Rejected Omega, The Alpha's Regret

Rejected Omega, The Alpha's Regret

By:  Liz Gray  Ongoing
Language: English
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Beatrice was the lowest omega in the pack. Bitchy booger was how they called her. Isolated, she could only pin her hopes on having a nice mate who could save her from the hell life. Yet she never expected Alpha Lucas to be her mate. With no scent, he never recognized her even if she passed him. Instead, she had to suffer the pain from watching him take different she-wolves back to have sex. To save herself, Beatrice finally decided to flee away but accidentally had a one-night with her mate. While she disappeared, Alpha Lucas started searching for her like crazy. He wanted her back but six years later when they met again, she had transformed into a dazzling woman with another man and a pair of adorable twins by her side. *** "You dare to cheat on me? And you dare to have a child for someone else!" Meeting the burning eyes, Beatrice could see his anger. Yet, it was nowhere near what she suffered six years ago. "You rejected me, Lucas. Remember? I'm not your mate anymore."

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51 Chapters
Beatrice’s POV"Ahh...oh...Alpha!" A loud moan came from upstairs, causing severe pain to strike my heart.Alpha Lucas had been doing this for months. And every time he got fresh pussy to please his desire, I fell the unseen victim miserably.I was his mate yet I was the only one who could feel our mate bond.I turned eighteen a few months back. I'd been looking forward to that day for a long. Ever since my parents died, my life sucked. Because I was a parentless omega, anyone could bully me. Because I had no scent, everyone despised me saying I was not like a real wolf.I was always an anomaly in others' eyes. Even though I had successfully got my wolf at 16, they still refused to accept me. As if my very existence was a disgrace.Ava, my wolf always reassured me that everything would turn well as long as we found our mate. I once believed it but until that day actually came, my last shred of illusion shattered.That was another exhausting working day. As the clock struck 12, I smell
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Beatrice’s POVIt was almost midnight and I was left alone in the kitchen. Since I had to take on most of the work, I was always the last one to leave work.My heart cringed when the antique wall clock in the hallway struck.I knew Cora was right. If I wanted to suffer less, I'd better volunteer to go to collect my punishment. Frustrations and pain couldn't help filling my heart. I knew I had no friends or family to rely on here, but why was I always the one being set up and suffering?"Go find him. Tell him the truth." My wolf Ava suddenly spoke in my head."Are you feeling better now?"I was worried as Ava was weak enough due to the torture for the past few months. I let her rest whenever I could."Go find our mate, Beatrice. I don't know how much longer I can hold out. He needs to know about us, or I'll die soon."I was startled by her words. In all my visions, I never thought of losing my wolf. Ava was the only solace in my miserable life."No, please don't. I promise I'll try. I'l
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Beatrice’s POV“He recognized us! He'll definitely mark us!”I smiled happily as I heard Ava yell with excitement in my head. Finally, our mate managed to recognize me even though I had no scent.I should have done this earlier.With each thrust of his length on my pussy, the pleasure grew more intense. I couldn't help but grip his shoulder, my body arching in response. He's alternating between wild and gentle.Just as I was about to reach the peak of ecstasy, I felt an explosion building up inside me. Excitement wrapped me as I saw him reach my neck, and that's when I felt the burying of its fangs at the same time as he released inside me, watering my womb with his seeds.I screamed at the strange pain and fulfillment that washed me. It seemed that everything around me became clear, and when Alpha Lucas faced me again, I saw the blood on his lips and the smile of victory that was also engraved there.The moonlight shading on his face made him more charming. I couldn't help but smile.
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Chapter 4 HIS NAME
Beatrice’s POVTown of Fabrice.Living in this town for about six years made me realize many things about life and love. People used to hate someone like me but eventually, I found someone whom I trusted my whole life.It’s so hard to move on. It’s painful that your destiny won’t acknowledge you—wanting you to vanish for the rest of his life.Despite her ruthlessness toward me way back then, I admit that at that moment, under the moonlight, the Goddess finally favored me for once.I rejected my mate. He was an Alpha while I was only an omega. I never expected my refusal would work. The initial pain of the broken bond was indeed unbearable, but soon I felt nothing but relief.I was finally free.Leaving that sad place, my feet led me here to Fabrice, a town filled with outcasts. This place has been home to various creatures for centuries—fairies, witches, hybrids, humans—anyone who doesn't seem to fit into society. I believed it was a second chance the Goddess had given me.“Love? You’
