Episode 12

"How did you do that?" I asked Adrian as we got down from the bus.  

" I...I...I don't know, I...just um, it just happened" He stuttered shyly.

"Oh wow...that was so cool" I said and he blushed, that made me laugh.

"Goodnight" I said as after getting to the front of my house.

"yeah...yeah...sure, good night" He said incoherently and was about heading home when I called him back.

"Adrian?" I called and he looked back but met I met him with a kiss, his mind was blank at first, then slowly I slowly to get them.

'I was awaiting that' I laughed to his lips on that.

"What?" He asked on letting him go.

"Nothing" I said as I ran inside totally flushed.


That was the last time Adrian showed weakness, ever since then he completely had his phobia under control and that was a little bit tiring, he started taking us in c

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