Chapter 02


They all have enhanced hearing, so I don’t have to worry about them hearing my whisper or not.

They all definitely heard me, but no one made a move to bring me out of here. They all seem surprised for some reason as I look at each one of them.

Then, my eyes land on Kane who is giving me a murderous look.

‘ All humans know better than to choose him as their master. ’ I hear a weak whisper from somewhere around me. I know it’s a human girl, but I don’t know what she means by it.

‘ She must not know. ’ Another male murmur hits my ears and a shiver runs down my spine.

What are they all talking about?

“ You don’t talk unless you are spoken to. ” The werewolf with black eyes from earlier, hisses at the humans talking and the halls goes silent once more.

I lift my head and look at Kane who is now walking towards me. My instincts tell me to step back, or to run away, but where am I even supposed to go from here?

He stops in front of me. Fear engulfs my figure right away and my eyes move down to the neatly polished white tiled floor.

“ Choose a master. ” He demands, repeating the same question from earlier.

I am sure he heard me, but I have a hunch that he won’t let me go so easily. He is going to treat me as a human now.

“ Choose a master. ” He repeats what he said. His tone is scary - grim this time.

I jump in my spot. Sweat coats my body, washing off the blood which had dried up on me.

My lips quiver, my throat going dry as sand. I lift my gaze to Kane’s momentarily and then let my eyes fall to the floor.

I can tell everyone is watching me while they hold their breaths back. Humans must be cursing at me in their minds for being so clueless as to stand up against a werewolf who can snap my neck in a mere moment without remorse or even a second thought.

I open my mouth, wanting to just say his name and save myself from the torture he is going to inflict on me if I dare say someone else’s name in front of him…but, my brother’s voice echoes in my head, compelling me to choose Wolf at the expense of my life.

“ W - wolf… ” I choke on my breath and in the next moment, I feel a strong hand reaching out to my neck.

My supply of air cuts off when the hand wraps around my neck and a great pressure follows the touch. My eyes bulge out, but my own hands never reach out to Kane’s hand to get him off myself.

I never fight back. I never did before and maybe, I am never going to find the courage to do it in the future either.

I simply gasp for air, lift my gaze to his and wait for this pain to go away.

“ Kane. You know the rules. Leave her. She chose her master and you have no right over her unless Wolf allows it. ” The man with the black eyes intervenes in a serious tone and Kane leaves my neck right away.

I fall down to my knees, my hands clawing at my neck as I feel like I won’t be able to regain my breath anytime soon. Tears prick my eyes as my lungs burn and every wound in my body starts to hurt all over again.

I lift my head only when I feel like Kane has walked away from me. I am proved right when I watch him standing by my far right where he stood before.

Beside him, stands the black haired werewolf who stopped him from killing me. He talked about rules and it sounded hilarious to everyone, I bet.

“ Hmmm…So you are choosing wolf? ” The black eyed man rakes his hand through his hair, ruffling it slightly.

I set my lips in a thin line, my heart drumming in my ears as I regain my breathing eventually.

“ Do you know who he is? ” He adds, resting his back against the wall and folding his arms over his chest.

Slowly, I look at Kane and then at the grey eyed man who is coming through the door to stand beside him. These three seem to be in power around here as no one ever interrupts them or tries to even look at them.

Suddenly, I see Kane’s eyes changing colour. From chocolate brown to white glowing, his eyes really do change and it scares me.

I didn’t know werewolves could do something like that. What is he even doing?

I keep my gaze fixed at him until his eyes go back to his chocolate brown colour and he rests his back against the wall just like the black eyed man.

“ He is coming. ” Kane declares, sulking like a child.

My body starts shaking when I take notice of how serious everyone looks all of a sudden. Even Kane and the grey eyed man who were always smirking before don’t dare let their lips quirk up.

Who is coming? I don’t need to ask. I know they are talking about my new master.

Surely, my brother didn’t make a mistake. Wolf can’t be someone so terrible, that they all are oddly scared of him. Humans and Werewolves alike.

The silence of the great hall breaks when someone steps down from the stairs and everyone’s eyes move to see who is now in front of me.

I don’t move and stay on my four for a moment. I am too scared to look at my new master.

