First Battle of the Trials

The morning of the placement trails dawned like a clear bell in Kyra's mind,

she woke from her slumber stretching with a yawn in the early morning sunlight

listening to the sound of the forest waking around her, birds chatter in the treetops, insects buzzing

the nearby river nearby gurgled merrily,

flowing along for the past two weeks she had camped out deep in the woods where she could be alone for her own intensive training in preparation of the day's challenges,

she was as ready as she could ever be to take on the trials

she got her towel and bath things out of her backpack, in the tent and went down to the river,

she washed and herself clean and prepared for the day all of her focus was now internal she washed her fiery red hair and brushed it out

and then carefully braided it winding it into a neat bun on top of her head so it wouldn't draw too much attention or get in the way during the battles today

she went back to her tent and carefully got dressed in the new outfit she had bought just for today

it was a skintight armored bodysuit one of the newest designs worn by the host hunters,

this one was designed for female angelic warriors,

who were slim of frame and putting it on even with the armor plating,

it still outlined every full curve of her body her breast thighs hips everything was on shameless display

she looked indecently sexy in it when she shouldn't,

there was nothing to be done about that she put on her armored combat boots and black leather duster coat she had customized it herself to carry her swords

today would be the first time the host would seeing her angelic scimitar blades,

the beautiful black and silver curved blades marked with angelic symbols that would activate under her command,

were in their leather sheath that was attached to the coat by strong leather straps holding their sheath secured against her spine

she pulled on the straps of her coat strapping it unto her body by the harnesses she had attached on the inside,

the top harness crisscrossed across her chest black leather with silver armored pockets along the straps

these were packed with things like medicine, and first aid items in case of emergency

if she happened to get hurt she was prepared for anything and everything,

these trials were meant to test everything a young angel to join the ranks of the host were capable of,

and what they had learned in all the years of training at the academy,

the test of the future hunters was not just for their battle capabilities but there were also to test their survival skills,

and basic knowledge test of their understanding of the various classes of demons and the uses of sigils and runes in battle

she snapped on the second harness which was styled like a belt sheathed around her hips,

also carrying the same silver armored pockets of her small tools belt if she was going to have to cover up she might as well look cool doing it

and the last piece she was adding to her gear a silver angelic shield it,

was meant to be worn outside her coat it was an actual full backplate of armor with shining silver wings carved on the shoulders,

in the middle of her back was her father's angelic sigil etched in gold or so she had been told by Samuel

this past week since she was stepping into the ranks now it was time to know the reason why she had been left here alone and orphaned

MICHAEL the legendary archangel was her father, and he died after going down to earth on a mission to hunt a very powerful demon during that mission

he met her mother a human and fallen in love with her, however, they both died in the final battle with the demon,

because the demon had come after her and mother her father fought to protect them both but only she had survived,

Michael had given his life to successfully kill the demon to prevent it from harming any more innocent humans as a result of his sacrifice

the host had no choice except to take her in despite the fact that she was half-human she would make her father proud today as the daughter of Michael

she decided not to wear the shield until the very last moment for now it was safely tucked away in a custom holster beneath her coat

she went into the tent and picked up the black Kevlar backpack that was filled with food supplies and survival gear

she packed up her tent putting in in the backpack and loading it onto the back of her bike it was time to go for her first warm-up

it would be a ride through the woods her bike started with a rumble and she smiled it was going to be an ass kickingly awesome day

she arrived at the arena in time for breakfast students packed the hallways and cafeteria all the senior students like her were dressed in the gear for their trials

there were loads of cool outfits everywhere she looked she stood in line with her tray waiting to get her meal when Thanis strode in

a commotion immediately started in the cafeteria she looked over shoulder to see what caused it he was standing there

dressed in a white bodysuit under gold armor a full golden chest and back plate a white coat trimmed in gold

white combat boots with gold armor on them a large gold broad sword hung at his hip and a whip was coiled next to it

hung from a gold belt with gold armored pockets not much different from her silver ones he was flying his father's sigil today,

emblazoned on the front of his chest plate and on the back of his coat

she gave him a cursory nod of greeting and went back to waiting in line

she suddenly felt his hand on her shoulder turning her around

what is it? she asked in annoyance

you look good today he said

is that all? She asked rolling her eyes at him

can you get out my way I'm hungry she gave him a shove with her tray and moved up in the line

good luck in the trials and remember what I told you he added

sure whatever she responded not even sparing him a look over her shoulder

thanis went back to his table sitting down with a frustrated grunt

his friends started laughing and shaking their heads at him

bro it's a lost cause with her just give up already man Jordan said putting an arm around his shoulder

