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I could not wait to get back to him, his touch, oh moon goddess what have you done to me, how can my mate be my rival, Sophia struggled in her bed, turning left to right but still unable to find sleep, how could Damian be her mate, she hate him, she hate him she taught, she still cannot forget the word her wolf said to her when she touched his hand , she screamed "mate" till now her wolf is still angry with her, she should have made themselves one IMMEDIATELY Sophia met her mate in battle ground, the man she is destined to be with, but her mate happened to be the man she hate most, the man that killed her best friend, the Alpha of the blue lake clan, the man she had sworn to kill. Will true love prevail in this battle of love and hate or will Sophia fulfill her promise of killing her mate the man who killed her best friend

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read read read
2022-05-29 22:03:14
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Emily Dumencu
It’s a good story it just has so many spelling mistakes and it feel rushed!
2021-07-02 09:50:27
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Jessica Wheeler Starbuck
waiting for the update?
2021-02-05 01:05:27
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2020-12-13 20:59:26
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this is my own book but I still have to rate it, please read and rate I promise to post regularly for you, thanks,
2020-11-08 08:52:18
38 Chapters
1. No wolf of that kind exist
In the dark deep forest a white wolf with blue eyes ran deep into the forest, the wolf was white as snow, it fur was delicate, soft and beautiful, one sight of the wolf could take your breath away, she is immediately joined by a pure black wolf, dark as the night with gold eyes, its fur was black and shinning as if mixed with silver, both wolf ran deep in the forest and seemed to be enjoying them selves, they run and tossed around, rolling on the floor together just then the black wolf stopped and gazed into the eyes of the white wolf as if inviting the wolf to come close. as they came close to each other the whole place turned white..................................................
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2. My mate is the most beautiful
Damian stood there looking at Stephan as he stood there watching the floor as if there was something there, the servant passing bowed and greet them and walked pass them, they all wondered what was going on between the alpha and his beta, or the alpha and his best friend, "is he going to punish him again" every one knew that Damian punishment is as good as death and no one dear go close to him when he is angryDamian stood there for some time watching his best friend, today is not a good day to punish him, he knows how excited his friend always is when it came to the full moon ceremony so he said" i am not a commoner so i am not excited about the full moon mating ceremony, majorl
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3. Rise of the shadow
In a small cottage in the middle of the forest, no one knew the name of the forest as it was not in any map, some group of people wearing black robe covering their head stood around a fire, they were seven of them, they kept chanting some words and no one could see each other face. "they are getting close again" one of the shadow said, while the others kept quiet, the others kept looking at one of them who happen to be the leader, even without seeing his face, one could feel the dangerous aura he emits,  " it is inevitable for them to come close, but we can prevent them from coming together, although the black stream clan feel they have defeated us, this shall be the rise of the shadow, just like their shadow we shall grow and follow them where ever they go" after saying that they all lift like wind and like shadows. .......... meanwhile at the meeting room Damian entered the meeting room to fin
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4. My mate is the most handsome
Sophia and her family entered the castle, maids all bowed down as they pass them, one could say the royal family was beautiful, with an uncle that look so handsome, and his sons James and John who look so much like their father, their mother who emits the aura of a queen and Sophia, tall, slim, with curves in the right part of her body, and her black long straight hair compliment her blue eyes making her look like a goddess, Sophia was wearing a blue denim, a white tank top and a leather jacket which fits her body perfectly, although Jane was not pleased with what she was wearing she had other things she was not pleased with. They entered the living room and they all sat down on the sofa, Sophia was sitting close to her uncle as she was very fund of him, she rested her head on his shoulder making Jane jealous even more, Jane sneered and said " Sophia why are you dressed like this, a princess is not supposed to dress in this manner, what will
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5. Full moon mating ceremony
