TGLES #2: Belong To Me

TGLES #2: Belong To Me

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TGLES #2 Caleb Lemiere x Serena Cesantio Caleb Lemiere Having Lemiere as his last name made him quite arrogant in a lot of ways. He's drop dead georgous, rich, smart and not to mention he's so good with sports. Of course, he's surrounded by a lot of girls but he knew that his heart is only belong to one lucky girl. Serena Cesantio She used to be innocent but when someone decided to break her heart, she changed into a whole different person. She changed so much until her family can't handle her anymore. She threw herself into the modelling world and got laid with a lot of guys. She loves being in the spotlight and how boys are kneeling in front of her begging for her.

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Christine Owings
32 chapters 7/30/23
2023-07-30 20:08:11
32 Chapters
Chapter 1
Serena Cesantio1,5 year ago..I opened my eyes slowly and rubbed it to make me get into my sense. I slowly sat up on the bed and turned my head to the left. I saw Caleb still sleeping and I took my phone from my table beside my bed. I checked the clock and put my phone back on the table."Get up!" I smacked his bareback and he slowly moved in his sleep."Caleb! Wake up!" I hissed as I poked him hard."Let me sleep, woman!""It's 10, idiot. Get up before your dad tracks you up." I said and I got up from the bed naked walking towards the bathroom. I took a shower quickly and dried myself quickly because I don't have time to chill around.
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Chapter 2
Serena Cesantio*I decided to restart the story because I didn't like the previous story line*Today is Chase's birthday and I decided to go because I missed last year's birthday to avoid Caleb. I hate to say that I really don't want to go but Chase kept insisting that I have to go. He was upset that I didn't come last year so I don't have any other choice.I walked into the club and found Chase right at the entrance. He was talking to his friends and when he saw me, he immediately smiled. I walked to me and hugged me."Glad that you came." He said and I nodded. I put his present in front of him."Happy birthday big boy." I said and he took his present."Thanks Serena." He said and
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Chapter 3
Serena CesantioMy head hurts a lot and I sit up slowly. I looked down and found that I'm still wearing my clothes. I turned to my left and my eyes widened to see Caleb right beside me. I looked down and I was so glad to see my pants still on.I looked around and my eyes widened. I got off the bed in horror and tried to find my bag. Why can I find my bag? shit! I looked out to the window and shit! I'm in Caleb's house. Oh my god! How can he be an idiot and bring me here?!I saw Caleb's phone right beside him and I reached for it. I took it and put his finger on the button so I can unlock it. Suddenly Caleb got up and turned to me, trapping me in his arms."What the!" My eyes widen."What are you trying to do with my phone?"
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Chapter 4
Serena CesantioI sat in front of my parents and I waited for them to say whatever inside their mind. They looked at each other and my mom let my dad speak first."Serena, me and your mom, as your parents really concern you. We know that it's your choice to have this lifestyle because you're already an adult and I know that you can make your own decision but.. now, we both decided to intervene it." My dad said and I found myself nodding because I think I already went too far.I think it's time for me to grow up and stop acting like a kid."Serena, you need to change. This act of yours is.. very childish." My mom said and I know that she cares for me a lot so I'm not blaming her for saying that to me."I know.. I was hurted.
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Chapter 5
Caleb LemiereI looked all of my paperwork and started to sigh big time. I leaned back to my chair and took my phone checking the messages. As usual, it's full with girls asking me for a date or to mess around. Actually I tried to be with other girls, hanging out with them and messing around with them but I always felt like something was wrong.Even though I have a ton of girls lining up for me somehow they never give me what I want. I don't know why at first but seeing Serena again yesterday made me realize what I really want. She was so beautiful and it made me can't take my eyes from her.When I kissed her, it was because I wanted to. I mean I'm not denying that it was just a magnet pulling us and bullshits like that. It was because I want to. I think I kinda miss screwing around with her, that's why I
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Chapter 6
Serena CesantioI looked at the mirror to check if I still have makeup left on my face. I wiped my face one more time with my makeup remover wipes to make sure that no makeup still attach there. I walked to the toilet and washed up my face. I walked back to my waiting room to change my clothes into a dress because I have an event with my family tonight.I put on a short black halter dress and then I put my new set of makeup on. I hate the weird makeup for the runway earlier so I just decided to erase it and redo it. I put my makeup on and put my high heels on. I sprayed some perfumes on my body and took my clutch with me again.I walked out to the lobby and got into the car. I told my chauffeur to stop at my favorite bakery for a moment because I'm so hungry. I checked my phone and found my mom sent me a pic of tha
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Chapter 7
Serena Cesantio"This is really good.. I never knew that this place existed in New York." I said as I munched my pizza."I can eat this pizza everyday for the rest of my life." He said and I chuckled. I looked up to the sky and sighed."I miss sitting down like this while eating pizza.""Me too. Been so busy with work and I rarely spend time with my family since they're all busy." Darren said and I couldn't agree more."I know this might sound rude but I notice that Caleb doesn't really like me." He said and I chuckled."Ignore him, he's weird.""Weird but you like him right?" I turned to him and he smirked.
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Chapter 8
Caleb LemiereI sat inside my car and yes, I acted like a pathetic man earlier. I don't know what got me acting like but I was acting like a mad man. I closed my eyes and sighed.I admitted that I hurted and 2 years passed without any interaction. I guess I still can't find a girl like her to replace her presence. Today, I've realized how hurt she is because of me. She doesn't even want to be in the same place and even breath the same air."It's always been you.. it's always belonged to you, Serena." I know that I really meant it but I guess giving her more space will be the best decision. I took out my phone and dialed my dad's phone number."Hey dad.. where are you?" I asked."Hey buddy, I'm at t
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Chapter 9
Serena CesantioI have a photoshoot today and my hairstylist is currently doing my hair. I decided to scroll through the news because it's been a long time since I checked what's going on with the world.Politics.. Economy.. Sports and lastly there's a section for us only which is crazy. I clicked on the Gold Lifes section and the first news was 'Where is Caleb Lemiere?', I felt something weird in my heart but I still decided to keep reading the article.The Lemiere have been attending a lot of events lately but there is a question that always pop out from our mind when we see them. Where is Caleb Lemiere? Caleb Lemiere can't be seen since 2 weeks ago and no one knows where he is except his family. We tried to contact the Gold Lifes headquarters to ask about his whereabouts but they never answe
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Chapter 10
Serena Cesantio5 years later..I stretched my arms up and body to wake me up. I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I walked back to my bed and played with my phone. Today is the day where the Gold Lifes will officially open a new company so we will have an event in 3 hours.I got up and walked down to have my breakfast. I took my cereal out and my milk from the fridge. I put it in a bowl and started to check on my social media again."Serena?! How can you be here? Go take a shower!" My mom said when she came downstairs."Chill mom..""The brunch is at 11, Serena. It's 9!" My mom and my eyes widen. I finished my cereal and gave the empty plate to
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