2- Luca Lopez

Luca’s POV

“Work harder!” I tell my warriors. “It’s not easy to win, you have to have the will to win. See the whole picture. Hips, shoulders, ankles. See what your opponent is going to do, then go in for the kill.”

We train to kill here at Silver Creek. The most badass wolves come from here. My Aunt Kass is so badass, she kills Lycans for breakie.

My Uncle Taylor, her twin, is Beta to my Dad and, for real, he’s deadly. Uncle Taylor is mated to my Uncle Cliff. Cliff is originally from Blood Moon, so he came here knowing how to fight. They make a great Beta Team. My mom calls them relationship goals, whatever that means.

I take down six of my warriors and barely break a sweat.

“Geez, Luca, calm down. Since you got your wolf, you have been a beast,” Uncle Taylor smiles and winks. “Starting to think you got a little Byatt in there somewhere.”

“Did you just wink at the Alpha?” Uncle Cliff pops Uncles Taylor’s butt.

“It was friendly, but if I get popped every time I do that, I’ll do it again,” Uncle Taylor is such a flirt with his mate. Before they kiss and get all lost in one another. I back away.

I go to get cleaned up for the day. Only two more months of Alpha training and I will take over for my dad.

When I walk into the kitchen to grab food, my dad has my mom on the countertop, thankfully, both of them have their pants on, but the placement of their hands tells me that is not going to last long.

“Hey, hey, hey, public kitchen!” I say. “Take it to the office or bedroom.”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s see how you are when you meet your mate!” My dad, Alpha James Lopez, smiles at me. My mom, Luna Erin McConnell-Lopez, hops off the counter.

“How did training go?” She asks me, her red hair falling to just below her shoulders.

“Taylor wonders if I have a little Byatt in me,” I laugh.

Dad hates it when his Beta claims me as a Byatt.

“You fight like me; you are a Lopez. I’m just as good as Taylor. Hell I’m better.” Dad takes a beer out and slides it to me.

“Want to see if you are better than me?” I smile.

“What brought this on?“ dad asks.

“Pat fought his dad, and mom. I don’t think I need to take mom down, but you,” I raise my eyebrows. “I just feel like it’s a respect thing. The pack respects Pat, because he took down both parents. I feel like as the second born, I need to show the pack, I’m not to be challenged.”

Dad is thinking. At mom’s old pack the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma have to fight for their positions. My cousin, Patrick, had to take on both his parents, since his mom’s title is Alpha Luna. Aunt Kass is no one’s subordinate, she is a badass from way back.

“You don’t need to fight your mom, maybe your Luna will want to?” Dad shrugs and mom laughs. My mom is pretty badass herself. “But, you want to challenge me? Okay. Tomorrow morning in private, we shall see what ya got.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“James?” Mom looks worried. “I don’t like it! Brings up bad memories.”

Mom looks pale. Dad had to kill his own father, since my grandfather became a traitor. It was heartbreaking for my dad and scary for my mom, since she watched. Dad killed grandpa and then killed Aunt Kass and Uncle Taylor’s dad, as well. Both were plotting to kill my mother, who was carrying my sister at the time. It was before me. I’m their youngest and only son.

My sister, Nan, is mated to the Alpha of Ridge Edge. It’s a mid-size pack, on the border between what is consider the East and West of Wolferton. She and I get along, but she is not the warmest of wolves. Reminds me of my Uncle Edward. He is only warm to Kass and sometimes his children.

“Tomorrow morning to submission?” I ask, causing mom to pale more.

“Fine,” Dad nods and I turn to leave.

Once I’m at the desk in my room, I call Patrick who answers quickly.

“Sup, little cousin?” Patrick asks. His mate, Marie Wallace a Princess at a pack about 90mins away, is in frame.

“LUCA!” Marie screams.

I was a visitor of her sister Shay many, many times before Shay and her twin, Sara, mated to a human realm Alpha about 2 months ago.

“Hey, so, I’m going to fight my dad for the title. Any advice?” I say.

“Can you get to Blue Mountain?” Patrick asks.