..........[ note this chapter contains mature sex themes, if you are not comfortable with it, please move to the next chapter]Sophia lay on har bed moving to the touch of the man on top of her, he lay he head on her croach as his hand moves and strock her erect pink nipple, sophia moans as he brings his lips to her nipple and start sucking, while his other hand went down to her core, he slipes his hand into her panties and started strocking her core, she could feel the wetness already dripping in her core all she needed right now was for him to take her compeltly, she tries to liik at the person giving her this pleasure but he moves his head close to her ears and bit her then he wispers to her" do you like it" sophia had no option than to say yes " yes... ye... yes i like it, mor..more...i want more" sophia moans out, just then the sourranding changed and he disappears, all she could see was white lightsophia was busy rolling on her bed whe Lina enter
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6. Full moon mating ceremony 2
 At the Black stream clan sophia was in her room face timeing with her best friend sophia, both of them already missed each otherThera.. girl i am missing you so muchSophia.. me too sweetheart, i cant wait to see you againThera.. this place is boring without you, and my father has been over the moon, he has been acting grumpySophia.. why wouldn't he, his baby girl will be leaving to another country for college, i am suprised he allowed you to leave, i know how clingy he isThera.. he has been even more clingy this days, it's exhusting, he said he is making up for the time i wont be aroundBoth Sophia and Thera burst into laughter when sophia heard a knock on the door, at first she ignored it but the person kept persisting and kept on knocking which forced to end her call with her best friend who wouldn't let her go, sophia walket to the door and opend it, she saw group of five persons atanding at her door, before she could r
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7. Full moon mating ceremony 3
Sophia got to the palace gatden and found her uncle Alpha Justin waitong for her, alpha Justin was standing at the mittle of the garden, it was sourounded by beautiful flowers, all the flowers one could ever think of, rose, sun flower, lily, habiscus, daisy, and so much more, the sweet sent coming from the folwer could put your troubled mind at ease.Sophia walked cloe to where alpha Justin was standing and just when she was close still behind him, alpha Justin started talking" You know this garden used to be your fathers fovourite place, infact it was in this same place he proposed to your mother"Sophia got close to Alpha Justin and she could sence the grife he was feeling, she stood at his right hand side and he was holding a daizy flower in hi hand, he started plucking the strand of the flower one after the other" your father loved the daizy flower so much, he even wanted to name you after the flower when you were born"they both chuckeled as
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8. Full moon mating ceremony 4
...............Sophia went back to her room and picked the dress lina bought for her, hell no she was never going to wear what Aunty Jang gave to her, she never trusted that woman, she always felt there was something off about her, if only she could talk to her uncle about to but it was out of het hands, she hoped that one dau she would find out what that crafty woman was up to and maybe exposed her, that was what sophia was thinking about at that time.Line entered the room just in time for sophia to help sophia zip her dresssophia was wearing a blue shifon strapless evening derss called  'Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur, made  by a Malaysian designer Abdul Faisaly, The  blue chiffon dress was wort
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Sophia wa till sleeping in her bed when her phone rang, she sluggishly woke up to pick the callThera: babe why have you not been picking your callsSophia: i am so tiredThera: well you can't be tired now because i am at the airport right now about to board a plane to country ASophia jolts up from her bed immediatly,Sophia: what when are you arriving, and where are you stayingThera: don't worry my dad has made arrangement for me, but you'll have to come to the airport to pick meSophia: what about your bodyguardThera: they'll be on disguise, are you coming or notSophiua: sure i am, you don't have to askthey talked for some time before they ended the call and sophia got set and left her room, ahe walked out of her room to the dining room to find her uncle and the family eating, greet her uncle, her couins and her aunty before she sat dawn, a maid laid a plate before her and started serving her the food, she
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Sophia walked into the training grounds, the training ground was a huge warehouse like place, different people were training at different corner of the place, sophia was amazed by the sight, she really loved to train as it usually help her to calm down.sophia walked in side by side to meet Diego, one of the trainer there"your highness" Diego greeted Diego was a tall, tanned skin man with six pack and short black hair, he was huge and was respected by everyone of the warewolf there, Diana was training with peter one of the pack member, Diana had short hair, she was masculine in nature and she liked Diego but has not have the chance to tell himshe usually chase all the girls who tried to go near Diego and because of that all the ladies stayed clear of Diego.when she saw Diego greeting Sophia in a respectful way, she became jealous, how could Diego look and even bow to another woman, the only woman Diego was allowed to talk to was her, no one else should go near him.Diana stopped
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