Shadow Pact

Shadow Pact

By:  Tally Adams  Ongoing
Language: English
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Emily has just enough knowledge about the immortal world to track her missing sister to a den of monstrous werewolves. With more courage than good planning, she prepares to mount a daring rescue.William has spent his entire life in bondage; forced to fill the role of executioner for the government of his world. Nothing could have prepared him for the dark-haired beauty who dared to defy him; and reached through the darkness to ignite the man within.

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What a pleasure this read was. Well-written and edited, no tricks or excess. This author is a professional, good round story with all the right arcs and flow, round conclusion. Creative flair unique to this author- I am excited for the next one. I love the gently sewn in humor too. Thank you author!
2022-01-21 02:21:27
36 Chapters
Chapter One
Emily sat in her car outside of the warehouse and clasped her hands together to steady them. She was terrified but determined. It was a chilly autumn day, and the small trees that lined the road had lost most of their leaves as they prepared for winter, giving them a somewhat skeletal aura. Above, gray skies stretched out, blotting the sun in a heavy weight of dreariness. It mirrored her mood nicely.At another time, what seemed like a lifetime ago, she’d loved the fall. Colors, crunchy leaves, and the hint of warm apple cider in the air had always filled her with a sense of happiness. Of contentment. Now, in this place so far from home, it was just a cold reminder of hard months ahead.Any minute the warehouse employees would be leaving the building, and she was going to confront him. She'd never seen him in person, but the passenger seat of her car was littered with pictures and documents from a private investigator she'd hired six months ago when
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Chapter Two
William sat at the butcher-block table in the small kitchen of the house he shared with Paoli. He stared at the paper before him—scripted in Paoli’s neat handwriting—with open surprise. On the page was a single name and species along with location. “Are you sure this is right?” William frowned at the paper.“It’s right,” Paoli confirmed without even glancing at him on his way past.“When was the last time we had a female werewolf?” William raised a skeptical brow and his gaze followed Paoli around the table.“It’s rare they’re marked," Paoli agreed. "But it happens.”He took the chair across from William and propped his bare feet on the edge of the table for no reason other than it bugged William.Paoli was one of the oldest vampires William had ever met, and by far the least conspicuous. He stood only about an inch shorter than William was himself, whi
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Chapter Three
Emily was doomed. She was aware of the fact with a quiet acceptance, and surprisingly enough, it left her with no fear. The man who'd grabbed her when she managed to get into the room with Amber was named Brian. He was the one she'd followed here, to her place of doom.He was also the one who held her now, and had pulled her so close to his face, the acrid stench of his unwashed body and bacteria-laden breath assaulted her nose. She met his turbulent gaze levelly, refusing to be cowed by him. If she was to die at his hands, she'd do it with a brave face.If she had just a pinch more courage, she would have spit at him. But evidently, her courage tapped out after one yell of 'let me go'. Now the best she could manage was a level stare.              Oh well, she decided. At least he wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing her crumble at his feet in terror. It may have been a minor victory, but
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Chapter Four
Emily gripped with her knees and buried one hand deep into the thick pelt to keep herself from falling off. Her other hand was clamped around Amber's ever-changing waist in a desperate effort to keep her upright so Emily could use her body as a brace. It was sort of like the world's most dangerous juggling act, with the threat of certain death if any of her body parts gave out too soon. Her thighs began to shake with the effort of holding on, but the sound of howls closing in as the wolves gave chase seemed to lend her exhausted muscles the strength she needed.  When the massive wolf came to a sudden halt, she nearly flipped over his head. She was only saved by the appearance of strong hands on her waist. She jerked away in surprise and turned to find the blond man standing beside her, a man again.With reluctance and a wary look, she allowed him to pull Amber down. It was only when she saw him move toward it that she realized they were stan
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Chapter Five
Emily had read everything she could get her hands on about the world her sister disappeared into in the months she'd been missing. While perhaps not a full-blown expert, not a lot of people knew as much about the legendary creatures of the night as she did. Therefore, as soon as her mind cleared, she knew exactly what had been done to her.She'd been enthralled.By a vampire.They were the only creatures capable of such an act.She'd been right about Paoli.He was an honest-to-God blood sucking vampire.Not really alive, but not dead.He was undead.There was no telling how many innocent people he'd killed.Well, she wasn’t about to be added to his numbers. She jerked the gaudy silver cross from her pocket and shoved it against his forehead.Paoli let out a howl of shock and pain. His face contorted demonically; his features twisting into a horrifying mask. He was no longer remotely handsome. Instea