I mean on a day like today every other female in the academy is going crazy when they see you all suited up like this

you look as amazing and cool and impressive as your dad in your gear it's like you're already an archangel

the only thing that's missing is your wings yet she doesn't even bat an eyelash that's not on you bro there's definitely something wrong with her

I agree Ezera added come on she's half-human how much you want to bet when she goes to earth for her official post

the guys she going to go crazy for are actually human and not our kind maybe it's not in her mixed genetics to be attracted to us angelic guys who knows

ill take that bet Aeron said $100 bucks she's into human guys

$40 bucks she's not just to keep things interesting Ezera said what say you

I'm in Jordan agreed what about a third option?

what third option? Thanis asked

he leaned in close dropping his tone what if she's into demon guys Jordan suggested softly, I mean she's half-human that means anything is possible right?

Shut up Jordan! that's totally disgusting! there's no way no! Ezera argued

giving him a shove how can she go from being a girl who practically a nun and doesn't notice males at all to being a demon slut?

I'm just saying bro she has the body Jordan argued

Aeron slapped him upside the head are you mental?

Stop saying such disgusting things about her! Kyra is pure,

banging body or not that's just a result of her human DNA

she's so pure she's not even aware of her own appeal and thinks that the other pureblood females here look better than she does

All of you just shut up! now! Thanis growled annoyed by their useless talk finish your breakfast! we have a long day ahead of us

After breakfast everyone headed for the arena naturally there would be no class today for students who weren't participating in the trials

were the spectators their juniors who were coming to watch the trials, it was the academy's hugest event every year,

where they get to see young angels in action with their full powers and abilities on display

the place was not only packed by students but by all their teachers and their parents and host lords the leading archangels of the host

basically, today was the single most important day to the entire host where they would get to see the fruition of the next generation of angels to join the ranks

This year the arena was designed to look like the roman coliseum with a circular shape but it had been updated and modernized

it was filled with millions of angels the grand stage of the trials would take place at its center

Kyra lined up on the stage along with all the other young to be angels of their year

over a hundred fledglings in neat lines a podium was above them Gabriel the leader of the host stood there dressed in a white and gold suit with a fluttering white coat

The wind blew his blond hair over stern blue eyes as he gazed down at them all

Good morning to all our young promising fledglings on this most important day of your lives,

I will not keep you long I know most of you are really looking forward to these trials,

you're ready to show us what you can do, and take your place among us,

it is a day that decides your future so I know all of you have already thought very carefully and deeply about what this day means to you,

all of you already must carry great pressure on your shoulders

I want to say good luck to all of you, I truly hope you all do very well this year,

I'm looking forward to seeing what the future has to offer to the host with this new generation,

get out there and work hard, do what you got to do to make it to the end, and not just finish but I would like each of you to think that you're going to win no matter what,

I know there are some kids here who already have reputations for being great and such I hear the rumors too

This remark made many in the host chuckle

but I don't want any of you bright, strong, young fledglings to think your skills or abilities are any less or more than the next.

all of you are talented, all of you are gifted, and most importantly all of you are needed,

where ever you may go in this host,

so go into these trials and give it your very best efforts, do everything that you want,

because this your one shot to claim that place in the ranks that belongs to you,

Godspeed to all of you,

sorry to not give everyone a really impressive speech this year, my son is participating I just want to say to him whatever you do today son, I will be proud of you

