Her Second Life


I was standing on the edge of the yard watching myself with the handsome white-haired silver-eyed boy next door watching him kiss me hold me we loved each other 

knew each other so well Lucid dreaming again my heart ached for what was to come, the moment I died,

it always happened at first, I tried to stop it only to realize I couldn't

I came to realize it wasn't just a dream but a memory that seemed to be stuck on replay inside my head,

it wasn't my memory, not the present me but perhaps a memory of the past me in some life that had ceased to exist long ago

she looked only slightly different than I do now her hair was reddish-brown than crimson and black-streaked two-toned like mine was now,

she was also slightly taller less curvy but she was also different in personality, she was less stubborn,

softer in need of being protected a damsel in distress type, but it was me, all the same, I don't know how I knew I just did,

as always in the dream I followed her seeing that happy look on my face the sparkle in my green eyes, excited at the new romance blossoming between myself and the boy next door

I sat next to me on the bus ride that led to my death I stood on the curb as I saved the child, from the oncoming car gone out of control sacrificing myself and then painfully dying succumbing to serious injuries body torn and mangled in the street

here was where the dream got weird as I watched my broken body lying there a shadowy being stood over me reaching for me with a skeletal claw that slipped from a black hooded cloak like a grim reaper

but the body began to glow making the cloaked being shrink away in alarm and move away from its white light and then a moment afterward, a bright flash of light shot into the air and then the glow faded

the cloaked creature fled quickly and all chaos erupted the faceless dream people whose faces I couldn't remember, the people who had been there that day, reacted to the accident,

but not to the cloaked creature's presence as it passed between them no one else could see what had happened but me

my gaze lifted to a nearby rooftop standing there looking down on the scene was the beautiful white-haired silver-eyed boy,

his face was marred with pain and grief wearing just a pair of denim jeans stretching from his back was pair of beautiful white wings,

he was an angel grieving for the loss of the one he loved an angel had cried for me when I died sometime long ago,

Kyra woke up gasping and shaking, wrapping her arms around her body as she shivered

It was the same dream again, the one she'd had repeatedly for years she hadn't had a

dream in months something was coming she could sense it, something bad

She felt like a dark cloud of dread hung over her head

Shaking off the gloom,

She climbed out of her warm bed her toes brushing against the cold floor she shivered as the last echoes of the dream faded sticking her feet into a pair of fuzzy slippers, she crossed the room to her bedroom door

Opening it and Sticking her head out she sighed and shook her head

The orphanage was as usual in chaos at this hour of the morning the younger kids were running around vying to get into the downstairs bathroom

While the older ones attempted to get ready for school upstairs had the same problem the noise level was ridiculously high

The house mothers were rushing around trying to get yelling kids in order and breakfast on the table at the same time

It was a madhouse literally

Thank god for small mercies called Michaels Academy showers she thought wryly if she left right now, she could have a nice hot shower and still make it to class on time

Closing the door, she got dressed pulling on her short body fitting denim jumper, black thigh-high boots her black denim graffiti jacket, and her fingerless black gloves

her hair was long but she never bothered to try to bring it to order

So the locks hung in disarray down her back

crimson like the color of dried blood with jet black tresses mixed in

Both were her natural hair color since birth

Due to her very rare genetics, her being half-human everyone seemed to know her father was an archangel and her mother a human

though no one seemed to know exactly who they were,

she was orphaned and left on the host doorstep at the tender age of two something the host didn't appreciate one bit

but they took her in anyways sending her to live at the orphanage with the other orphaned kids of the host

But it made her unique, born with differences that made her stand out from the others

such as her two-toned hair, and slanted elf-like emerald green eyes with silver flecks around the irises,

sun golden skin and a curvy figure

All these things were human traits and were frowned upon by the host

it didn't help that no one seemed to be able to command her the way they could the other pureblooded angels in training who dwelled here in Sparda

she had free will and that in itself was considered dangerous

She slung on her backpack hanging off her bed head by its straps already packed with her toiletries a towel and a change of clothes her helmet off the peg behind her bedroom door tucking it under her arm

