Mated to the Lycan King

Mated to the Lycan King

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To him, she was his destiny, the one he'd spent centuries waiting for. To her, he was a fated mistake, an inconvenience to her once peaceful life. Both were worlds apart, one destined to live a life of servitude and the other a Lycan King. _____________ The moment the Lycan Kings and Queens had entered into the great Human-Lycan war, it was over for humankind. As punishment for losing the war the humans were sentenced to years of servitude, lasting centuries and creating a great divide between human and lycan kind alike. However, the moment King Nicholas and Ariya meet, fate decides to intervene to attempt to right the wrongs of the past and join the two divided sides. After all, weddings bring everyone together… or so they say.

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Megan Barlow
it's good so far
2023-10-18 02:52:09
23 Chapters
Chapter 1: Mate
The very first time I met King Nicholas, I was covered from head-to-toe in dirt, food and red stains of blood−not just mine, but his fiancé’s as well. She too was sprawled out on the floor, rivalling me in looking like a complete and utter mess… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Instead, I’ll start right at the beginning, with two teaspoons of sugar being thrown haphazardly into my warm coffee and the familiar, damp scent of rain hanging in the cool air. It was yet another deceptively peaceful day, promising nothing more than mundanity and gave no warning of the extraordinary events which would later unfold.Across from me, occupying herself with her own warm drink, sat the ‘never-to-be-taken-too-seriously’ head of the house herself, Ophelia. She was late for work again, according to the old rustic clock which hung against the deep purple wall and ticked loudly above her head. Nonetheless, she took her sweet time enjoying the remnants of her coffee. Once she was satisfied that the cup
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Chapter 2: Threat
When Kiyan and I were much younger and more naïve than we now were, my grandmother would sit us down in front of the fireplace every night and tell us a story. It never changed and always began with the same person- Lycaon. He was said to be the first of the lycans, cursed to shapeshift into a wolf by Zeus. The reason? He tried to serve the great and powerful Zeus human flesh. Furious with Lycaon’s trickery, Zeus cursed him. From there the lycan curse spread. Lycans would bite humans, cursing them to the same fate. Eventually, word had spread about these strange shape-shifting creatures. And so, a war broke out between the humans and lycans, both believing that the world had no place for the other. It was a long, brutal war which almost seemed unending until one faithful day. The day the Lycan Kings and Queens were chosen. Each had a unique ability: Queen Aura was blessed with the ability to manipulate fire and could even command the magma within the Earth’s surface by Hephaestus; Que
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Chapter 3: Just like the rest of them
I was relatively familiar with the concept of mates, all thanks to the hopeless romantic that was Ophelia. Two people destined for one another, drawn to each other, connected in some sort of unique, otherworldly way. She spoke of mates as though she’d found hers, but I knew she spoke from loneliness and not from experience. Although I could agree that Ophelia was right about mates being drawn to each other, I couldn’t quite equate the glossy image she’d painted to the one now in front of me. In fact, all that I felt was drawn to him and nothing else. It did, however, make me wonder how on Earth he had known that I was his mate, the person destined to him. Eventually the silence and my curiosity got the better of me and so I began to ask, “King Nicholas−”“Please, just call me Nicholas.”I paused and then shrugged before saying, “Nicholas, how did you know I was your mate?”He pulled his attention away from the blurry pavements outside of the car window and set it on me. The moment his
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Chapter 4: Last hope
It was raining when we arrived at the gates of Ophelia’s home. I made a move to open the car door so that I could open the gate. But as I shuffled in my seat, Nicholas placed an arm in front of me. I gazed at him questioningly and then he shook his head before saying, “Lovita will get the gate. It’s raining, you’ll catch a cold.” He was right, it was raining and although I was extremely stubborn and occasionally spiteful, I wouldn’t spite myself. So, I leaned back and stared out the window as Lovita opened the large purple gate. Where I usually struggled with the heavy gate, Lovita moved it almost with no effort at all. She then stood to the side while Floran drove right through. Once inside, I was ready to escape the car and get as far away from Nicholas as possible. But again, he held me back. Then, he stared out of the window, at the sky, and a look of concentration appeared on his face. I watched him closely and curiously. At first, his grey eyes remained stern and emotionless a
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Chapter 5: Bitter farewell
We sat in the sitting room on one of Ophelia’s purple velvet couches. I took one of the smaller ones in hopes of forcing King Nicholas to sit somewhere else. But much to my dismay, he squeezed himself in beside me. It was the first time I’d been so close to him. Even in the car, I’d tried my best to keep my distance. However now, with his body right up against mine, I felt flustered and overwhelmed. He smelled good, like expensive cologne and aftershave. But there was something else, a scent I could only describe as severely intoxicating. It was relatively subtle, but once my nose picked it up, there was a part of me that wanted to get closer to him to so I could let more of it invade my nostrils. It was ambrosial and slightly citrusy. However, as much as I enjoyed this pleasant scent, I desperately tried to avoid it and its effects on me. Eventually, I even turned my head to the side and started taking in shallower breaths.Ophelia took a seat across from us, on the other side of the