Gabriel's gaze suddenly focused on Kyra since she was standing in the front of the next row next to Thanis

halfling you also compete today? he asked her

yes sir, I'm old enough and I met the qualifications she replied respectfully

even if you qualify Gabriel said there are limits to what a halfling can accomplish in these trials, it's a pity, are you sure you'll be able to keep up? you shouldn't waste the host time child

No, it's not a pity Kyra shot back I'm not ashamed of it at all she stated confidently I'm proud to be my father's daughter,

he is who gave me life and enabled me to stand here today half-human or not I trained my ass off for these trials all my life and I will not fail or waste the host time,

if I do that I won't just be letting down the host ill be letting myself down as well I'm here to fight for my right to have a place in this host no matter how small it might be

Father, she's been my training partner and friend at school my whole life Thanis suddenly spoke up

I'm very happy and excited to be able to compete with her in the trials this year she's actually one of the best warriors in our class

Kyra was stunned she never expected Thanis to be the one to stand up and say good things about her especially not in front of his dad

I have never looked down on her for being half-human he continued I have never told her this, but in fact, I've always secretly admired her,

Excuse me she interrupted him, you talk entirely too much, what is this nonsense that you admire me? can we get on with things, please?

and been jealous of her too he continued she gave him a look of disbelief she has so much determination she never gives up,

and she doesn't let her human side be a weakness that holds her back from anything

well at least that's true she said 

she works twice as hard as others so she can stand as equals with the rest of us pure-bloods and she never complains about how hard the training is

she even endures extra training at times when everyone else is at their limit she still continues pushing it,

I think she's only torturing herself but when she's really determined she can be so stubborn she never listens to anyone

it's scary she never lets herself off and she never stops until she gets the results that she wants and I've never seen her fail to master something she was given to learn either,

she's very brave and very strong as you can see for yourself out of a hundred fledglings she's the only female participating in the warrior class this year

all the other females are going to the scribe class

I see very well then Gabriel said 

You speak very strongly on her behalf I will look forward to watching her trials do well 

more like id better do well or I would turn Thanis whole pity speech into a joke

like that would ever happen she thought folding her arms across her chest so unnecessary her skills would speak for themselves 

Gabriel sat down and folded his arms across his chest

Soon the trials were underway with the principle of the academy explaining the rules of the competition the first tests are the individual skills and abilities test these would be completed alone as one on one battles

after that the students would be put into teams and given various missions they must complete the teams will be chosen based on the student's skills and abilities that are established during the first round of individual test

The participants were sent to the barracks to wait their turn as the arena was set up for the first matches

in her barracks, Kyra put on her shield finally the backplate molded itself to her back and she felt its power merge into hers and wrap around her entire torso and bracing her in protective energy

she jumped up and down to test its weight to her surprise her feet glided above the ground and the shield itself felt like it had no weight

it boosted her agility and made her light of foot she could now leap to and from high places very easily the carved wings on the shoulders 

they weren't just on the shield for decoration they actually worked she smiled thanks dad

The first round of individual battles was with older angels chosen from the warrior ranks of the host

on the screen, in her barracks, she watched as many students were tested beaten, and failed in the first round

the hundred fledging's numbers were soon reduced greatly in number by about half only a few students had been able to beat their opponent but finally, it was Kyra's turn

She strode out to the field to meet her first opponent a female hunter angel S class

the terrain of the arena had been changed to a desert area she could hear the cheers of the spectators roaring in the stands above her as she came out

if you beat her then you have passed You may or may now choose to use weapons, she was instructed by the angel who was a referee in this match was referring her to a nearby weapons rack

no need Kyra said I brought my own she unsheathed her own swords and she heard the stands fall silent as her curved scimitar blades captured everyone's attention

they were half black half white with angelic runes inscribed on the black part of her blades the white part of her blades were shining brilliantly in the sunlight

reflecting the sharpness of the blades as she took up her stance blades crossed in front of her

as her opponent came forward to meet her in the middle of the field a nasty sneer on her face a sword in her hand

a filthy Nephilim like you is no match for a pure-blooded angel like me she said you don't even belong in this arena or this host

