Revival of an Elite; the Fiery Wife Rules

Revival of an Elite; the Fiery Wife Rules

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She was deceived by people who were wolves in sheep's clothing and ended up dead on the operating table with both her eyes and uterus removed. However, God was kind enough to give her a second chance of life. She was gifted with ethereal beauty and a gaze that could kill. Every gesture and expression she made was as poisonous as opium poppy. Step by step, she laid out her scheme, swore to send people who murdered her down to hell and suffer in eternal doom. At the same time, she took great lengths to insinuate herself in the life of her ex-fiancé after breaking off the engagement in her past life for the douchebag. One day, she approached him with a seductive smile and said, "Mr. Gu, you might view me as wild and promiscuous, but in reality, I am a well-mannered lady. I am also loyal and faithful to my loved one. You will have to see past this facade in order to know the real me."

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492 Chapters
Chapter 1. Removal of the Uterus and Eyes
Jian Jianan was brought to the operating room, covered in blood. The moment she entered the room, she grasped tightly to the man she loved the most. “Yihan, please save my father! You have to save him!”Xiao Yihan icily shoved her hands away and reached for his handkerchief. He wiped his hands in disgust, as if he had touched something filthy, and tossed it into a nearby dustbin.Jianan stared at him in disbelief. She was shocked. She knew he had the habit of carrying a handkerchief with him everywhere so she had happily gone to a factory and had him one handmade for his birthday.“What’s the matter? Surprised I threw away the handkerchief you gave me?”The way he looked at her was ice-cold, and his sneer was contemptuous. She had never seen him like this!“Yihan…”“Jian Jianan, do you really think I intend on treasuring your stupid handkerchief? Even as the eldest daughter of the Jian family, you are so self-obsessed!”“What…”She could not believe that he said she was self-obsessed.
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Chapter 2: Revival in Despair
Pain! Her body ached with pain. Her wrist was in agony. The pain was inescapable!Jian Jianan eyes flew open. Her eyes still burned with lingering hatred.“Nannan, are you awake?”“Sister Nannan…”Jian Jianan’s left hand was gripped by another hand that was big, warm, and rough. Her other hand was held by one that was soft and tiny. The steady warmth from both put her heart at ease.She peered at the two concerned faces. Suddenly, her face turned ashen and she sat upright in the bed. Her pale face was wrought with disbelief and touched with a spark of excitement. “Dad… Little Bei… You two…”‘What is happening?Wasn’t she murdered by Xiao Yihan, Qi Xiaorou, and Qi Xiuli? Didn’t she die on an operating table? Why is she at home? Also, wasn’t her father killed in that car accident?What was most important was Little Bei. Didn’t he pass away in an unfortunate accident five years ago? How could he be right in front of her?Dear God, was she dreaming? Or was she already dead, and sh
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Chapter 3: Who is this woman?
Qi Xiaorou was dumbfounded. Her eyes met Jian Jianan’s ice-cold eyes. “Sister, what do you mean?”“Nothing, I was just joking! Why are you so nervous!”Qi Xiaorou was confused by Jian Jianan’s sudden coldness. ‘Damn it! Does she know about her and Yihan?’‘No… that was impossible. They were doing a brilliant job hiding their secret. No one could possibly know. Moreover, Jian Jianan had slit her wrist just for Yihan and has not stepped out of the room since. How could she even begin to doubt her? She has to stay calm.’“Oh, by the way, sister, I just heard father mention you don’t want to call off the engagement with the Gu family? Is that true?”“It is!”“Sister, but why? Brother Xiao has been waiting for you. Not to mention that you two are so deeply in love with each other. Why did you suddenly decide not to break off the engagement?”‘Deeply in love with each other? Haha… it’s always just been with her right?’Now, Qi Xiaorou was here trying to convince her to not call off t
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Chapter 4: Colonel Gu, Your Lips…
“Little Chengcheng, I am your fiancée! Oh right, this is the first time we’ve met. Nice to meet you, I’m Jian Jianan...”‘Little Chengcheng... Jian Jianan...’ the words echoed in Gu Mocheng’s thoughts.Gu Mocheng’s gaze hardened suddenly. “I don’t have a fiancée. Please leave immediately, or you’ll have forced me to be impolite!”“Hey! I am your future wife! Aren’t you afraid you’d be struck by lightning for being like this?”“Someone! Get her out of...”Jian Jianan did not let him finish. She tip-toed, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on his hot, sexy lips…Jian Jianan was eighteen and was only 1.6 meters tall. She only hit puberty in university, when her height went up to 1.7.Gu Mocheng, on the other hand, was 1.88 meters tall. He was so tall that Jian Jianan could barely reach his height, even in 10cm high heels! All she could do to keep from falling was cling around his neck as she kissed him, all the while worrying she would fall!The whole field fell sudde
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Chapter 5: Are You Trying to Play Hard to Get?
With one swift move, Gu Mocheng had pinned Jian Jianan against the sickbed - less than one meter wide. Their bodies were pressed close together, without any space in between.Gu Mocheng’s full weight rested on Jian Jianan. Her face was flushed with red as she started to find it hard to breathe, “Hey… cough cough… You’re too heavy, it hurts!”His cold gaze was intense as he said, “From the way you were teasing me, I thought that this was what you wanted? What’s the matter? Are you trying to play hard to get?”Jian Jianan mentally cursed, but she wore a charming smile as she wrapped her delicate arms around Gu Mocheng’s neck. She closed in, replying, “How is this playing hard to get? My intentions are clear. I want you, but I’m not really keen to have our first time on a bed this small. I’m worried there isn’t enough space to fully satisfy our needs. That’s why I was thinking of going to another location. What about your dorm… argh… it hurts… argh…”Gu Mocheng had gotten hold of Jian
