"Ah-!, yes… harder, Daddy!" 

Dylon moaned sweetly as he writhed on the bed, shamelessly tugging at the white sheets, his hair, and the pillows as he didn't know what to do with himself. 

This faceless, nameless, person tends to always find him at night. And each night, Dylon begs for the flames his faceless lover brings. He craved it and begs to be consumed by the heat of his furnace.

"I need you…" he whimpered and watched as the faceless figure leaned into him, Dylon tilted his head to give him access as he sealed their lips in that kiss which seemed to freeze time and heartbeats. "Mmm…" he moaned, eyes clamped tightly, hands found their rightful place of belonging as he grabbed onto the nameless stranger's sweat-coated back, claws digging into his lover's skin, drawing blood in their wake, the pain had his lover groaning savagely and his thrusts grew desperate. Dylon whimpered as he rammed into him with exquisite abandon. A stray tear rolled down the side of his face as the faceless man's inferno has no intention of cooling, and neither were his thrusts slowing down.

"My Beauty," Dylon heard him groan and his cock twitched at that pet name. It always did things to him whenever he called him that. "My Love," the faceless man continued and Dylon knew it was only a matter of seconds until he spilled his cream all over their bodies. "My Life…" and just like that, the switch was pulled and Dylon cried out, back arched off the bed, the action caused the raging cock buried inside him to stab deeper and he came with a blast. Cum splattered out and adorned their bodies as he twitched and jerked wantonly. Lips parted in silent screams and eyes fluttered tiredly. 

"My God, you are so gorgeous, my Beauty, my heart skipped a bit." The faceless man, husked and Dylon could almost taste the pride and amusement in his tone.

"Love me," Dylon whispered. 

"But, I do love you." 

"Stay with me." Dylon continued, he knew it was only a matter of minutes and this will all be over. "Stay by me." He cried.

"I will find you." 

"Promise?" Dylon opened his eyes fully to stare into the blankness where a face was supposed to be. 

"Promi-" the words ended with a howl as the faceless man filled his heat with his seed and Dylon whimpered as his own spent cock spammed. "I promise, my Beauty." He finished when he had come down from his high. Dylon watched as the man searched for his left hand and grabbed onto it, then very slowly caressed the birthmark on the back of his palm. Dylon began to shake his head vigorously as streams after streams rolled down his face.

He knew what was coming next.

He didn't want to hear those words again.

It only means the time has come for his faceless lover to leave him. 

Just like always. 

Why wouldn't he just stay?

Why does he always have to leave?

Dylon cried harder when he saw the stranger reach to wipe tears from his face which was pointless as his tears came down even harder that time.

He didn't want to be consoled. 

But, in the end, it will only be just a dream. 

"Look for this mark when you are reborn and the day you find one who wears the same, that day we shall be reunited never to be parted again. Away from this life, from this family. Just the two of us."

Dylon watched helplessly as the man faded away with the darkness which suddenly engulfed and sucked him in once again. 

He braced himself for the impact which came shortly after as his eyes shot open, wide awake from that same familiar, yet confusing dream. First, he wiped tears from his face when he felt the wetness sticking to his legs. He pulled the blanket off to see that he had once again wet himself with his cum.

"Great!" He groaned with a roll of his eyes. "Another bedsheet ruined by that stupid dream." He whined.

When will it all end?

When will he find and claim him as he often promises?

He looked at his birthmark and a frown formed on his forehead. 

What does it mean? 

His soul yearns for this faceless lover from his dream and his body responds to him in a way that frightens even him. 

It's oddly strange how he feels as if he knew this person when in fact he doesn't even have a face and yet he speaks to him, not with his mouth for he has none but through his heart and Dylon could hear him clearly as if he had spoken directly into his ears. 

What is this connection? 

This telepathy?

"Who are you and why does it feel like you are the other half which completes my whole?" Dylon crawled out of bed and stumbled into his bathroom. Even though it was a dream, he felt completely exhausted as if he has just endured hours of relentless fucking. 

"Are you even real?" He wondered as he stared at his sex-disheveled face through the bathroom mirror. "And if you are, do you feel what I feel?" A jolt passed through his heart like an electric spark, so fast yet strongly felt. Dylon grabbed onto his chest and balled his PJ into his fist. "Is that my answer?" He asked, looking through the mirror like he could see and feel the other's presence standing behind him. Dylon smiled, this was his morning ever since he turned fourteen yet it never seems to tire or bore him. 

In fact, he looked forward to these mornings. 

It's the only thing that makes life worth living. It gave him a sense of purpose. A reason to breathe, to give the breaking of new dawn another trier, another step, and another day went by yet again. 

His favorite routine. 

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