Kyra's eyes flashed in defiance

I have respect for you as my senior please have respect for me as your junior

Respect is earned not given she spat

Kyra smiled I was hoping you would say that you have given me the opportunity to teach you a lesson

With that, she charged her she prepared to defend herself

And then suddenly mid charge Kyra flash stepped vanishing from sight in front of her only to attack from behind

She intentionally gave her a split second she didn't want this battle to end too soon

She gasped seeing Kyra out of the corner of her eye and put up her sword just in time to block her first strike

But the force of the power behind Kyra's strike blasted her off her feet she flew off landing ungraciously on the sand some yards away clouds of sand rose up into the air around her

Kyra gave her a moment to get up this time, she let her attack,

Kyra fought her using her own unique fighting style a technique alternately combining blindingly fast movements of wushu,

with smooth fluid movements of tai-chi as her opponent fought Kyra with brute power born of an angel's righteous fury

at having to fight someone who was not even a pureblood but instead a half-human while Kyra maintained her calm

for the first few minutes, Kyra easily countered and deflected all of her attacks she was practically beating her own self up

and she still couldn't land a blow on Kyra or phase her yet she was growing more tired the longer they fought like this,

because of the terrain of sand underfoot causing her footwork to be bad and heavy while Kyra was making use of her backplate effects,

her feet lightly gliding just above the sand Kyra's movements were elegant and graceful as if she was dancing

her coat beautiful swished and floated about her with every turn she made adding to the effect Gabriel seated in his podium got to his feet

he recognized that fighting style and those shining silver carved wings on her shoulders as she turned at that moment throwing her backplate into vivid relief

Michaels Sigil marked her backplate and it was glowing vividly for all to see

how was this possible for her to have Michaels backplate it couldn't be that the halfling was his brother's daughter?

back on the battlefield, Kyra was able to cut her opponent several times,

thin shallow cuts about her body just to let her know how many times she could have ended the battle but choose instead to let it continue

What is this? why can't I touch you? she raged as they broke from each other

she was worn and bleeding from little cuts about her body, Kyra didn't have a single scratch and she hadn't even broken a sweat yet

I told you I was just asking for you to respect me as a junior and fellow member of this host this is me being polite and going easy on you Kyra replied

I don't need a filthy Nephilim like you to go easy on me she screamed

Allow me to enlighten you senior! Kyra responded her voice ringing across the arena with authority

Nephilim has a very specific classification they are the children born of fallen angels and man they are abominations

half-demons half-human evil corrupted beings, monsters who prey on innocent human beings we learn this at the academy 

But my father is LORD MICHAEL Kyra announced as she lifted her sword pointing it at the sigil on her backplate over her shoulder

There was a collective gasp around the arena and then everyone's voices questioning the truth of what she just said

he died for this host Kyra continued ignoring the voices that now fell into a hush everyone was hung on her every word including Gabriel, everyone was on their feet

my mother though human was his rightful souls mate blessed to him by the heavens, he was never a fallen one, and thus I am not a Nephilim calling me so dishonors me,

thus doing so also dishonors my father's name, Disrespects the name of Host Lord Michael,

someone I have looked up to my whole life as a hero I've only just found out he's my dad by someone he entrusted my shield to before he died,

but even before knowing that truth, I wanted to emulate Michael just like every other kid in this host who grew up hearing stories of him and admiring him

so I worked hard like everyone else, I have the right to be here, and to participate in these trials,

and today I also participate not just for myself but to represent my father's name and fly his sigil with pride and remind this host of exactly how great my father was

and I will not let a bitch like you insult him and take that away from me not today not ever do you understand me? Kyra growled

the sigils on her swords activated lighting up all along the blade and golden angels fire burst out of the two blades in her hands the entire stands erupted into roars

golden angels fire was Michaels power

her coat fluttered in the wind and golden flames burst at her heels from her boots now are we done with the chit chat because I'd like to kick your disrespectful ass now

before she could prepare herself Kyra leaped into the air using the wings of her backplate she lifted lightly off the ground spinning in the air with graceful movements of her hands

her swords each blade releasing a wave of angels fire that swept across the arena slamming into the angel who tried to block the first one wave

but was overwhelmed under the force of the second wave as it collided with the previous one the force of both blasted her across the area her body slamming into the wall

