The Darkest Alpha

The Darkest Alpha

By:  Emaa  Completed
Language: English
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What's worse more ! is that you are sold to a possessive and dark alpha, or that your father is the one who sold you and put you in this predicament. I do not know how I will survive all this, but I never gave up...

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Samantha Battles Prosser
I loved this book. it has a few places that needs editorial in it. All and all a good read. I love the fly swatter and carpet beater. it has times you laugh and times your on the edge of your seat. a very good read. loved it.
2023-11-19 12:14:06
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There is a lot to like about this story, it could be interesting but the translation is not working. Author needs a better translator to help with phrasing that works in the English language. Too many non-sensical phrases that seem like literal translations. It makes it difficult to read. Good luck.
2023-11-17 10:05:43
123 Chapters
Chapter 1
"You can't do that!" I looked at my father full of hatred and I could hear him clearly in my voice. Anger graced me as well, and no one could miss it.He sat in a chair behind his desk and laughed mockingly. He enjoyed having the upper hand and doing me this torment. This man was the pure sadist."You do what I tell you. It's decided and you have no choice. Basically, it's none of your business." I had been standing in the middle of the room and took two steps to be right in front of his desk. That way I could glare at him better, which is why it was more articulate. "It's my business." My voice was still calm, but now I got louder: "It's my life, I can do what I want with it! You have no right to sell me!" With this act he outdid himself. He may be cruel and an incredibly bad father, but that was the height.A hideous smile graced his lips and he said, "You don't even know exactly who the buyer is." Whoever bought another person was scum. You didn't need any details to know it wa
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chapter 2
Jason grabbed my father and very abruptly, which is why he let go of my wrist. The next moment my brother slammed him against the nearest wall and put his hand on his throat.He hissed, "You certainly won't send your own daughter to that beast. You're a pathetic alpha if you can't resolve this matter normally." Since he had found a good argument and I turned to the two. Jason's knee-jerk reaction had revived me, so the shock took a back seat. That's when I heard Lilia, my inner wolf, in my head: "Layla, kill that man. If he sends us to Alpha Blackmoon, we can never find our mate or be with him." I had jumped in shock because I had been too much in reality. I had completely forgotten my wolf. Lilia snapped at me, "Layla! Our mate! Action needs to be taken!" oh mateI hadn't thought that far, because all the new information was too much. But she was right, we could never have the perfect man by our side. With that, we were deprived of the possibility of eternal happiness with our s
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chapter 3
I arrived at my destination and this was my best friend's home. Since I had often fled to him after a heated argument, whether with my father or one of my two sisters, I had stored my clothes here.They were hidden in a bush big enough for me to hide behind. Because of this, I was able to transform into my human form and have a privacy shield in front of me. I quickly found the trousers and shirt because they were still in the same place where I had left them. I quickly put on my jeans and then the shirt. I hadn't thought of socks, which is why I went barefoot, but I couldn't care less. I had a gigantic other problem. As I walked toward the house, I contacted my best friend through the Mindlink the whole pack was connected to."Finns? I hope you're home." I should have asked that beforehand. In desperation I had completely forgotten about it. I got the answer immediately: "Yes, of course." Apparently I'd managed to keep my voice steady because he didn't sound concerned.I don't kno
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chapter 4
I had a very long conversation with Finns. First I told him every detail and then we went through everything possible.In the end we didn't come to a solution that would be helpful.So I had practically ordered him that we should enjoy the evening. If it was my last, I wanted it to be a good one. Nevertheless, this dark cloud had hung over us.I just got home and immediately rushed up the stairs, although I couldn't hear anyone. But if my father was here, I wanted to hide. My previous behavior certainly had an aftermath.I quickly entered my room and closed the door behind me. Only then did I turn on the light and with a sigh. At least I had made it here unscathed.I rolled over and really just wanted to go to bed and deal with this nightmare again tomorrow, but something caught my eye.There was something on my desk that didn't belong there.I walked towards it and it could never have escaped one's notice. It was a bright red piece of paper, presumably so that I would notice it.When
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chapter 5
The next morning the rush called packing began. My mum had stayed with me, which was fine with me. If we never saw each other again, these were our final hours.I could barely open an eye, but no human or werewolf could sleep in my position.My head was far too confused, inside I was completely restless. That wasn't particularly surprising, after all, Lilia had also isolated herself. When your own wolf was so absent, you were missing a part.Ten thousand thoughts shot through my head, which is why I didn't have a really clear one. So I tried to concentrate on my current task.Packing was tedious and boring in itself, but a distraction nonetheless.My mum helped me and cleared her throat to get my attention. I looked at her questioningly and she said, "Then we'll find you something nice to wear."She was already rummaging through my closet for a suitable outfit and I just watched her. Basically, I didn't care what I wore.Maybe I got traded if the Alpha thought I was ugly. The idea was