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Chapter Six
William leaned against the door with his head near the partially open window for the last part of the drive. His body hadn't fully cooled from having Emily in his arms and the wind helped to dilute her scent somewhat.He breathed a sigh of relief when he finally pulled into the garage and got out of the car.              Emily got out, looked around, and gave him a look of surprise from across the car roof.              For the briefest of seconds, her surprise puzzled him. Then it dawned on him and he gave her knowing smile as he closed his door. "Were you expecting something else?" He quirked one teasing brow.Emily froze.She didn't want to offend them.Again.But she hadn't covered her surprise well enough, and it was too late to deny it. "Yes, actually," she admitted. "Like castles and moat
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Chapter Seven
William led her to the spare room, trying to keep his mind clear of the images it seemed determined to show him.Emily followed him around the space, politely nodding while he familiarized her with the room and attached bathroom in the corner.He was not picturing her within the shower; naked and soapy.He was not.A sudden dry lump formed in his throat and he swallowed hard. With more speed than courtesy, he indicated fresh shirts in the drawer and left the room as quickly as possible. Being alone in a bedroom while not touching her was torture, and he didn't want to push his shaky control too far.He closed the door behind him and found Paoli waiting in the hall, his expression uncharacteristically serious. "We need to talk," he said solemnly.A glance toward Amber's room showed a wind chime on the knob of the closed door. It was low-tech but they'd hear the sound in a dead sleep. Satisfied, William followed Paoli silently down th
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Chapter Eight
Emily woke much earlier than usual, feeling trapped and claustrophobic. She made her way to the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face, then noticed her reflection looked as exhausted as she felt. Her eyes were bleary with dark patches beneath them and her skin was much paler than normal, which gave her an unpleasant pause.How sure was she that no one was feeding on her? She leaned forward, checking her throat carefully in the mirror. There didn't appear to be any bite marks, and the cross was still protectively around her neck, which made her feel better.               Somewhat.Cautiously satisfied she was simply suffering from sleeplessness, she got dressed in last night's clothes. What she needed was some space and fresh air to settle herself. Her nerves weren't about to let her get more sleep, and she felt like a caged animal in her room. After a long moment's indecision, she
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Chapter Nine
“What have you done!?" screamed a shrill, angry voice.The blood-curdling sound woke everyone at once, followed by the loud jangle of wind chimes as the bedroom door was jerked open.Emily leapt from her bed—instantly wide awake, and rushed toward Amber's room, her heart in her throat. She hadn't made it two steps when she heard a dangerous growl. William stepped out from the doorway of his own room to block her path. Before she could open her mouth to demand he move, Paoli was lifting a kicking and fighting Amber into his arms further down the corridor.Paoli carried her back into the room and left Emily alone in the hall with William.William's feet and chest were bare again. His eyes were sparkling a predatory gold as they fixed on her, unblinking.She took a step away from him, uncertain.William noticed her unease. It did nothing to cool his mood. He'd fallen asleep with his body on fire after spending the day in a car with
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Chapter Ten
A mere two hours later, Emily found herself standing, unarmed, on an airplane runway between a vampire and a 'complicated' man who could turn into the world's biggest wolf. She was feeling slightly dazed and unreal. Everything was happening so fast.Behind them, a small white hanger stood in shadows. In front of them, a small plane taxied to a halt like a weird cab. The hatch opened to show a man she'd never seen.His hair was long; similar to Paoli's shoulder length.She wondered absently if that meant they were from the same time period. She eyed Paoli critically. She turned to look at William, wondering about his age, and found he was scowling at her for some reason. She scowled back in response and returned her attention to the pilot, who made his way quickly to them.Once he stopped and exchanged greetings with Paoli, his attention turned to her in a way that was just unnerving. His body didn't seem to move, but his head looked like it was rotating o
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