The Alpha's Arranged Mate

The Alpha's Arranged Mate

By:  Hemme-E  Completed
Language: English
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"Rurac. Ah!.it' good...ah!" Her moans sounded so good like an aphrodisiac, corrupting my senses and riling me up even more. Her voice sounded so erotic and I suddenly felt a huge desire to plunge into her right now. Alyssa He was a Beast. Vicious. Cold. Cruel. Scary. Dominant. Possessive. There wasn't a single bad word that hadn't been used to describe him. My parents had arranged for him to have been mated to my sister. If she hadn't run away that is. And I ended up being his mate. I was only doing it for the pack. Not for my parents, not for myself, not even for Jenny. Just for the pack. But I hadn't expected that things would turn out the way they eventually did, I swear it. Somehow I had begun to respect him. To admire him. To love him. deeply love him. It had not been part of the plan but it wasn't exactly a bad outcome either. In fact it was nice. More than nice. Until Jenny returned. She's confused and angry and upset and hurt. She thinks I betrayed her. She's gone crazy. Now She wants him back.I'm torn. Which is stronger? My love for him or my love for her? Rurac I didn't think I had it in me to fall so madly.That's exactly what had happened with her. I had thought it was just an attraction. Something that would pass with time. But then feelings had gotten involved and before I knew it I'd been completely gone. Jenny came back claiming that she was my mate not Alyssa. She was the Luna of my pack. She was my mate not her crazy sister jenny. But apparently her loyalty was neither with me nor with the pack.

