Chapter 24

A 1000 years ago 2

"Once the heart of wolves was destroyed it 

split the wolves. Those in wolf form at the 

breaking couldn't change back and those 

in human form could no longer sense their 

beast. The weres blamed the vampires and 

refused to help them fight again. Every 

creature began retreating into the portals 

causing chaos. This brings us to this day 

we are in now. This is the day we fell. Arc 

disobeyed his mother and was led into a 

trap where he was killed." Helia's eyes 

welled but no tears fell.

For some reason the tears fell from my 

eyes. This is such a sad story and these 

people feel so close to me. Being here 

makes me feel like I'm home strangely 


"Come on Helia" The older woman said to 

young Helia. The little gi

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Bharti Surela
23 & 24th chapter of this book are same .
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Mary Butler
What happened to Ana?

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