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Chapter 6
The journey had gone on forever, the driver hadn't spoken to me. The radio wasn't even on. It was crazy.Whoever the man was, he had never introduced himself. He had a cool aura and I never looked at him. Just stare out the side window for hours. That was a really great job. My boredom knew no bounds.When we finally arrived I was so relieved. The driver remained silent and got out. Wonderful, the man was very friendly. An incredibly joyful soul. You had to meet such a nice person first.I got out the same way, grumbling. I was in pain all over and the ride had been torture.I stretched my legs and looked around. What the hell? This wasn't a house, more like an estate or a castle. Well, a powerful alpha had more money than anything else when he had a giant pack.At least I wouldn't starve here. A small consolation in the whole thing, you should try to see everything positively.Two employees approached me. A woman about my age. She had blond hair and brown eyes and looked very friendl
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Chapter 7
After that, the connection to Lilia was severed, but she too was restless. I couldn't have missed that.Mate? You weren't serious? Where? Or rather who? That was the purest nightmare. I had been sold and this is where I was supposed to meet my mate. My situation got worse instead of better.Hopefully Lilia was wrong and our mate wasn't around. It would be torture if I saw it every day but belonged to another man.Melody stayed with me in my room and helped me unpack. She said that was her job and she was very friendly. We got along pretty well, got to know each other and had a lot of laughs.Finally the question came: "I don't want to offend you, Layla. But why did you agree to this?"She mentioned earlier that Alpha Blackmoon didn't want a mate. This was apparently common knowledge. The man made no secret of it.I didn't even feel uncomfortable with the question, so I answered truthfully, "My father is an alpha from a smaller pack and there are some imbalances between them. Before my
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Chapter 8
It was a huge house, but I still remembered the way. To get to my room I just had to go into the left wing and the second door on the left. At least that's what I noticed.I hurried down the aisle, quickly wiping away another annoying tear running down my cheek.My mate and that had been our first meeting. Alpha Blackmoon didn't want me, even though I'd dreamed of my mate since I was a little girl. Now I got the cold-blooded man who didn't want me.Was that a bad joke?I didn't really start crying until I was in my room and the door slammed shut behind me.I sat on the floor and let the tears flow. My heart contracted, that was probably lovesickness and it was strong.It would be a cruel pain to be rejected by your mate. He would reject me and that made it a thousand times worse. A wonder he hadn't done it immediately.If I was lucky, I could go home afterwards. With bad luck I was killed or imprisoned. Don't expect too much from a beast.A sob escaped my lips and I clutched my heart.
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Chapter 9
Melody kept me company during dinner. She had told me about the castle and everything there was. The property was huge, there was a lot to see. For today I was banished to my room, but she promised to show me around soon.It seemed to be the beginning of a friendship. It would certainly do me good if I had at least one girlfriend. Otherwise I would be completely lonely.Melody was assigned to me anyway, so we would see each other more often. It was an advantage that she was very friendly and helpful. That should make it easier for me.I didn't want to envy the alpha, so I stayed in the room as he instructed.I had just said goodbye to Melody and closed the door behind her.My first step was to grab my cell phone and there were a few messages listed from the Finns. Apparently he had been worried for a long time. So I decided to call him.As the bell rang I threw myself onto my huge bed and it was as comfortable as it looked. It must have been bloody expensive, but that's what everythin
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Chapter 10
I was like a pillar of salt, I hate to admit it, but I was terrified of him. I did my best to cover it up and tried to suppress the feeling.However, Alpha Blackmoon sure could smell my fear. Werewolves and their sensitive noses. Sometimes a curse could do that, which wasn't always ideal.The fact that I was his mate changed everything. After all, I was the one person on this planet he hated the most and wanted the least. My fear was rational.I pulled myself together, cleared my throat and asked politely, "How can I help?" My voice was at a normal volume and firm. It was questionable how I had managed that.He looked quite angry and asked, "Who was that? What man are you talking to so happily?" Thanks to this question I had my answer. He had heard Finn's.Was Alpha Blackmoon jealous? That was hard to imagine.Well, but it would be kind of understandable, he bought me, I was his. However, he didn't want me. So it was absolutely none of his business who I talked to.Still, I gave him a
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