Chapter 03


Cassius takes a step back from me and a werewolf comes to my side. Grabbing my arm, he begins dragging me away from the main hall.

Instinctively, I look back at Cassius who is staring at me. As I look at him, I notice Kane and the black eyed man coming to stand beside Cassius. All three gaze at me as their eyes flash different colours for a second.

For a moment, I think that I am seeing things. Possible because I hit my head too hard.

But, then I end up rejecting my own idea of hallucinating such things. Their eyes did change colours like Kane’s and Wolf’s did.

Strange. I never noticed such things before.

Turning my head back, I let the werewolf man lead me down the hallways to God knows where.

Terror gnaws at my guts. What’s going to happen now? That’s the main question and what happened to Elias and Sylvan? That’s another question for me.

There is no way I will ever find out about what happened to Elias and Sylvan unless they come for me or unless I get out of here somehow.

Lost in thoughts, I don’t notice when we reach a door and the werewolf man jerks my arm, pushing me forward. My forehead and nose hits the closed wooden door in front of me and I end up gritting my teeth to bear the pain which sears through my nose and head.

All of a sudden, the door opens before I get the chance to step back and stop supporting my head against the door. As a result of this, I find myself falling face first on the tiled floor.

This time, a hiss leaves my lips when my forehead once more collides with a hard surface, knocking the breath out of me in an instant.

My head starts spinning.

“ Get up. ” A woman sneers, jabbing at my right shoulder with her boots.

I bite my lower lip to endure the pain and place my palms on the floor to push myself up, but everything starts spinning worse than before. It hits me that I am just a weak human who can’t heal like these monsters, who didn’t eat or drink anything for a while now and who is injured so bad that blood is dripping down from  almost all parts of her own body.

When the reality of life dawns upon me like a ghost whispering in my ear, I feel all energy leaving my body.

Something whispers in me, a new - strange voice that asks me to simply stay down and don’t do anything.

The voice sounds like a part of me, but it’s so different from my own voice. I am compelled to listen to it until I can’t get up no matter how hard I try and until I slip out of consciousness.


I gasp for air, feeling like my lungs are filling up with some warm liquid. It tastes metallic, like the blood I tasted in my own mouth every time I was beaten.

When I fail to breath, fill up my lungs with oxygen, panic builds up. My eyes shoot open, but I can’t see anything. I thrash my arms around, feeling light - warm water all around me

I try to push myself up, but something or someone is holding me down. The hold over my head is so strong that my teeth rattle with the force I use to break free of the hands holding me down.

Just as my lungs start giving up on me, the hand releases me and allows me to resurface from the water.

Sitting up, I pant for air and cough at the same time. Tears leak out of my eyes as I place both my hands on my burning throat.

My eyes move around, trying to find the person who was keeping me down in the water.

My eyes take in the huge bathtub I am currently sitting in and then land on the woman who is standing beside me.

I stop breathing when I look at her. My whole body goes still and everything disappears for a moment.

The familiar pair of velvety - purplish eyes staring down at me, send shivers down my spine. My lips start quivering as she tilts her head, observing me in the same way I am accustomed to.

My lips try to form her name. One of the two names which haunted me for more than five years.

“ Lo - Lorr…” I choke on my breath, tears still streaming down my face.

She is back. I cry out internally. She is back for me again and she will hurt me so bad, I won’t be able to recover this time.

“ Get her out already, Lilith. ” Another female appears in the huge white and Golden bathroom.

The blonde woman addressed her as Lilith, I notice. Closing my mouth, I set my trembling lips in a thin line.

As I look closely, I realise only the eyes match and she is not the person I thought her to be. Lorraine was dead, Elias said so.

“ It was hard waking her up. ” Lilith shrugs her shoulders and turns to glare at me.

“ Get out, Human. Don’t waste our time. ” She scoffs at me, her bored eyes not matching her words at all.

Following her command, I get up and make my way out of the bathtub. My eyes trail down my body which is in a better condition than before. Some of my wounds are still bleeding, but at least I don’t have anyone else’s blood or urine or sweat smeared all over me.