There came a knock on the bedroom door she paused

Kyra are you up yet? it was one of the house mothers we need some help god how you sleep through this racket ill never know the woman muttered

Kyra grinned and didn't answer she abandoned her room via the bedroom window,

jumping three stories down landing with ease on the balls of her feet she headed quickly to her bike parked in the driveway,

Throwing her leg over the leather saddle of the black and silver bike and pulling on her helmet she had bought the bike shortly after she had turned sixteen

it was one of the rare vehicles that were allowed here in Sparda brought over from the human world it was her one true pride and joy

the bike purred to life under her with a deep rumble

Kyra! she heard the house mother shout her name in annoyance

She chuckled

too late

she pulled out of the driveway roared down the street by passing numerous blond-haired blue-eyed and beautiful

pure-blooded angels going about their morning along the three-lined suburban avenues of the civilian residential homes of Sparda

many teens were grouped together at the bus stops dressed in the pristine white and gold uniforms of the elite students of Gabriel's Academy as they waited for the bus that would transport them to school

she smirked at some of the nasty looks she was getting from the so-called elites she was a Michaels Academy girl and they didn't have fancy uniforms

Michaels academy was all about training the angels who would someday become the strongest warriors of the host

While the elite held down boring jobs like scribes, summoners, messengers, and guardians,

The warriors were the most respected of the host they were the ones whose stories were numerous and filled with glorious battles against the denizens of darkness

The warriors were the guys who kicked ass and saved the world from time to time and theirs was certain solidarity and cool factor about them that made them stand out from everyone else that made them be admired

Kyra was definitely a warrior, with her abilities passed on from her mysterious archangel dad

at Michaels academy it didn't matter that she was half-human it only mattered how strong she was and how well she could hold her own in battle

You're late mud grub Zeke spat

As she walked into the roman coliseum style arena where she attended physical Combat class, sand crunched under her boots and the sun beat down bright and unmercifully hot turning the golden sand white

It was one of the four classes that were officially taught at Michaels Academy the other three were

Demonology Tracking and Hunting,

Sigils, and Sealings

and the last was Specialized Weapons Training

All-day, every day, the classes were hands-on practical's that required an enormous amount of energy and endurance, and competing against the other students was highly encouraged

Zeke was her teacher an old retired Hunter Angel

Sorry sir she apologized

Get in line he ordered gruffly she joined the rest of her classmates who all stood in a silent line before him

As you all mud grubs know the placement trials will begin soon, he stated

This brought grins to everyone's faces Zeke chuckled yeah, you're all looking forward to that aren't you

Yes, Sir everyone chorused

The placement trials are the biggest events of every fourth year he continued

Its where you all will get an opportunity to show off the best of your abilities for the entire host

You will be encouraged to bring your A-game this is the moment that will define who is the best and strongest of all the warriors we have trained here over the past four years as you all compete for the ultimate prize

The opportunity to impress the leaders of the ranks claim your first pair of wings and be chosen to take your place among them

From this moment forth you are no longer mud grubs you are fledglings on the cusp of taking flight for the first time

Yes, sir, everyone shouted

All right fledglings pair off let's get a sparring session started

we are going to begin by putting you through your paces and then

I'm going to be showing you the final techniques I have to teach

you these will be the last things I'll ever be teaching you after this you will be preparing for your placement trials on your own understood he finished

Yes, sir, everyone shouted back

Now get to work fledglings he ordered

Steel on steel clashed in ringing echoes across the arena as class began the crush of sand raising dust clouds underfoot

Kyra was paired with Thanis, one of the most admired boys in the academy and Gabriel's son

he was one of the best in her class half as strong as his father

already there was no doubt he would make Archangel at the placement trials this year

