15-Silver Creek Beta

Emmett’s POV

“Cameron,” Luca did not resist the bro hug Cameron offered. “Good to see you, man!”

“Hey, like I said on the phone, I really appreciate the confidence, I won’t let you down,” Cameron’s smile is perfect. It’s infuriating. “Hi, I’m Cameron.”

He holds his hand out to me. I want to crush it and make Luca choose another less good-looking Beta.

“Hello,” I shake his hand and look to Luca. I was polite enough to not only resist hugging someone, I introduced him as my mate.

“Cameron, this is my mate, Emmett. We spoke about,” Luca wasn’t as proud as I wanted him to be. He actually kept his voice low, like he wanted only Cameron and Zach to know who I am to him.

“Yes,” Cameron also lowers his voice. “Nice to meet you, Luna.”

Zach seems to pick on the tension, and lowering of voices. And Zach is not one to put up with such things. He gives me a look that I read as, he’s about to fabulous this meeting. I smirk back, waiting to see what he comes up with.

“Emmett, we have to talk, we ne
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