Kyra came down landing just as lightly as she had lifted off don't tell me you're done already? you're an S class Hunter angel

she taunted her she released a scream of rage as she pulled herself out of the wall I'm going to kick your half-human little ass all over this arena like a ping pong ball she snarled

oh are you sure about that? Kyra asked she let go of her swords and the two blades hung suspended in the air for the moment before flying of their own accord and engaging the angel

it was another one of Michaels legendary abilities on full display the host members in the arena were screaming

and the stomping of their heavy boots could be heard ringing throughout

she had no choice but to defend herself with her best sword skills however between the power of the two swords she was 

being treated exactly the way she had threatened to treat Kyra like a Ping-Pong ball each time one of the swords landed a 

successful strike it would blast her across the arena directly into engagement with the other sword that would blast her back

 across the arena once again back and forth she went for some minutes while Kyra stood in her place directing the swords with 

the power of her mind alone Gabriel's mouth was hanging open in shock the entire archangel council was in chaos in the barracks 

every participating student was glued to their screens including Thanis who was the most shocked of all

Kyra the one girl in school he had been trying to get who perpetually ignored him for years he had greatly underestimated her 

in fact, he didn't know her at all she had never revealed any of these abilities in training and he had been training with her all his life 

she was LORD MICHAELS daughter that made her the same rank as him it also explained why she was never interested in him

  Michael was Gabriel his father's brother which made him his uncle Kyra was his most direct cousin they were family members

fuck he felt disgust wash through him at himself all this time he had lusted after his own cousin

she eventually threw up a shield to block Kyra's swords and Kyra recalled her swords  they flew obediently back to her hands

allow me to enlighten you once more Do unto Others as you would like them to do unto you did it feel good being treated like a ping pong ball? Kyra asked

you cheated she cried you hid your true rank all this time

her opponent was pissed off and completely exhausted barely able to lift her sword furthermore she was leaning on it 

for support to stay upright

my true rank doesn't count Kyra corrected her I'm half-human and wingless regardless an S Rank hunter angel puts you

 in the highest class you're supposed to be much more powerful than me I went into this expecting it would be really hard to

 beat my opponent even with the abilities my father passed on to me

being half-human still cuts the power I should have if I were a pureblood in half i'm at a distinct disadvantage from the very beginning or at least I'm supposed to be saying I cheated is ridiculous

you're just pathetically weak for an angel of your caliber to be so easily beaten by me means you are seriously slacking in training arent you?

anyone in my class could take you if you're like this not just me I haven't even used my full power yet what kind of archangel are you? if you were a scribe or something I could understand but you're in the warrior class 

in the stands, there was agreement from many members of the angelic council

and if you re this weak then you really shouldn't be so arrogant you should surrender this match kyra said

is that what you think she snarled I'm changing the terrain lets see if you can beat me easily in the water she cried 

suddenly taking flight the terrain around them turned from the desert into an ocean as she launched into the air Kyra

 sank below the waves she began to fire waves of energy attacks from her swords

swim or drown halfling she cried in triumph from above

suddenly there was the sound of laughter, Kyra's laughter filled the arena,

what's happening? Gabriel breathed

you think because you change the terrain to water that it can make you be able to beat me? Kyra responded that's the dumbest excuse I've ever heard 

she was lying face-up on the surface of the water in a relaxed pose floating carefree as if she wasn't in the middle of a battle

now this really feels like cheating she laughed some more

what? her opponent screamed and set a flurry of attacks at her all of which Kyra easily blocked knocking them harmlessly into the water by simply firing a wave of angels fire from her sword

kyra grinned up at the sky thank you so much for changing the terrain to water from that dreadful sandbox

what is the meaning of this? you wretched girl! the angel screamed

Kyra got up and began walking on the surface of the water trailing the tip of her blades on the water's surface behind her

this caused an uproar in the stands how is she doing that walking on water 

shes just a halfling that ability should be impossible for a child like her one of the elder angels pointed out

what you saw me use before kyra began explaining as she idly played in the water with her sword,

were my inherited abilities passed on to me by my father,

those are just my basic fighting skills that has nothing to do with my own power abilities now does it?