But what she couldn't match him in strength she could more than makeup for in speed being small as she was had its advantages

She was the fastest in their class meeting the powerful thrust of his sword swiftly parrying and deflecting them with ease

thrust, parry, counter, block, parry, counter, and the whole routine started all over again

with only slight variations to keep things interesting, as they weaved around each other with agile footwork and swiftness of movement

that could not capture by the ordinary human eye except for the brilliant silver flash of their blades in the sun

Are you always going to be on the defensive with me he asked with a confident smirk or is this all you are capable of you're no longer a challenge and not much of a sparring partner anymore?

His blue eyes were filled amusement his blond hair shone like spun gold and his face held the cold hard handsome features of his father,

his body was lithe, and muscular, sculpted from years of hard training, a warrior's form

but unlike most of her female counterparts here at the academy, she did not find him attractive his body and good looks did nothing for her

To her one pureblood angel was no different from the other they all were just different variations of the same template

she had wondered if perhaps her human half prevented her from ever being attracted to the handsome young males at the academy

Perhaps her other half might not even be angelic at all but human instead

She shrugged casually you're so much better than me now she replied the only reason I can still spar with you is that I have speed but I'm not a match for you anymore"

She was refusing to rise to his baiting preferring instead to use flattery she refused to compete with him and kept the true extent of her skills hidden

It was necessary here if the host knew how truly skilled and powerful, she was it would be the end of her

no Halfling should be more powerful than a pureblood she was already an unknown quantity no one knew who her parents were or why the host tolerated her presence

Halflings were considered abominations

angels were not supposed to bear fruit with humans

yet here she stood a living reminder it wouldn't do to flaunt it in the host face

it was best if she went mostly unnoticed if the host didn't think she could possibly be a threat to them

That's true he smirked being the son of an archangel and all they aren't many who can stand as my equal

As if to make his point with a flourish he disarmed her she wanted to scoff at him and for once use all her abilities

she could take him but it wasn't worth it this close to the placement trials she allowed her sword to fly from her hand and bury itself in the sand a distance away

He smirked she inclined her head to him accepting her defeat

Thanis! Zeke barked making Kyra jump startled what was that you are to spar with your partner did I say this was the end of class?

No sir Thanis muttered

Girl pick your sword up quit pussyfooting around and get to work Zeke bawled

Yes sir she replied and paced the few steps it took to collect her sword

By the time class was over Zeke had worked them to the bone she was sweaty and exhausted she left the arena and hit the showers to clean up

When she came out of the locker room fresh and redressed

Thanis was waiting for her lounging against the wall just outside the door his hands crossed over his chest

Halfling you better bring your A-game to the trials he warned

What afraid ill somehow beat you? she asked with a smirk

I'm being serious he stated

Don't worry I'm not trying to claim your spot as archangel the most I'm hoping for is to become a hunter she replied 

He nodded studying her in a way that unnerved her it was the longest conversation she had ever had with him most of the time he ignored her

Just bring it I expect a challenge there can be no mistake when I become archangel that I was pitted against a weak opponent understand?

Whatever she shrugged there's a good chance you'll compete against someone else and not me they know how good you are

We'll see he said straightening he turned and walked away his shadow stretching long against the stone walls as he went

She arched an eyebrow

Is the son of Gabriel feeling insecure? She wondered threatened by me? There was no way she had worked her ass off to appear as less than she was she wondered for a dreadful minute if perhaps he saw through her rouse

Samuel watched the exchange unseen from the shadows

Be very careful my child he whispered softly dark days are ahead I can feel them be very careful indeed

Though she knew she shouldn't be able to hear his warning shouldn't even be aware of his hidden presence she still did Samuel the old prophet had been her only true friend in this place ever since she was a small girl, he had secretly watched over her

I know she whispered I can feel it too from the moment I awoke this morning

Trust no one he whispered with a silent flap of wings he was gone.

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