The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son

The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son

By:  K.B  Completed
Language: English
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Derrick Mendes is the resident bad boy that everyone warns Jordie about. But it doesn't stop Jordie from wanting and falling for the Bad Boy anyways. Despite being the town sheriff’s son, his heart leads him into uncharted territory and no amount of warning is about to keep him away from Derrick. Jordie can't imagine his life without him. As their forbidden attraction deepens, Jordie must confront the expectations of being a good kid and the risks of loving someone who lives on the edge. Duty or love when faced with a decision that could change his life forever?

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blue fish
nice book, good
2024-01-08 01:23:11
55 Chapters
first meeting
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 1: first meeting .Jordan Smith sighed deeply as the alarm clock beeped insistently next to his ear. The groan that escaped his lips was needed when he reached out slamming his hand down on the off button before rolling onto his back. His mouth tasted like ass when he licked his lips and sat up with a groan. Monday’s were the worst. It was the start of the week and he sighed deeply when he looked out of the window to see a cloudy day. January was also the worst month and he grumbled under his breath when he climbed out of bed to pull on his clothes. He missed the warmth of a hot Californian summer.He pulled on a black t-shirt before pulling on one of his many plaid shirts to go over it and his jacket for layers. His jeans fit him snugly when he stood looking in the mirror, his grown out hair a mess when he carded a hand through it, and he shrugged his shoulders letting it be.
Jordan hummed when he ran downstairs jumping down the last th
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help from him
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 2: help from him.He sighed deeply pressing his forehead to the window before getting in, heading to the grocery store to get the milk, and heading home. His jeans were damp when he got into smell the food his dad was cooking.“Hey kiddo,” his dad called him to him when he walked in and put the milk in the fridge. “How was school?”“Hell, I quit,” Jordan answered honestly heading into the living room. “School should be illegal and today was crap. I hate everything.”The Sheriff contemplated him as he stood leaning against the door. “Burger and fries in ten minutes?”“Did you use the burgers I got?”“Yes,” he replied with a sigh. “The healthier kind.”“It sounds good,” he admitted lying back and kicking his feet up. It sounded like the best thing in the world right now when he turned the television on and chose to relax. The chance encounter with Derrick left him tingly and on edge when he thought back over it feeling embarrassed and curiou
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the thought of him
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 3: the thought of him .“Get in the car,” Derrick ordered circling around it and getting in as Jordan scrambled to get inside. He looked around, his amber brown eyes looking dark in the dim light, and his posture speaking nervousness and confusion.“Why are you out walking around?”“Whatever happens in Beacon Hills? The last murder was over a year ago and no one is going to come near me and attempt rape now are they?” he muttered opening the cap and sniffing it gingerly. Derrick watched out of the corner of his eye when Jordan knocked it back with a big gulp before gagging. The snort of laughter escaped him before he realised and frowned staring forward.“Hey! It’s strong and who the hell buys vodka straight?!” Jordan demanded looking at him. “Are you taking me home?”“Yes, I don’t want to be arrested for soliciting a minor with a bottle of vodka. You might want to slow down,” Derrick answered watching him drink it like water.“You’re the
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pool of interest
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 4: pool of interest .Jordan’s eyes burned when he stare at the laptop screen and sighed deeply as he tossed his head back to stare at the ceiling. It was tiring and he pouted looking into his drawer to find the stashed bottle of vodka and pulled it out to see it still empty. The small part of him wishing it was full died and he stared out of the window feeling that itch of boredom and loneliness. It had been four days since he last saw Derrick and he wanted to find him again. It was difficult when they didn’t know each other and he couldn’t just walk up and say hello like a normal person.It wasn’t like he could talk to anyone about this and his best friend was no help at all at the moment. His little “love story” was up and going and it all started when Shawn crashed into her by accident and books went everywhere. Hands brushed, eye contact was shared, and Jordan gagged throughout the whole story when Shawn recited it with heart eyes.
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being desirable
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 5: being desirable .“I wasn’t meant to be born into the world sexy and desirable…not like you,” Jordan murmured giving him a sidelong glance.“Me?”“Don’t be naïve, you know how you look! You have all the girls and hell even some of the guys falling for your ass because you’re gorgeous and hot and act all mysterious and angry. You’re the hottest guy here,” Jordan ranted and stopped feeling his cheeks flush with colour when he realised what his mouth had spouted out. “Oh my god, ignore that, please ignore that.”“I don’t think I want to,” Derrick murmured softly leaning forward and into his personal space.“I’m drunk, so, so drunk, and you smell so good,” Jordan muttered and cursed his mouth, his words, and everything he held dear to look at his lips. “It’s nice, musky, but not overwhelming like – like in your face and choking me. It’s so good and your mouth looks awesome.”“Stiles, shut up,” Derrick murmured meeting his eyes.“I told you