one requires me to use my angelic power to manipulate something else to fight with the other requires me to physically fight with you we also learn this at the academy 

fighting abilities are separate from a power ability angels have both she smiled sweetly this one is mine 

Gabriel and everyone in the stands was stunned Thanis was shaking in his barracks holy shit shes

I'm an elemental Kyra said casually a water elemental allow me to enlighten you once again as to exactly what that means and then a water 

spout shot up several feet into the air Kyra was riding on top of it like if she surfing she was grinning at her as she gazed 

back in dazed disbelief eyes bugging out of her head

still not going to surrender? Kyra offered this is your last chance

she screamed and released a wave of energy at Kyra who easily blocked it with water knocking it away 

and deflecting it harmlessly into the waves below

I so knew you would do that Kyra laughed

she then attacked Kyra directly with her sword fighting Kyra in the air using her wings Kyra engaged her riding 

her spout like she was surfing not needing wings to stay in the air during the battle she was able to use her second

 fighting technique combining her swordplay and use of the water with taekwondo which she has mastered in training 

as kyra unleashed a flurry of fast-spinning kicks launching blast of water was fired at her opponent with each kick she evaded them and blasted

 the water spout with power in an attempt to dismount Kyra as the water was blasted apart the water spout collapsed but 

Kyra was still in the air droplets of water gathered together beneath her feet and solidifying turning into clear transparent ice creating glass-like plates beneath her feet as she walked 

 they kept her in the air they were so thin that at certain angles they seemed to become invisible it was difficult to tell if they were really there or not

droplets of water from the blasted apart water spout hung suspended in the air surrounding her and then

 those water droplets began to take the form of swords and began to freeze into solid shape sharp cold ice blades she was

 surrounded by thousands of swords all made of water all under kyra's command

do you still not surrender Kyra asked softly this is my most powerful technique you can very easily be killed 

with this, the swords began to move to create a formation encircling around her opponent with an inner and outer ring of swords

both rings were spinning slowly around her but in opposite directions of each other

the outer ring,  spun clockwise while the inner ring turned anti-clockwise entrapping her at its center in the formation

 of a very beautiful and deadly flower outside the formation, water spouts shot up from the ocean below

encircling the formation the water spouts curved over the top connecting to each other and creating a dome 

preventing the angel from being able to escape the formation even if she tried to fly out of it she would be 

entrapped by the water dome every single blade in the formation of sparkling and sharp glinted coldly in the sunlight 

was pointed at her with deadly precision

looking around with wide eyes she couldn't possibly fight every single blade in the formation they were way too many

and they had nothing to do with the two scimitar swords still blazing with angel fire in Kyra's grip she didn't forget

 how those two swords could also be controlled independently by Kyra's mind

okay I give up! she cried

what was that? Kyra asked with a smirk it wasn't quite loud enough

I surrender she yelled to the referee I give up ok I'm done I can't continue this match it's insane

The opponent of Kyra surrenders the match is won by KYRA Daughter of Michael the referee announced

Kyra called in her powers the swords and water spouts dropped out of the air and the hunter angel quickly flew off the battlefield 

cheers erupted in the stands Kyra flipped out the air as the terrain changed back to the normal below she landed lightly on her feet 

sheathing her swords as she waved the cheering crowds while she left the arena returning to her barracks to await the second round

Samuel materialized at her side she breathed a sigh of relief

am I in trouble? Kyra asked Samuel he shook his head smiling congratulations you did very well your father would be proud he assured her Kyra smiled her green eyes sparkling like stars

what about the host now that they know? she asked him

there's nothing to be done about it he replied all your training is completed now even if they don't want you here what are they going to do?

Send you to earth? We have been preparing for that for years now haven't we? you'll be just fine

thanks, Samuel she breathed

don't mention it you know I got your back he replied 

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