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The world is no longer the same. Everything has changed. Supernatural creatures took over the world. Humans no longer dominate the world; in fact, they became slaves to those creatures. Now the world is all about vampires, werewolves and witches. Rayne is not the normal human being that you may pass by every day. She is different and unique in her own way. Classifying her as a human being may not be accurate, but there is no other classification for her.When the most powerful vampire on earth stumbles upon the unique, one-of-a-kind and gifted human being, things will turn upside down for both of them. She will no longer be tortured and he will no longer be the lonely cold-hearted emperor.

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Brittany Thompson
i would definitely read a second book if you could come up with a good story line! I'm sad it ended. 😭😭😭
2021-07-10 09:53:48
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It is great! Highly recommended! 🧡💛💚💙💜 Great details, and interesting characters!
2021-06-02 05:23:05
66 Chapters
In 2025, things changed for the worse for some people and for the better for others. A war that knew no mercy took place in that year between humans and supernatural creatures and I think we know who won. Humans could never face supernatural powers no matter how strong they are. If you thought about it, it was not a matter of strength. I believe our mindset ended us. We doomed ourselves before we were even introduced to the supernatural powers of our opponents.
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One: Adrian
I looked at the new vampires of Harlow Empire and I could tell how nervous they all looked. It was not something easy to be taken from your human life and get thrown into the world of vampires in a matter of a day or two. Such a traumatic experience if you would ask me.
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Two: Adrian
"You're being awfully weird." Eleanor snapped me out of my thoughts. I was busy looking at the bruised up girl that had her head on my lap as I sat in the backseat with her. Carefully, I tightened the coat more around her. I looked at the heat button and saw the heating system was already on. 
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Three: Rayne
After two weeks of staying in the hospital bed, I was allowed to leave. I didn't know at first where I was going to be transferred to, but I later found out that I was going to be staying at the castle instead of the hospital ward. I had been staying at the castle for three weeks and things were going well. It was like life finally decided to give me a break that was terribly needed. I did not know if I should be happy or sad, because I was finally receiving some good treatment; however, I had a feeling that the relaxa
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Four: Rayne
Olivia had to go because she had a few things to do at the hospital ward and she told me I was free to wander wherever I wanted except for specific areas she informed me aboug. I was not in the mood to break any rule or law, so indeed, I followed what she said. I was trying to stay hidden, doing my best not to attract any unwanted attention. I didn’t even know for how long I would be able to stay here, so I needed to make my stay peaceful.“Hello.”I jump a little on hearing a male
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Five: Adrian
I was in my study room, thinking about Rayne and her unusual ability to resist my powers and any other power. I tested her in many ways and not once did any power work on her. One time, I passed by her while I was supposed to be invisible, but she saw me and smiled at me while muttering, "good morning, sir." I had to contain myself at that moment. I almost lashed out, but I controlled myself at the last moment.
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Six: Rayne
I heard Adrian and the witch talking about me in the study. I was walking around in the castle when I passed by the study by total chance and heard Adrian say my name. That was enough to make me stop and listen to the whole conversation. I heard him telling her to do whatever it took to get me to talk which made goosebumps appear on my arms and my heart beat fast enough that it could have jumped out of my chest.
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Seven: Adrian
I returned to the castle, feeling tired as hell after having a lot of things to do. I took off my clothes, leaving myself just in boxers and I fell asleep the moment my body hit the bed. I wanted to check on Rayne and to ask Eleanor how things went, but I was too tired to do that and I did not think that things would be bad. I was sure that whatever happened, it could never be bad. Roland’s words
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Eight: Rayne
My head was pounding so hard and I struggled to open my eyes. My body was in great pain and I tried keeping my eyes closed for a while, hoping that I would end up falling asleep again, but I failed. My body terribly wanted me to stay awake as if it enjoyed torturing me. I wanted to escape from the cruel reality I was stuck in. I was scared of facing whatever life had for me. I was not ready to face Eleanor or Adrian or their torture. I just wanted to have a peaceful life. A life where I am not tortured. Was that so much to ask for?
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Nine: Adrian
Rayne was broken. I unintentionally participated in the process of breaking her without noticing. I should have been more careful with my words with Eleanor.  She would not have acted the way she did if I had wisely chosen my words. I did not understand why on earth she hated Rayne that much. I had a feeling that there was another reason beside Rayne being a 'forbidden creature'.  As much as I used to trust Eleanor, I had always wished that I could be able to read her mind, but she was a witch and she knew how to protect her thoughts from any vampire who could read minds. She had always had that protection spell on to prevent vampires from having any effect on her.
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