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Lucas’s POV“This has too many sequins. The color is beige. I don’t like it.”“What the hell is wrong with these dresses? This one is too conservative. Throw it away!”Damn it! Samara’s complaints won’t stop.“I never thought that the royal tailors of Van Zanth sucks in making dresses. Goodness!” Samara blurted once again while she threw the last sample.I clenched my fist as I try calming myself. If only not because of the council, I will never fucking engage myself in this stupid game.I stood up and slowly walked toward Samara’s direction. “Are you done?”Samara smiled at me when our eyes met. She hooked her arm on me. “Babe… I can’t choose. I don’t like the designs,” she said in a soft voice, making her look pathetic.I pulled my arm away from her as I walked toward the couch where she threw some of them. I lifted a dress and scanned it.They’re perfectly made and I trust all the tailors of this kingdom. But I understand that Samara has beauty but no brains and she’s short-tempere
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Lucas' POVI didn't know how to tell my feelings when I heard from her again after so many years.The royal witch said I likely wouldn't get a second chance, and I didn't very care about it actually. As Alpha King, what kind of woman couldn't I get? But for some unknown reason, I always felt like I needed to see that omega again.Especially my wolf Hugo, he missed her.“Are you sure with this information, Fabian?” I asked while scanning the file.“Yes. It’s in Fabrice. You are aware of the special policies of this town, Alpha. It caused some difficulties in our previous investigation.” Fabian replied truthfully.I massaged my temple as I put down the file. Town Fabrice, the town for outcasts. Why didn't I think of this place sooner? It's the best place for a homeless omega like her.“Any further information about her?”“My apologies, My Alpha. So far all we've gotten is her name and that she owns a tailor store in this town." Fabian lowered his head, "You may need to make a personal t
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Lucas' POVThroughout the day, Hugo was restless, keeping on bugging me in my head.'Can't you be quiet for a while?' I couldn't help but ask him.'We should have been on our way to meet our mate! Why should you waste time here with these boring old men?' He growled, having no patience.'It's an emergency. I have duty for my people, Hugo!'He just rolled his eyes before he went back to my mind. I finally forced myself back to the meeting.I tapped the desktop while listening to the council's report. In response to several important issues, I gave my solutions. Luckily, the meeting would end soon.Samara should have arrived in Fabrice now. I hoped her bad temper would not scare that designer away."Well, the meeting concludes here since everything is settled," I declared as I stood up. I couldn't wait to get out of here and head to Fabrice. Yet, a voice stopped me."Please wait, Alpha."I glanced at the Elder before me with annoyance. He didn't have to open his mouth for me to know wha
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Meanwhile, Beatrice was standing anxiously in the principal's office, facing a complaint about her twins.A parent demanded that the twins be expelled because they maliciously injured a classmate.Beatrice would never believe the twins would do that. She needed to find out the truth."Guys, what exactly had happened? Tell me the truth, alright." She mumbled.The twins nodded their heads in response to Beatrice."One of our classmates bullied us and told us that we don't have a father," Cazz, the girl twin said. "Brother was so angry," she added with an action.Beatrice face can't be seen with any emotions. She knew in her part, that it was her fault why the twins were bullied. Everyday. She really realize that she's at fault but if she will be asked, she rather won't tell them who their father was.She doesn't want them to get involved to their father. She also don't want them to meet the ruthless alpha she ever meet who treated her like a trash, unwanted and unknown to his pack."Mam
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Chapter 9 INTO YOU
Beatrice's POVI was really reluctant to Katie's suggestion. I don't want my twins to lose their control of powers but I don't really want them to meet their father. Now that I've seen how ruthless and terrible he was, I can't risk my twins. I can't stop myself from facing back and forth as to what Katie had said.As I was facing back and forth, my wolf, Ava speaks up through my mind and tell me what she feels."I could feel him, Beatrice. Your mate, that runs through your twins’ blood." Ava said to me.I bit my lip. "I know, Ava. I know it very much. As much as I wanted to meet him, I am afraid that he might recognize me since I am the unscented wolf. I am his mate that he treated unknown and unwanted," I explained not minding my croaked voice."What will you do if he ever found you? You cannot just run away on him. He has the heir of his pack. And that is the twins beside you." Ava said and I can feel how she was concerned about the twins.I closed my eyes and heaved a deep sigh. I
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In the midst of having sexual intercourse with this woman, I can't stop enduring the pain I am feeling right now. Every thrust, the pain stinged on my system, which I don't give a damn. I know, my wolf doesn't want me to have sex with my new bed warmer and new pussycat to fuck, and I don't know what to do anymore.For the past few years, I could feel this pain, but it was relentless. It was bearable, but right now, I can't bear the pain. Every flick of my member inside her, the greater the pain I feel. I don't know what to do now since Hugo, my wolf, is being uncontrollable."I told you, I don't like the fucking smell of your new bed warmer, Alpha!" Hugo, my wolf, growled inside my head."Oh, Lucas! Fuck me more!" The woman on my top moaned as she rocked her body on me.Despite the pain I could feel, I still thrust myself at the woman. I plunged myself even deeper and harder this time. But then I realized that the pain I was feeling right now was because of her, my mate, who is in tow
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