I check my watch, it’s only 9 so I could.

“Yeah, why?”

“Because my dad is the only wolf who ever defeated your dad,” Marie answers.

I nod. “Pat, did your mom beat him?”

Pat laughs, “Not after they broke the siren call. Your dad is a beast.”

Aunt Kass is part siren and when they were teenagers, she and my dad had a weird bond. That they broke, before anyone had kids.

“Okay, I’ll call Alpha Liam,” I thanked them and called Alpha Liam. “Hey, Sam.”

“Luca, what up man?”

“Is your dad around?”

“Sure, bud. Dad, Luca is calling.”

“To what do I own the pleasure?” Alpha Liam asks, coming into frame.

“I am challenging my dad, tomorrow, to submission. You are the only wolf to ever beat him, any pointers?”

Liam looks in thought, and then lists all of dad’s weak spots. He talks me through several moves, and I take notes.

“Want to come here this afternoon, practice on Sam?” Liam offers.

“If it’s not too much of a problem,” I answer.

“Not at all, see you in a couple of hours.”

The drive up the mountain is amazing. Cliff drives me. I don’t drive. Never have. Not really a car guy. We take the SUV.

Something in me, is begging me to stop by Mountain Peak. I don’t know what, but something is pulling me. I don’t have time to get sidetracked. We drive to Blue Mountain and meet Liam, Sam and Ike, Sam’s twin, at the training circle.

They show me the moves Liam talked about and we practice. They are amazing fighters. They help me with my confidence, as well. Cliff and Liam talk war stories and joke around.

“I really appreciate this, guys” I tell them.

“Hey, Luca, want to have dinner with us,” Alexis Wallace, Marie’s twin and a hot little she-wolf, bats her eyes at me. Had I not been hot and heavy with her sister, Shay, I might have stayed and hit that.

“Not tonight, big day tomorrow and I need get some rest.” I answer. Cliff rolls his eyes, already knowing he is going to wait outside of the car, while I get laid. I am trying to be good here.

“Then, how about I walk you to your car?” Alexis is 17, hot as hell, but I mean, I was tapping her sister.

“Sure,” I give in, realizing I’m playing a losing hand. She knows I’m a horny Alpha. Cliff has already resigned himself to what is about to happen.

I grab a condom from my dashboard, and she lets the seats down in the back of my SUV.

“Let’s drive up the mountain a bit,” she suggests. She puts a fishing pole and tackle box in the back. I’m guessing for Cliff. He drives where she points.

“You sure about this?” I ask.

Alexis caresses my chest and slips her hand into my workout shorts. I’m rock hard at her touch.

“Yes, I’m sure.” She strokes me a few times and pulls her lips to mine.

Alexis tastes like chocolate and clearly knows how to handle a man’s erection.

We move the party to the back seat and damn, she has one fine pussy. I hear Cliff whistling and mindlink him, when I don’t hear him anymore. He’ll stay away, until I mindlink him again.

I turn my focus to Alexis and try not to focus on how much like my cousin's mate she looks. She tastes as good as she smells.

Once she is wet, I put on the condom and pound, her like a Sunday chicken. It’s rough, fast and brutal. I am not worried about getting her off, since I ate her out and she got off that way. This is about me, and fuck, am I close.

“Luca, goddess, yes,” Alexis screams, as I’m about to, we’ll there it is.

I ride it out and I pull her to me, for some aftercare. No one should take a pounding like that without, at least, a little cuddle.

“You took that like a champ,” I say, as we catch our breath.

“I like it a little rough,” she pants. “That was just the right amount of rough.”

“If you ever want another round, just say when,” I smirk at her.

“Does every pounding come with a cuddle?” She asks, looking at me.

“It does,” I smirk.

“Got another condom?”

“You bet,” I reach up front and grab two more, just in case.

I’m glad I grabbed two, because Alexis is almost as insatiable as Shay.

I am finally on my way home and, again, I feel like I need to pull into Mountain Peak, but I don’t. Tomorrow is Saturday and I need to be up early.

Tomorrow, I will take on my dad.

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