My gut feeling tells me that there is something wrong and the suffocating atmosphere only proves me right.

“ Why did you call on me? ” The gruff voice falls in my ears and now, I can tell why everyone was so stiff.

The voice sounds so powerful and aggressive, it’s hard to not shiver by just listening to it.

In a slow motion, I raise my head in his direction. My mouth goes dry when I look at the man stepping down from the last stair.

He stands tall in front of everyone.

My eyes trail up from his legs which are cladded in a black jeans.

His waist is slim and his body has the perfect desired proportion with possible six pack abs hidden behind the silk navy blue button up shirt he is currently wearing.

My eyes travel higher to his face. His complexion is pale, like he was never exposed to sunlight before. His lips are a rosy colour, shaped as a heart and pressed tightly together.

His nose is high bridged and when he tilts his head to the side, I see the mole he has just beneath his nose.

My eyes move to his eyes. Golden specks shine around the black dot in the middle and then darkness curls around those golden specks like the colour black and golden has fused together. His eyes are pure golden in colour - not amber or honey - pure golden.

I have never seen such eyes before. I didn’t even know it was possible. Perhaps, it’s because he is a werewolf that he has such unique eyes.

Complimenting his whole look, he has natural chestnut hair. Another unique trait about this man.

“ I think you are losing your fame, Wolf. ” I hear the grey eyed man saying to the golden eyed man in front of me.

My breath hitches in my throat as I shake my head, breaking out of the awe-struck state.

When I do break out of my trance, I notice the blood splatters on Wolf’s pale face and then the same blood on his navy blue shirt.

Bile rises in my throat when I realise that he has human blood splashed all over him. Of course, it is human blood - it can’t be anything else.

“ Slaves shouldn’t look their Master in the eye. ” Kane hisses from my right, pointing out what I had been doing for a while now.

I am looking Wolf right in the eye and unfortunately, he is looking right at me like I am the only one in the room.

There is something so mischievous and dark about Wolf that I can feel goosebumps rising all over my body.

He doesn’t seem like the normal werewolf - the brutal type. He seems like one of those higher monsters everyone talked about. The monsters who lead the brutal acts - the evil one’s, the mad one’s and the most cruel one’s.

“ For the first time since forever, a human finally chose you as her master. I think humans have stopped telling tales about you. They don’t warn each other anymore. ” The grey eyed man continues talking to Wolf.

Each word that the grey eyed man says, brings me some more anxiety. What did I do? Did I even choose the right one? The one that my brother asked me to choose?

I can't help, but ask myself all these questions right now.

My heart drowns to the pit of my stomach. My eyes fall down to the floor, not finding anything interesting anymore.

I have done a mistake. Perhaps, he is not the 'Wolf' my brother asked me to choose. The thought alone is enough to make me recall everything that Noah and Lorraine had done to me, to my poor brother Elias.

“ Look at me, human. ” The gruff voice commands and instinctively, I look up at him.

He is still standing on the same spot, high and mighty like a deadly King of a Kingdom and I am sitting on my knees - naked, hurt and exposed like a poor slave.

We both fit so well in the master slave roles.

Maybe, I will never get out of it again. Maybe, torture and pain is always supposed to be my fate.

Our eyes meet and a strange spark runs through my body. It feels like I was hit by electric current. Confusion takes over my senses and when I see Wolf’s eyes changing colour and becoming complete black for a second, I feel my blood turning cold in my veins.

“ Clean her up and send her to my room, Cassius. ” He addresses the grey eyed man, his eyes still dark as night.

Wolf turns around abruptly on his heels and climbs the stairs, leaving me behind.

“ No one ever chooses him for a reason, you stupid girl. ” A human girl mutters from somewhere beside me.

I can’t tell who it is and I can’t understand what she is talking about. I get up from the floor, balancing myself on my weak legs when Cassius - apparently the grey eyed man - walks forward and stops right in front of me.

He hooks a finger under my chin, raising my head and making me look at him. He doesn’t fit in the picture of the brutal werewolf type - his touch is too gentle for that.

“ Don’t worry. You will know the reason soon. ” He breathes hoarsely and all my misunderstandings about him clear up.

He is just like the others even if his touch is too gentle. They are all monsters - wolves pretending to be humans.

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