09 Alpha Christian’s Opinion


Restlessly, I waited in my room, eagerly anticipating my father's summons to his office. He had given me his word that I could be present when he contacted Alpha Christain, and I anxiously awaited that crucial call.

Harper had retreated to her room to freshen up, while I remained in mine, contemplating ways to assist. The details of the situation still eluded me, but I hoped that clarity would soon prevail. Anxious thoughts filled my mind, but I hesitated to confront the problem directly. If Sophia hadn't confided in me about her and her mother's distress, perhaps I could have found some solace in the notion that time was on our side. I knew her father would never harm her, which was precisely why he had sent them away initially. However, I couldn't extend the same assurance to the unidentified men who held her and her mother captive on their vessel.

Marvin's voice echoed in my mind, asking, "How did it go with your folks?"

It was frustrating that we weren't living in the mansi
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