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Chapter 6: Sweet and bitter
“I assume that the plastic stationary bag you’re keeping so close to you contains the writings of the novel you’re working on?” Nicholas asked after about an hour of silence in the car.I gazed at the bag and then nodded.“Might I ask what kind of novel you’re working on?” he asked curiously.I gazed up at him and searched his eyes for a moment as I contemplated whether to answer or not. Behind his nonchalance, I could sense that he was genuinely curious and genuinely wanted to listen. Admittedly I’d never spoken about my novel to anyone besides Ophelia and Kiyan before and although they tried to seem interested, over the years they’d grown tired of hearing me ramble about a draft I had yet to complete and perfect. And so I gave in.“It’s a novel with no set genre. I tried to amalgamate as many of them as I could. When I was younger, I used to fantasize about what my life would be like if humans were free and left to make their own decisions and be in control of their own lives. So,
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Chapter 7: Regret
“Jasper, you don’t need to worry about unpacking all of her belongings. Just take out enough clothes for a night’s stay and then leave the rest,” Nicholas said as we walked up the curved marble staircase towards the second floor of his home. I was beginning to realise that Nicholas had a thing for gold, grey and flowers. His house would be an absolute frustration for anyone with a pollen allergy. The walls were coated in grey paint and each room had a particular flower decorating the walls except the foyer area which was painted a beige colour and then decorated with soft golden whisps. The room I was supposed to be staying in was decorated with what I first assumed to be roses, but soon discovered to be beautiful red carnations.I gave Nicholas a confused gaze and then asked, “One night? Why will I only be here for one night?” It was becoming apparent to me that Nicholas wasn’t very good with keeping me informed and I was starting to lose my patience again. In fact, I was just about
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Chapter 8: Dante
By the time I’d woken up, the sun had disappeared from the sky. After gazing out into the darkness with swollen and heavy eyes from all the crying, I felt the need to go back to sleep. That was, until my stomach began to remind me that I hadn’t eaten in a while. The idea of dinner sounded quite pleasant to me, but I was certain that it was way past dinnertime. I hoped, however, that there’d still be some food left over in the fridge. But before I could even begin to follow my stomach’s instincts, I remembered that Kiyan was supposed to have given me a call as soon as he was safe. I checked my phone, well aware that I hadn’t switched the sound on and wouldn’t have heard him call if he had while I was asleep. He had. 1 missed call from Kiyan and a rather passive aggressive text to accompany it. I shook my head and breathed out a sigh of relief before trying to call him back. But he never picked up. Instead, I was directed to voicemail. And so I decided to return his passive aggressive t
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Chapter 9: Bruised knuckles
We walked in comfortable silence through the first hallway with him occasionally glancing back at me to make sure I was still keeping pace with him. The kitchen was located right at the end of the hallway and was just as beautiful as the rest of the house with dark, granite tabletops, glass cabinets, a fancy stove and a wide variety of appliances ranging from an expensive digital microwave to a glass kettle and a state-of-the-art coffee machine.Standing in the corner of the room, busying himself with a sandwich, was Jasper who immediately straightened when he saw me.“Miss Raine,” he said politely before bowing his head slightly. Clearly Nicholas had finally revealed my identity to him as well, though he seemed to have a completely different way of treating that information than Dante did.I wanted to tell Jasper that there was no need to be so formal and polite with me. But before I could, he turned sharply towards Dante and frowned before saying, “How dare you bring her in here. Yo
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Chapter 10: Cold fingers
I couldn’t sleep and spent most of the night crying. Then, just as the morning hours began to show against the horizon and I eventually found sleep, I was rudely awakened by the violent shaking of my body and whispered yells of “Ariya! Ariya wake up!”When I did finally manage to pry my swollen eyelids open, I was met with a concerned set of beautiful dark brown eyes and a deep-set frown. Melissa, I assumed. Her dark, curly hair was in a mess all over her head and there were dark circles underneath her eyes. She also smelled faintly of booze and tried to cover it up with a lot of sweet-scented perfume. Was she hungover?“Oh, thank goodness. You sleep like the dead Ariya!” After she’d said this, she placed a hand against her red stained lips and her eyes widened with fright.Slowly she removed her hand from her mouth before asking softly, “Dante wasn’t lying right… you do prefer us to use your name? That fucking asshole is always trying to play tricks on us. He’s really on the way to b
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