The Collateral (Possessive Mafia)
The Collateral (Possessive Mafia)
Author: ClaynelJ

Ch1 - 21st Birthday

It was dark and pouring outside when Marianne arrived at the street near their house, and she was soaking wet. Mariane noticed from the outside that they didn’t have light. At first, she thought it was just a blackout, but as she went through other houses, only theirs had no lights, which made her sigh exasperatingly.

‘Oh, God. Our electricity has been cut out again. Maybe mom did not pay the bills.’ 

Mariane slowly opened the door entrance, afraid she might wake them up. Mariane got surprised when she saw her mother, Anastacia Ramos, holding a cupcake she bought from the mini grocery in front of their house. She chuckled when she saw the candle they always use when they don't have electricity. Anastacia put the candle on top of the cupcake and almost smashed it because it was huge enough for the cupcake.

“Oh, alright… I’ll just hold it.” Anastacia chuckled. “Come here, baby. Make a wish and blow your candle.” Her mom smiled at her.

She closed her eyes to make a wish. “I wish to have a better life with my mom,” she thought before blowing out her candle.

Mariane and Anastacia laughed after realizing that they didn’t have a light and it was too dark. Anastacia immediately lit the candle again.

“I’m sorry, dear. I have not paid for the electricity yet.” She said apologetically.

“It’s alright, mom. I have- what happened to your face?” She looked at her mom with a bright smile, but Mariane’s smile faded and turned to a frown when she noticed the bruises on her mother’s lips. She was about to caress her bruise, but Anastacia won’t let her. A rage suddenly urged into her.

‘It’s probably dad. He’s always hitting mom. And I hate him.’

“Did he hit you again?” Mariane asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry about this. It’s nothing,” Anastacia said and smiled, reassuring her daughter that everything was alright.

But Mariane did not buy it. “Why has he always been like that to you?” She was mad and disappointed.

Her mom was too kind to fight with her dad. And she can’t even leave him. ‘Argh. I hate what I am seeing now.’ Mariane clenched.

“Where is he?” Mariane asked.

“Hey… It’s your birthday, remember? Let’s just forget about this. I don’t want to spoil the mood. We should celebrate your birthday.” Anastacia cheered her up.


“No more buts, dear. I want us to celebrate your birthday. So forget about this and let’s have dinner. I’m starving,” Anastacia said as she slowly pushed her into their dining area.

“But you’re wet. Maybe change your clothes first. I’ll prepare the table.” Anastacia said.

They stopped at the door in front of their room. Mariane stared at her mother and sighed. ‘Probably dad beat her because mom did not give him money. My poor mom… He’s always thinking of mom as his punching bag.’ Mariane thought and sighed in defeat.

She took out her wallet to get some money. Luckily, she got tips from her workplace.

“Here, take this. I think this is enough to pay for the electricity.” Mariane gave her mom the money, but her mom shook her head and refused to receive the money.

“No. Don’t give that to me. You should keep it. I don’t want your father to find out that you have money. You know him.” Anastacia reminded her.

“Alright… Then give me the disconnection notice, and I will pay for it myself.” Mariane told her.

Anastacia sighed in defeat and agreed to what she had just said. “Alright… Alright… I’ll give it to you later. Now, change your clothes, honey. Before, you’ll catch a cold,” she reminded her.

Mariane went to their room and changed her clothes.

Mariane and her family were informal settlers who lived in a small house, but it was not theirs. They just rented it at the lowest price. Their house has one bedroom, where the three of them sleep together. As you entered their house… there was a small living room with two wooden chairs. The other chair was long and could occupy three people. The other chair was suitable for one person only. A few steps from the living room were the dining area and dirty kitchen. They don’t have a CR inside and only use the common CR nearby.

Mariane’s mom, Anastacia, came from a wealthy family, but when she got pregnant, her parents disowned her. As they don’t want Diego for her. And that Mariane’s dad. But now, Mariane gets why they don’t like her dad. Simply because Diego was irresponsible, even until now. Her dad became addicted to gambling. Every day, Diego went home drunk. And beats her mom to a pulp, especially whenever he loses.

“Mariane, are you done changing your clothes?” Anastacia asked.

“Let’s have dinner before the food gets cold,” she added.

Mariane went out and saw her sitting on the chair already. She stood up and pulled the chair for her. “Sit right here,” Anastacia said and smiled.

They ate dinner happily and peacefully together before someone interrupted their dinner. Mariane jolted as she heard someone kick the door open. 

“Was it dad?” Mariane turned her eyes to the door, waiting for the person who interrupted their meal. ‘Will he beat my mom again?’ She clenched at her thought.

“Your dad will not kick our door. He may be violent towards me, but he never broke things inside our house.” Anastacia said, which made Mariane frown.

‘Who could it be, then?’ She wondered.

“Mom, stay right behind me,” Mariane instructed her mom as she stood up.

Mariane took a knife from the kitchen. Before she went to their living room. She looked at their broken door and the man standing at the entrance.

Marian looked up as the man was tall, and she was just below his shoulders. He’s handsome. Grayish eye color, with growing stables, which made him look like her idol from Hollywood, Zac Efron.  He was wearing a three-piece suit that made him look more dazzling. Mariane shook her head. 'Get on your feet, Marian. He's an intruder. You should be mad and not drool over him.' She reminded herself.

“Who are you?!” Mariane pointed the knife toward him, but he seemed unbothered.

“What do you want from us?! How dare you break our door.” Mariane glared at the guy as she gnashed her teeth, but the guy in front of her smirked.

He even put his hands inside his pockets and shrugged. "Don't worry. I will pay for the damage,” he said as he glanced at the broken door beside him.

“Did your father inform you?” he asked, which made Mariane frown in confusion.

‘Inform? About what? He was talking to me as if we knew each other. Did he know me?’ Mariane wondered.

“My father was not here. And I don’t know what you are talking about. If you have business with him, go tell him yourself. Maybe he’s in the gambling den by now. So, please get out now before I stab you with my knife.” She warned him, but he just chuckled.

“I did not come for him. I came for you,” he said.

‘This guy is getting on my nerves. Who is he? Why did he come for me?’ She wondered.

The guy seemed to read her mind, and he spoke.

“Mariane Ramos, who just turned twenty-one now. I came here to give you a present,” he said.

Mariane was astounded by what he just said.“Do I know you? How did you know my name and my birthday? Who are you?”

“Me? Well, I am David Cruz. And I am your husband.” Her eyes widened in surprise.

“Husband?! Are you nuts? I don’t even have a boyfriend. How come I became your wife?” She asked in disbelief.

"I own you now, Miss Mariane Ramos."  He showed the agreement paper with her father's signature.

Mariane took the paper and read the agreement letter David gave her. Even Anastacia was confused about what was happening. How dare her husband bargained her daughter to a stranger… Just for what? Money? Just to fill his vices?

"Your father made you be his collateral to pay off his debt to me." He said, which made her and her mother stunned.

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