The blonde woman with electric blue eyes grabs my wrist and pulls me behind her. Her hold on my wrist is hard, intended to crush my bones if possible. But, she doesn’t have the right to hurt me deliberately, not before Wolf allows her or anyone to hurt me.

This thought brings me back to the same question. Why did Elias ask me to choose him and what did he mean when he said that Wolf will keep me safe? In all honesty, Wolf seemed worse than the usual monstrous werewolves.

Dripping with water, I let the blonde woman drag me through the corridor with rooms on all sides. There are werewolves passing us leisurely, staring at my naked body and giving me those disgusted looks, they are used to giving humans.

A male scream pierces through the corridor and my feet pause on their way. The voice was so horrendous like the one screaming was in great pain.

Without giving me the time to recover from the shock, the blonde woman uses her force and pulls me towards her.

I yelp, beginning to walk behind her once more. If I want to survive, I have to ignore like I used to do before. I have to ignore all noises, all actions and everything happening around me.

We continue walking down the corridor and enter the main hall where I see a werewolf dragging a male human body away. My mind goes numb as I avert my eyes from the scene.

I can’t watch it, can’t bear it.

The blonde woman hauls me up the stairs and we turn to the right. This side of the huge pack-house is darker and more eerie than all other parts. There are huge vintage paintings hanged on both sides of the wall at intervals. The paintings don’t have any colour other than white and black, I take notice of this as I pass the corridor.

Suddenly, she stops and I stop behind her. She leaves my wrist and raises her hand to knock on the Golden door in front of us.

My heart begins drumming in my ears. Sweat coats my palms and the water on my body has started to dry up, but my hair are still dripping with water and my shoulder is still bleeding unlike my head.

The werewolf woman waits for a moment after knocking on the door before she turns the doorknob and opens the door.

I stand there, dumbfounded. I don’t know what I am supposed to do.

I have been to a pack-house before and I know all the rules, but this is so different because this pack-house is huge and Wolf seems like one of the high ranking werewolves. I am judging this from the way two woman have bathed me to send me here and the way everyone acted around Wolf was also strange. I don’t remember anything like this happening when I was Noah and Lorraine’s slave.

“ Go in. ” The woman hisses at me and I jump in my spot.

I need to recall the way I acted in the captivity and I really need to stop zoning out if I want to survive.

Gulping my saliva and tasing blood in my mouth once more, I make my way inside the lavish room.

My naked body is trembling with fear of what’s coming my way if Wolf doesn’t turns out to be someone my brother painted him to be.

Just as I am inside the room, the blonde woman closes the door behind me. I turn around on my heels, my wide eyes staring at the closed door.

The coldness of the room hits me at once and the odd electricity claws down my spine like some sort of pleasurable sparks.

I turn back and my eyes instantly catch sight of the man standing beside the huge king size bed. He is not looking at me, but seeing him standing there makes my heart jump in my throat.

My eyes trail down his body. He is shirtless, his expected six pack abs peeking back at me. I can’t help, but notice the deep injury on the left side of his waist. Blood is pouring from the wound and he is observing it silently. It’s almost like a chunk of flesh is missing from his side and it doesn’t affects at him at all.

Was it his own blood that was on his face and clothes earlier then?

I gulp and clench my hands into fists. I should trust my brother’s words like always and I should talk to him.

My eyes awkwardly move around the room. The decor is all Golden and white and there is nothing in the room except for a bed, a sofa set and a painting hanging on the back of the bed. From the looks of it, it seems like no one lives in the room.

My eyes land on the Golden eyed man before me and this time, I am completely startled because unlike before, he is standing closer now and he is looking right at me.

I didn’t notice him moving.

In absolute silence, his eyes move down my body. I feel too aware of my own nakedness in this moment. A frown comes up to rest on his forehead, but he still looks harmless like a human and not a werewolf.

This gives me the courage to open my mouth at last. “ My brother - My brother asked me to choose you. ”

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