Ruthless Mafia's Desired Obsession

Ruthless Mafia's Desired Obsession

By:  Fairylove  Completed
Language: English
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Olivia had only one problem and that was falling in love at first sight, the man she thought was her everything and the love of her life turned out to be a cold-blooded murderer. And when she suffered betrayal at the hands of people she trusted, she was saved by a man she loathed more than anything, A Ruthless Mafia King. However, to have her revenge. She signed a contract with her saviour who wasn't what she thought he was and wanted more than she could give. He was cruel, mentally unstable and feared. He killed whoever challenged him mercilessly. Pedro Ramirez had a dark past to be loathed. He never cared about any woman until he saved a helpless female who was nearly murdered by her lover. And he made her his, there was no escape from his cage. She was his redemption, the one his heart yearned for but he was the hell she was running away from. A Ruthless devil she feared and wanted nothing to do with. But under the aggression and obsession was a harmless creature seeking love and affection. Will Olivia fall for the monster and cure his heart? Warning ️ contains mature content, read at your own risk!

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Enjoyed this one!!! Give it a try for sure
2023-06-11 04:57:55
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kehinde ajadi
Interesting I love this story
2023-04-23 19:29:43
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
141 chapters 3-17-23
2023-03-18 11:47:35
user avatar
puji mulyono
hi dear..finally..I found you ......
2023-03-08 13:40:12
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
114 chapters 2-13-23
2023-02-13 12:08:35
default avatar
I really liked this book. There were a lot of twists and turns that always kept me guessing and needing to read more. There was however A LOT of spelling and grammar errors but the story was good enough for me to ignore it and continue reading.
2023-07-13 03:07:47
175 Chapters
A jovial girl
(Livia)My eyes were getting blurry by the second. In such cases, one would see nothing but blurred images that made no sense whatsoever, and here I was sitting like a prisoner staring at my phone in my hands as I counted down to the time I would stop hearing that high-pitched unpleasant voice speaking through a microphone.If I had the power to cry, I swear I'd be on the floor right now sobbing. Unfortunately, I was confined in this huge room full of different people, of all shapes and sizes. Both men and women. The only thing I regretted was being late for class; hence I ended up sitting at the back and everyone knew what happened.“Love is something we all want…a man wants love…a woman wants love…it's the same old story of falling in love and making fake promises to each other” the woman who was making me see fog in broad daylight continued talking. I wanted so badly to listen to her, unfortunately these were the days I just wanted to get up from my seat. Match down to the front a
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A reputed family
(Livia)“Your family is one of the greatest… I expect you, Mr. Altamira no, to at least take after your father” it went on and on, and I was beginning to think the lady was obsessed with my family. There never went a day when she didn't remind me about how great my mom was or how good of a lawyer my father had been throughout his existence, now my foolish little brother added to the long list of the two of us behaving like our last name.“I expect the best from you, Ms. Altamirano…if not, then I'll have no choice but to call in your mother” Ms. Gomez added with a slam of her palm on the desk startling us, but we regained our wits and nodded at her words“Now leave my office,” she said, turning away with a heavy exhale, and I didn't even waste time as I dragged my brother out by the ear. He was a fool to come running to my University from his school without even minding about my reputation.“Ouch…ouch…sis come on it's hurting” he whined as I continued to drag him out, not even minding
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A loving boyfriend
(Livia)"Why is he such a show-off...I mean he's not that big of a deal"Sydney spoke with disdain as we watched Luciano talk to a few lecturers. By now all the students were chased off to their various classes. As much as I loved the fact that Luciano was getting along with the crowd which was good for his campaign. I disliked the idea of women swarming around him like bees"Come on, give him a break...and you are voting for him, "I said with a disdainful glare to make my little bestie understand. She didn't have to be on the same page as me to like my boyfriend. The problem with Sydney was that she had a tiny crush on Luciano's second brother Alfredo. However, the hot painter was more into art and extended his gallery to mind about women which made Sydney bitter. Her crush didn't even look at her"And here comes the devil...I can't wait for your birthday" Sydney remarked with an eye roll just as Luciano left the crowd of lecturers and walked up to us. I was even more nervous hoping
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Surprise proposal
(Livia)“Careful baby…one step at a time”Luciano murmured as he guided me to wherever he was taking me. His arm was around my back, holding me firmly while the other was intertwined with my hand. Nothing felt right than being surprised by Luciano. He was nothing but the best boyfriend ever.“A…are we there yet?” the more we walked, the more agitated I was. There were many ways to be happy in this life, but all I needed was him. For two years he had been nothing but the best boyfriend I could ask for. So caring, such a loving gentleman, and he always put me first above all else. I was his pride, my parents already liked him for me because he was a good man.I recalled the first time I met him. It wasn't such a great encounter, I would say was memorable because it was funny. Sydney and I went camping, by then I was in high school. Our school arranged for camp, unfortunately, I was too lazy to attend one; hence we decided to sneak away and ended up running around town having fun. Luci
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Awaiting her prince