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user avatar
is there a second book with Azrael? I want to see more of him
2023-10-27 21:55:23
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Danielle Tyrrell
This book is so much more than a jealous sister and what the synopsis says. It has so many storyline’s in it and it’s dark and challenging and worth the read.
2023-10-16 17:15:47
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Good but I would appreciate updates more often
2023-08-16 21:34:48
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Amaya Gómez
Got me hooked
2023-07-26 12:50:37
user avatar
Good read ...
2023-07-05 22:03:47
user avatar
I like Rurac, nice book keep up
2023-07-05 21:56:54
76 Chapters
Chapter 1
*ALYSSA*My heart raced, beating faster than was even remotely normal for a werewolf. I could hear them. My parents. They weren't even trying to be silent. They were talking about an arranged mating between my pack and Blue Moon Pack. An arranged mating between the two Alpha families. I tried to even out my breathing before they picked up on it. How could they even be planning something like that?Deciding that I'd heard enough, I walked silently away from their room door. Goosebumps dotted my arm as I began to search for my sister. A new Alpha had recently taken over Blue Moon pack. It had barely been a month but it had apparently been enough for rumours about him to spread like some viral disease. No one had anything nice to say about him.A lot of people had called him vicious. Cold. Cruel. There wasn't a single bad word that hadn't been used to describe him. And my parents were considering mating my sister to him? I couldn't figure out for the life of me why they were even consid
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER TWO*Rurac*My jaws clenched and my hands fisted on their own accord. My gaze drifted from my parents to the Alpha of New Dawn pack. I bit down my anger, shaking my head disappointedly at his words. I was an asshole, but at least I wasn't such a dick to people that actually mattered to me. Not that they were that much. I could count them on one hand.Even if I was trying to see reason with my parents for making such an annoyingly rash decision about my future, I could barely understand why the Alpha and Luna of New Dawn had agreed to it. Other than obviously forming an iron clad alliance. I wasn't an idiot. I knew how people felt about me. I knew what they said. Most times I didn't care. I had my pack's best interest at heart and I've been trained that it was all that mattered. And after considering it, I realized that there was no reason for me to not agree with my parents' decision.They had given me the room to refuse. They never imposed their decision on me and I respecte
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Chapter 3
*ALYSSA*New Dawn wasn't a small pack, but it wasn't that large either. At least compared to packs that I knew of. There was hardly anyone I didn't know or who I didn't at least find familiar. Except the man I'd been in the water with earlier. I didn't know him. And he also wasn't familiar. I would know because I didn't think I could ever forget it if I had crossed paths with him before.He was downright heart stopping.His hair was a dark shade almost like his eyes. I'd never been so attracted to someone's looks. He had an aura of dominance around him that was so natural I was a little taken aback. I hadn't even been able to look him in the eyes for long. There was just something so commanding about him that I couldn't place my finger on.And his speed. How had he been able to run so fast? I'd been the one to challenge him. I had been heartbroken that my sister had not wanted to speak to me and I had really needed to take the steam off. I was the one person Jenny never turned away fr
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Chapter 4
*Alyssa*I couldn't believe it. Of course, it explained why he seemed unfamiliar to me, I couldn't believe that I had already met with the Alpha of the blue moon pack, a man known for his cruelty and coldness. As I thought back to when we met I realized that I should have figured it out sooner, I could sense his domineering aura and something in him attracted my wolf for a reason. My wolf could sense he had a strong prowess and the essence of a cold and domineering leader but I had neglected that feeling and only focused on beating him in the run, due to my competitiveness.I sat quietly across my soon-to-be mate, I was asked to exchange pleasantries which I did obediently. I could sense his gaze on me as my father spoke to him about matters that I decided were non of my concern and only sat quietly in hopes that it all to come to an end soon. I made sure to keep an indifferent look on my face when we exchanged glances so he wouldn't get any ideas that I would be a meek mate. I uni
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Chapter 5
*Alyssa*I woke up to a bright sunny day, I looked out my window and took notice of the bright blue sky outside. On days like this, I'd smile and roll over on my bed, but today I felt gloomy. Not only am I going to be leaving my pack but I am also not going to be able to see my sister again. I wondered how she was doing. Where she was? And all I can do at the moment is to lay quietly on my bed and see what fate throws at me next.With that in mind, I let my thoughts wander back to what had happened the night before. I had indirectly asked Rurac to leave on purpose, I truly wanted to be alone. That feeling I got when we were too close to each other was something I couldn't apprehend, I choose to believe it was because of the emotional rollercoaster I'd been going through but then I couldn't stop thinking about that moment with him.I genuinely thought I'd be repulsed by his presence but I found myself getting attracted to him at the pond and I couldn't get the feeling of being close to
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Chapter 6
*Rurac*I closed the door behind her, respecting her privacy. I loosened up my shirt before taking off my golden Rolex watch and shoes. I heard the bathroom door open and turned to see Alyssa wrapped up in my towel, she had her gaze fixated on the ground; 5 feet away from where she stood.She slowly walked to the dressing table and moved her hair beautifully to the side; I looked at her shoulder lustfully. Her milkish skin called to me. I couldn't help but wish for the ability to magically get rid of the towel, so I'd be able to see all of her."Let's complete the mating ritual now" she spoke up. After some minutes, I got behind her. I placed my hand to rest on her hip and greedily took in a lung full of her delicious lemon grape scent. I looked at her reflection in the mirror, she had her eyes closed in anticipation of what is to come. I placed kisses on her shoulder and felt her shiver from my advances, I slowly and carefully grazed my fangs on the sensitive area right before sinkin
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Chapter 7
*Alyssa*I woke up the next morning feeling quite refreshed. I raised my hand above my head in a stretch and yawned wildly. I blinked simultaneously to clear up my clouded eyes and soon I was able to see my environment pretty clearly. I thought back to last night and my smile quickly faded, Rurac hadn't consummated our mating. He backed off last minute.I remembered his words to me "I'll take you when I am finally able to win your heart, mind and soul. Once I have those three, I'll finally take your body too" and with that; he left me there. Wide spread on the bed. And that's what had happened last night, I was relieved that he had a soft side to him and he didn't want to touch me until he could finally win over my heart.But the thing is, he won't ever be able to win my heart. I could tell he was a nice person, I just hoped he could be a faithful mate. He was unknowingly challenging the effects of our mating bond, by taking on this challenge; he would have to fight his hunger for me
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Chapter 8
*Alyssa*I had to", "You had to? You are the Alpha. When your pack members make a mistake they should feel free to speak to you about it and expect to be forgiven but your only means of punishment is death. They are werewolves, your pack. What kind of Alpha are you" I knew my words greatly annoyed him, but I said it loud and clear without holding back. I stared challengingly into his eyes and suddenly, he came onto me. His hand was on my neck, but he wasn't strangling me. He pinned me down onto the bed and hovered above me with his eyes blazing with anger."You need to watch your tongue Alyssa. Don't forget, you also broke two of my rules last night and I couldn't resist punishing you right here right now", "What are you gonna do? Kill me? Just how you killed those two werewolves?" I didn't back down, I kept my gaze fixated in his eyes waiting for him to make a move. I could feel his anger but I couldn't care less."Yes, that's exactly what I am going to do to you." Really? He was goi
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Chapter 9
*Rurac*I wondered who could have barged into my room and touched Alyssa. I could feel her uneasiness from miles away but I'm not willing to come home yet. I had to find out which one of the rouge werewolves did this to her, they dared to touch my mate. Oh, it's hell on them.I shifted to my werewolf form and got down from the huge rock I had climbed to find a clue of their hideout, I knew of their intentions but I didn't know they had a leader and an organization. I only found out about it today, and whoever it was that came to Alyssa; I had a feeling it was their leader. His aura lingered in my room even after he disappeared and I knew the aura of a leader when I sensed it. That must also be the reason Alyssa didn't realize he was an intruder.I ran down the slippery hill and dashed into the woods on the track of a scent I had picked. I ran and ran as fast as I could and the scent kept getting stronger and stronger, after a while I slowed down and steadily peaked out from my hiding
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Chapter 10
*Alyssa*I couldn't believe he had just refused me. Who the f*ck did he think he is? How dare he? He could've at least asked why I wanted to leave or how urgent the situation was that I needed to leave the pack.I groaned in anger before running back upstairs, I went up to my room and closed the door with a loud bang. I thought back to what had happened earlier, I had unblocked Jenny and saw that she had gone online just this morning. That meant that she was most definitely back home and I just wanted to see her at least once. But that annoying mate of mine just had to crush my hopes of seeing her into dust.I wondered why he had to refuse, then walked to the dressing table and picked up my phone. I went online on WhatsApp to see that she was online at the moment, I sent her dozens of texts and she read them but didn't reply or even try to. I tried calling her over and over again, but she didn't pick up; it seemed like she was ghosting me now. I angrily dropped my phone on the bed and
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