Tales of a vampire

Tales of a vampire

By:  shalen  Ongoing
Language: English
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It is based on the protagonist; Luther, together with his friends, to united the dwellers of the old world and the new world, so they can all live in peace and harmony

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Still not enough views and comments😭😭
2021-01-12 07:48:56
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Author shalen. Your book is awesome. Bravo though. I love the idea, but you're to fast.
2022-04-16 16:35:56
6 Chapters
Chapter 1: Darkness
*Centuries ago, a time where Vampires, sphinx and werewolves lived together in peace, love and harmony, until evil covered the cloud of Transylvania*My name is Luther, I'm a vampire from the old world, I am over 400 years old, I lived in Transylvania, my father was the over Lord (Dracula) my mom was a werewolf (Tania) from Romania (another city where werewolves and other creatures live)  but died 200 years after my younger sisters' birth, her name is Annabelle, she is 300 years old, I was to be dad's successor but everything changed when my father was killed, it was the day of my inauguration, we were ambushed by our own people, sects of disloyal elves and Sphinx, and it all turned out to be that the man behind all the master mind was my father's right hand man who is a sphinx"How could you have done this to me you betrayed me and Transylvania, I gave you everything you ever wanted" dad asked while tears drips off his face"E
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Chapter 2: Disappearance of Linx
It was a Saturday morning, the cloud had began to pour down its tears massively, we assisted our new guardians with the house chores, thus it was allocated to us, I was in charge of cleaning the bed rooms and the sitting room, while Linx was in charge of clearing and harvesting of the fruit, food stuffs and vegetables in the garden, but since it was raining, it was his  day off, Dexter was in charge of laundry, as they have an electric washing machine to ease labour, While Jessy, Anna and Tessy where in charge of cooking, meanwhile Jessy and Tessa had gone to the super market to get some food stuff amidst the rain, while Anna waited for their arrival she was a novice in cooking, she and Tessa still had much to learn about cooking, and also adapt to human lifestyle. Hours later, Jessy and Tessa arrived with the goods they purchased, their clothes were all soaked with water, which washed off the chemical on Tessa's bracelet, but she didn't notice, Mr and Mrs Wilson had left the h
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Chapter 3: Invasion of Romania
I started looking for Linx, but he was no where to be found, moreover, I don't know if he shifted back to his previous form, or he's still in the form I last saw him, I had some bags of blood I took from the hospital, I quickly took a bag secretly, I gulped it all, soon enough I regained my strength, I quickly vamp sped round New York in less than 10 minutes with the aim of looking for Linx, but all was in veinI soon retired home with hope that he had returned, but still no sign of him, where as he gone to? I wondered within, I asked everyone if they spotted Linx, but the answer was still no, I handed over the bags of blood to my fellow vampires"I've long waited for this, hmm smell good, taste awesome" Dexter said while he collected his portion excitedly from me"Disgusting, how do you guys drink human blood, without feeling irritated? Jessy asked turning her face away while we consumed our most precious"Seriously? This is
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Chapter 4: The fall of Romania
General Zoe took on the grand commander, while Dimitri took on Hinge, Obito took on Jace, Trixta took on Toddler, and Cranx took on Greg, while Drex assisted General Zoe in defeating The grand commanderThe grand commander charged up turning towards Drex with another punch, Drex barely managed to intercept the punch but the punch still landed on him, making him bleed through his nostrils, General Zoe used his superhuman wave to blast the grand commander away, Drex left the fight and headed towards to Goddess of Romania (2000 years old fairy), she was the oldest being in Judi realm next to the one above beings Shalen (the creator of Judi realm who is an immortal). The goddess was in her inner chamber while Drex approached her"Well, well, well, what do we have here, I'm gonna make this simple, its either you step down or everything ends in violence and blood shed" Drex said clapping his hands as he made a bargain with the Goddess"End in blood shed you sa
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Chapter 5: Burning desires
****************~THE NEW WORLD~When Jessy opened the door, we were all shocked to see Linx, we thought it was Mr & Mrs Wilson, because they had left very early in the morning and so we expected their arrivalHis eyes were extremely red, we knew that he had drained human blood to his full satisfactionWe didn't say a word to him, neither did he, so I decided to break the silence"Hey Linx, where have you been man? We searched all over New York for you, but no sign of you" I said as I walked towards him and Jessy returned to her seat"Are you retarded? Since when the fvck did you care about that? Get the hell outta  my way" Linx pushed me out of his way, but I resisted"Not so fast, because you are older than me, gives you no right to disrespect you Overlord to be" I said looking him in the eyes"Overlord to be you say huh? Now let's see how you handle my fist" Linx attempted a punch but I held his fist, forgetting the fact th
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Chapter 6:: Back to school
#Flashback#It all happened in Transylvania, my grandfather (Overlord Zoe) who was then the overlord of Transylvania, he had 3 children, Hymas (my father's older brother), my father (Dracula) and Devon (my father's younger brother), their father needed a successor, and in other to do that, he had to set a competition to decide the rightful heir to the throne, he had tested them based on their skills/physical abilities, morals, commitment and interaction with others/leardershipAmongst the tests given were; fighting combat, which Hymas excelled at, they were give the opportunity to rule Transylvania for a year,  which my dad did best, Transylvanians loved him because he was very friendly, and the last tournament was to go into the New world, observe and study the environment for 4years, and bring the report back to the overlord Everyone had gone their separate ways, into the New world, there my dad met a Mortal being, a dweller of Earth Realm, her name wa
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