The Darke King- The Broken Immortals Book One

The Darke King- The Broken Immortals Book One

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Seeking out a mysterious woman who came to him in a vision, Daniel Darke is transported to the supernatural realm. Despite being one of Earth's most horrible warlocks, he is welcomed into the North Woods as a trusted friend and protector. After meeting his soulmate, Rosemary, it is discovered she is pregnant with the child of the man who assaulted her on Earth. Worried that Daniel will not be able to love her and her child, Rosemary rejects him and runs away. Vowing to give Rosemary and her baby the life they deserve, Daniel takes back the kingdom of his ancestors. When the father of the true heir returns to take back what belongs to him, Daniel embarks on a dark and ruthless mission to stop him and protect his new family.

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Wonderful start to the story , can't wait to read further ~
2021-05-13 13:29:10
34 Chapters
"Did you actually believe that there was any secret that I wouldn't know about? I can see through your mind young witch." The Emperor had found out about Daniel's treachery and was about to make him pay. He suspected Daniel was conflicted about his orders, so he had him followed. When it was reported back to the Emperor that Daniel had taken his mother to a secret location, he sent men to abduct her as Daniel was sent on another mission. 
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"Why did you bring me here? How did you know where I’d be?" The new smell of crisp autumn air blew through the open windows while Daniel walked beside Nicholas as he looked over the murals and statues that lined the halls of the main building. This clean, untainted world of new scents and colors was overload to Daniel's senses. Everywhere he turned, it was like a new beginning. An amused smirk curled up on the old warlock's mouth as he held out his hand to usher Daniel down another hall where the family
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"This is a bastard sword. It's long enough to keep your enemy at distance and short enough to be worked with ease in battle. This blade is to be your shadow now. It is part of you like your arm or your leg." Presenting the newly forged steel to Daniel, Agamori unsheathed the sword and showed him the spell inscribed on the broad side. "This is elven steel. There is no better metal for a sword, I assure you. It is blessed with the spell of glory and through this enchantment, you will conquer all that stand against you. Father does not give a gift like this haphazardly, Daniel, this is a rare gift and I hope that you appreciate what
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"I'm so very sorry, please forgive my rudeness, sir." The young red-haired woman accidentally brushed against Haldir in the pub that evening as she tried to navigate her way through the drunk and noisy crowd without being too much of a bother. The handsome blonde Norwegian with a bushy beard looked up from his conversation and glanced over his shoulder. She was a beautiful girl with an aura of purity and kindness, definitely not an Earth born witch and certainly didn't belong in a place like this. "Not a problem child. Be careful walking home, it's a bad moon tonight."
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"Just ahead through the clearing." The quick hoof steps against the forest floor beat out a rhythm like a drummer going to war as Nicholas and his sons closed in on the gentle king's lands.
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"I'm coming." Rosemary looked herself over in the mirror and then walked to her door. Everyday she hoped it would be Daniel to knock at her door, but then again, it filled her with anxiety and fear. Nicholas stood cross armed before her when she answered the door. "You've been home nearly a month, my dear. Don't you think it's time for you to rejoin the world?" Standing aside to let h
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"I thought they were going to kill you. I don't think I've ever been so scared of anything." As Nicholas rode off, Daniel turned his forehead back to Rosemary's leg and balled her hand up in his against his lips. Unwrapping her finger from his big hand, Rosemary pointed it into his chin, and he glanced up at her finally. "I'm fine thanks to you Daniel. That was amazing. I had no idea you could do those things." 
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The Raven cawed and sliced through the crisp Autumn breeze as it flowed into the city from the sea. Agamori shielded his eyes from the sun and looked up as the bid flew overhead and made for the Great Hall. “Looks like we may have a new job to do.” The importance of the message could be known from the bird that carried it, so whatever the content, it must be great to have a bird of such intelligence tasked with delivering it. But all Daniel could think of was the day it arrived for Rosemary. The guilt of it never far from his heart.
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“No! Please don’t!” Daniel leaped from his bed before his eyes were even opened and he couldn’t remember how he got to Rosemary’s side when he reached her. Everything was a terrifying blur of panicked screams and rage and his heart pounding in his ears as he threw his arms around her and pulled Rosemary close to him in the dark corner of her room she was huddled into.“Just a dream, nothing more. Just a dream.” Her sweaty back was wet under his fingers as Daniel crossed his arms then slid his hand to the back of her head and cradled Rosemary against his shoulder.
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As the dim morning light crossed her body in the full-length mirror, Rosemary looked down over herself while the now too tight silken gown she wore stretched across her abdomen and the panic started to set in. The ringing in her ears was only drowned out by the sounds of her own sniffling as she sucked back the tears coming from her burning eyes. She thought that she must be imaging things, it wouldn’t be the first time since this all happened that her eyes and mind deceived her. She still had nightmares that she swore were real the way she could still smell the alcohol on her attacker’s breath and the stink of the alley he
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