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almost caught
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 6: almost caught .Jordan’ dreams were a mixture of nightmares and something hidden when he attempted to claw his way to consciousness. He knew something was wrong and forced his eyes open feeling warm but his head protested something fierce along with his bladder. There was also something warm and solid next to him when he looked over his shoulder to see Derrick fast asleep. The place was dark apart from the street lights outside lighting the place enough for him to see.“Oh my god,” he breathed as he sat up and groaned despite his protesting head. “Oh shit!”“Oh this is not happening! This can’t be happening,” Jordan hissed picking up his fallen cell phone to see two missed phone calls from Shawn and his dad, two messages from his dad asking him where he was. It also informed him it was seven thirty and his bladder was protesting awfully. He hurried away to the bathroom staring into the bowl as he pissed and massaged his temples.Jorda
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see what’s happening here
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 7: see what’s happening here .Jordan Smith was never the self-conscious type but going to school that Monday with nothing to hide them with people stared. In the end he told Shawn he went to a bar using his fake ID and slept over at the strange guys house. It gained a telling off from Shawn who scolded him for being stupid. He kept the truth with him and he liked that. It was his secret to bear and he slapped at Anna’s fingers when she poked at them that lunchtime.“Tramp stamp,” she said with a smirk. “He did his number on you, are you going to see him again?”“Hopefully,” Jordan muttered stroking his hand over his neck and checking his phone for the hundredth time that day to see if he texted him back. There was no luck and he sighed deeply pocketing it.“Are you ever going to tell me who it was?” Shawn questioned staring at Anna instead of him.“Who? Jordan’s new guy,” a new voice said and Jordan looked up when Laura Myers appeared li
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hot then you are cold
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 8: hot then you are cold .Derrick turned his head to the side and stroked his fingers over the mark Jordan had left him with a small sigh. It was red with a hint of purple and it would stand out for days until it faded. It had already raised questions within Demi and his group. Ella had been curious and prodded him about who the man or woman was whilst Ian and Boyd remained unaffected for the most part. How could he tell them that he got drunk with a seventeen year old before they drunkenly made out and he gave him a blow job? It wouldn’t be the easiest conversation to have with them. It had been four days since he saw him last and his cell phone had blown up with texts from him.Derrick responded back to him when he wanted to of course but they were short, almost snappy in words, and he didn’t know how to face him, not yet. His thoughts were distracted from him when the front door opened and Demi walked in looking troubled and confused
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algebra helps with a heartbreak
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 9: algebra helps with a heartbreak .The music was still blasting when he walked in to get changed and he sighed deeply shredding his clothes and pulling out the drawer under his bed. He pulled on everything black from his jeans, his t-shirt, and leather jacket.The bar wasn’t full when he got there but there was the regulars dotted around. They stared at him, the men watched him, the women whispered, and each one of them held their own opinion. It was funny really. They saw what he wore, his car, and what he did of a night and a weekend and he was the bad guy. Derrick grinned at the women sitting in the corner watching him with narrowed eyes. He ordered three vodka shots and downed them all enjoying the burn. In the end though it didn’t get Jordan’s eye’s out of his head, the scent of his deodorant, his lips pink and kissable and the marks on his neck from no one else but him.He was relieved when the doors blew open revealing Ella weari
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shampoo and a mix of berries
The Bad Boy and The Sheriff’s Son.Chapter 10: shampoo and a mix of berries .The branches whipped at him when he ran through the woods, the scent of ash and burning wood filling his nostrils when he ran away from it. Their screaming echoed in his ears when his feet hit the ground, the branches cracking, the leaves crackling, and he felt sick. Every time he turned he could see it, the fire roaring through his childhood home, the screams of his family burning inside there and doing nothing to get them out. There was a tugging at his hand when he turned to stare at it before looking up to see Laura staring at him, her eyes expressionless, her lips a pale blue, and pain written into her features.“It’s your fault,” she whispered over and over again so it slammed into him when he ripped his hand away running. “It’s your fault, Derrick! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!”Her screaming echoed in his ears when he tripped falling to the ground only to open his eyes breathing hard and instead of seeing
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