolyn Dillon Ross
I guess there is nothing like silly little girls.
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Lmaoooooo!!!!! She BIG MAD.........
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Jane Murr
Oh crap!! Noooooooooooo!!!

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