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Chapter 6: I Want Your Life, Will You Give it to Me?
This was the same smiling face that blinded Jian Jianan in her past life. Even though she hated his guts, he was still the man she loved for the last three years of her life.In those three years, her feelings were sincere. Her feelings now were also true - the hatred as well…She took a small step back to distance herself from Xiao Yihan, “You said it yourself. You can’t take it back!”“I’m a man of my word!”Jian Jianan giggled internally and thought, ‘A man? Is he worthy being called one? He is nothing more than a pile of stinking, disgusting, filthy dog sh*t.’“Okay, wait here. I’ll head up to change!”Seeing Jian Jianan limp her way into the house, Xiao Yihan touched her arm. There was worry in his expression. “Nannan, what happened to your leg?”Jian Jianan sneered inside her thoughts, ‘A little late to notice my leg is hurt, don’t you think? Is he trying to win me over with this insignificant little trick?’“It’s nothing! I just sprained my leg. It was an accident.”“Y
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Chapter 7: He Belongs Only to Her and Her Alone
Half an hour later, the three of them entered a high-class seafood restaurant named ‘Haifuzi’. The reason this restaurant was known as the top seafood restaurant in Tiandu was not for the number of customers they hosted, but the exorbitant price of their food.Of course, there was a valid reason for the sky-high charges. All of the seafood that Haifuzi used was caught fresh and from their natural habitat. The restaurant specifically hired a group of skilled fishermen to catch their seafood. After bringing the catch to the shore, they would only select the best to be served at the dining table.Secondly, there were sixty top chefs in Haifuzi. Each state had two chefs that were hired to tailor their seafood dishes to their local flavor. For example, Sichuan would have spicier dishes, while Hong Kong food would have a milder taste.On top of that, there were fourteen international chefs that would customize any flavor of seafood as the customers desired.Xiao Yihan booked a table in a
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Chapter 8: She Has To Be Mine
All three of them hatched their own plans throughout the dinner. Qi Xiaorou was sitting on the sofa directly across Xiao Yihan. Seeing her beloved man fawning upon another woman was the worst feeling ever.She had missed him terribly when Xiao Yihan went outstation for more than a week. Days and nights passed with her looking forward to his return, but when he finally came back, the first thing he did was rush over and meet Jian Jianan.Jealousy consumed her senses when she saw the way Jian Jianan clung onto his arm, and the loving gesture he made caressing the bridge of Jian Jianan’s nose.She also wanted him to embrace her, kiss, and caress her as a lover would normally do.The person that occupied Qi Xiaorou’s thoughts for the past week was right in front of her. She could not help but extend her leg to nudge Xiao Yihan’s calf. The tip of her sole rubbed back and forth against Xiao Yihan’s muscular calf. It was an extremely seductive gesture.It seemed like she was trying to ge
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Chapter 9: Sealed Our Love With Our First Kiss
“What’s going on? Haha, why don’t you ask the whore in your arms! She seduced my husband, and now he’s filing for a divorce. I’m going to rip off her slutty face, right now. See what else has to use to seduce with!”That woman was blazing with rage. She ignored Xiao Yihan as she lunged straight toward Qi Xiaorou and tore at her clothes and yanked her hair. Qi Xiaorou’s top ripped open, exposing the fair skin of her breasts.Qi Xiaorou hid behind Xiao Yihan’s arms and screamed in terror, “I don’t know you! And I absolutely did not seduce your husband! You’ve mistaken me for somebody else!”“Mistaken? Humph, I’d recognize your ashes! Did you forget you sent me that indecent picture of you and my husband in bed? You looked like such a skank in it. What are you doing dressed so prim and proper now? I’m going to show everyone your true colors …”That woman acted like a crazy, desperate spinster. She was unrestrained. It really was like she wanted to strip Qi Xiaorou of all her clothes a
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Chapter 10: Did He Want Revenge on Her Too?
There were stars in Jian Jianan’s eyes. She took one glance at the glass of red wine and soon fixed her gaze on Shen Linfeng. She knew he wanted to make a fool out of her on purpose. She could sense the smugness in his mocking tone.She smirked when she realized Gu Mocheng had no intention to help her. Did he want revenge on her too?“Such a generous man indeed. Would it mean I’m being unappreciative if I don’t drink it?”She took the red wine from Shen Linfeng, and finished it all. The way she drank was like she was drinking white wine. She was a vision of bravery and purity!Gu Mocheng frowned and stared at Jian Jianan, his face deadpan.After drinking the last drop of the wine, she turned the glass over. With her gaze on Gu Mocheng, she licked her tender, red lips with her pink tongue in a most seductive way.Gu Mocheng recalled their kiss at the army camp and he could not control how his body reacted.‘Damn it, what is going on with him? Was Shen Linfeng right? Was it time f
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