(Livia)“Smile for the camera… ladies, and gentlemen… I bring you…”.“Quit it, Lalo…stop disturbing us!”“Come on sis…it's your B-day…just smile for the camera, “Lalo said, flashing the camera up to my face. It was irritating having a little brother like him because he was nothing but a pain in the neck.“Just this one…right lady…are you certain that isn't mud?” he continued firing questions to my make-up artist and hairstylist who were busy working on me.“No dear, it's just concealer…” the lady said shyly, showing Lalo the concealer she was using. My little brother clicked a pic and chuckled as he continued taking as many pictures, irritating me even more.“Lalo, why don't you go downstairs and check on mom and dad?” I said instead just to get rid of him. The reason the brat didn't leave me alone was that I spoiled him. He had no respect for me whatsoever for him to be in my room while I did my lady routine.“Found Ignacio and Paula kissing…it was so disturbing I tell you, “Lalo sai
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Future wife
(Livia)It was a beautiful night full of love. From my beloved ones. As I said, my birthday was designed specifically to bring joy and happiness to those around me. Seeing my parents happy was something I loved more than anyone.“She's my daughter…soon to be a lawyer…she's a topper in her class” my dad bragged to Antonia and the other important guests my mom invited. I stood there brushing as my dad and mom went all out in praising me. It was good to see Antonia and my future mother-in-law nodding with a smile, knowing she was proud of me like my parents.“My Luciano is lucky to have her…she's such a sweet girl,” Antonia said, caressing my cheeks and like a fool, I got back tears as she continued showering me with love. If anyone asked me if I was scared to be Garcia's daughter-in-law, then I'd say I wasn't“She's my baby…of course, I raised her right and Luciano is so lucky to have her, “my mom said and pulled me in her arms…it was too much to stand there and hear her say all the n
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It was impossible to get away from my friends, no matter how I tried to give them an excuse to go inside and see Luciano. They dragged me back. Already the fireworks were mesmerizing, I was bewitched by the glorious sight of reading my name on the skylines. My friends knew just how to make me cry, and having someone like Sydney was something I cried about every day.“Hey, you don't seem fine?” I asked Sydney, who had just come from answering her phone, which had been ringing non-stop. Sydney looked a little disturbed, or was it just how she got whenever her family called.“Liv…well, actually aunt called and well, “Sydney said a little hesitant. Looking at her expression, which was down. I knew she wanted home. As much as I wanted her to stay and have fun like the rest of us. Her family wasn't so friendly. She lived with her aunt and uncle. And had three mean cousins who didn't like her. They made her life hard and never allowed her to go to social gatherings like parties. They gave he
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(Livia)The fire in his eyes scared me greatly. I've never seen Luciano so angry before. His actions frightened me as tears rained down my face. He was nothing but a vicious beast thirsty for blood "Lu please...what...please stop it!"I tried to stop him. Crying my heart out as he tied me up. His face flushed with anger, and his nose flared in complete disdain. I didn't want to see the monster he had suddenly turned into. So frightening as he tightened the ropes around my wrists causing me excruciating pain which had my eyes watering non-stop"Lu I'm begging you please stop this...this isn't you" I pleaded with him hoping he could stop and tell me this was just a prank. He wasn't this vicious to tie me up when I was hearing gunshots downstairs. Fear resided in my heart praying and hoping my family was okay. I didn't want this to be happening as I fought to get up but just one deadly glare from him had me shaking my head nervously as salty tears leaked from my eyes"'s done...
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Carrying his child
(Livia)The merciless winds caused the enormous trees to crash and slap against each other like mountains coming down from a raging hell-pit angered by the vigorous storm. The wind gusts knife the piercing thorns of branches. Branded upon the colossal tree trunk was a single blinding vanishing moon hiding away in the clouds, which had cut through the immensely thick cloud and fog like a laser. Its source could vividly make out to be an inferior. Everything seemed like a dream. A total nightmare I'd wake up from, unfortunately, reality flashed through my eyes showing the monster whom I thought was the love of my life. Luciano didn't even let me run to save my parents from getting burned in the scorching fire. The flames of destruction, burning down my house with my beloved family in it. Crying and shouting for him to stop didn't help when my little brother and my parents were in agonizing pain, yelling for me to save them. Luciano showed me in the back of his truck and drove away from
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Doesn't care
“Are you going to kill us?” the words came out like a whisper, but I wanted to ask him if he was willing to kill not just my family or me but“I'm pregnant Luciano… I'm carrying your child”the words left my chattering teeth as silence fell between us. Everything around was silent like the serene waters of the sea and only the heavy wind blowing across the trees as the sounds intensified.“Y…you are lying…you are lying, you know that!” Luciano said, shaking his head as he gripped the back of my neck tightly and pulled me to him. He was hurting me so much that tears flowed down my face non-stop.“I'm carrying your child,” I said, despite how much I knew he wasn't going to listen. He was furious as he shook my body with so much strength as he gripped me by the shoulders.“You mean nothing to me!” he made a low growl angrily. His eyes shone with rage as his breathing intensified. His grip on my shoulders tightened as his nails dug deep into my flesh. Luciano was a total monster, capable
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