The First Hybrid Alpha

The First Hybrid Alpha

By:  Lagetha Miller  Completed
Language: English
2 ratings
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*** COMPLETED**** Astrid is a witch living in the small town of Townsend, Tennessee. Her husband loves her no matter what the world throws at them, until now. For the last 3000 years her soul has been reincarnated along with her mate Alexander. They are finally reunited, but are they ready to fulfill their destiny? Death seems to follow them like a plague of locus. It takes not one, but two Alpha's to satisfy her needs. Will the men be able to work together or will jealousy jeopardize their destiny? The fae have a strange way of life, but can the world really accept it?

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I really enjoyed the book. Especially the weird family However, I did feel like there is a few unanswered questions, so maybe a 2nd book will be written?
2021-08-27 05:30:11
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Melissa Holtzmann
Decent concept that was very poorly executed. Ideas were introduced but were only half explored and left incomplete. A prophecy was mentioned repeatedly, but not what it was or if it was fulfilled. A bad guy seemed to exist, but who or why? Gods vanish with 0 explanation. Feels VERY incomplete.
2021-12-30 02:25:47
64 Chapters
Chapter 1
October in Tennessee is beautiful, the colors of Autumn, the cool breeze, football, bonfires, what is not to love? Astrid had moved to the beautiful small town of Townsend, Tennessee when she was 25, about 10 years ago, with her family and childhood best friend. She Has a husband (Kilian) and her three daughters, Helga (17), Ingrid (15), and Freya (14).Gunther (Gunny) made the decision in 5th grade to never leave Astrid’s side. He and Astrid had been best friends since kindergarten. She lived a quiet life, Kilian a contractor and Astrid owned a metaphysical store.Astrid POVI laid on my back staring at the stars for a moment before closing my eyes. I was feeling overwhelmed lately, hoping to have a chat with the goddess, I went outside to meditate. I could feel my body relaxing as the cool breeze floated through the air. I closed my eyes and began to take a few deep breaths. After my third breath, my nose was filled with cedar.Mo
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Chapter 2
I wavered in my seat as I blinked trying to clear my vision. Dizziness overwhelmed me, I felt as if I was going to be sick. I reached out my hand to steady myself dropping the knife, before setting my hand on the blade.I hissed at the pain radiating from my hand, I could smell blood. My head began to throb. I felt my shoulders burst into flames. After a few seconds I could tell two large hands were supporting me. A whimper escaped me as the area around me spun.I felt him adjust my body onto his pulling my head to his chest. I was unable to protest, honestly, I am not sure if I even had the thought. It felt so good, he laid an arm across my chest and I gripped it as I was pulled into another memory.My brain became overloaded, I was hardly able to keep up. I tried to allow myself to remember, but it was too much. I was only able to gather one piece of information. Alexander was right, he was my other half, my mate, my oxygen. How had I lived for so long without
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Chapter 3
The next morning went as usual. I tried to call Sylvi (my best friend) a few times, there was no answer. I was worried, she usually was a stick up my ass, but the good kind.I decided to send a quick message to Gunny and Sylvi. I needed to discuss what just happened with them before this lunch date.Hey guys, something crazy happened.Don’t worry I am fineI need you to call me asap.Sylvi’s reply came first.Copy that girl. If I need the shoveland an alibi just say WINE!It irritated me that she didn’t answer my call but texted back no problem. Another message from Gunny appeared in the top banner.I will be off the grid for another 3 days.Sylvi- take care of our girl.I allowed myself to get lost in some work. I wanted to distract myself from needing to make so many major life choices. My happy-ever-after with Kilian was ov
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Chapter 4
The next few days went by quickly. Alexander said he was going to give me a few days to try to figure things out, but he would be close by. I didn’t like the feeling that no matter what I did, someone would be hurt.I knew that someone was Kilian. I just needed to rip off the bandaid. He was such a great father; I really have no clue how he is going to process this. I decided to plan on telling him tomorrow morning.My daughters were going to be out of the house for the evening. Freya was going with Ingrid to a lock-in at the movie theater. Helga was taking her SAT’s tomorrow and staying at a friend’s house to study.Knowing Kilian would be out of the house until after midnight, I decided to go perform a ritual to attempt to contact the goddess. I am pretty sure she knows what is going on, and if she thinks it’s funny, well, it’s not.I wandered into the back yard with a blanket and some candles. I listed for Lex in human or
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Chapter 5
“I miss…” he said between placing kisses down my neck,“I miss…”I felt his fingers push down on my clit and start moving slowly. His touch sent waves of pleasure through me. I moaned and my juices began to pool as he slid two fingers past my lips. The sensation made my thighs quiver.He cupped my breasts in his hands as he continued to assault my body with his tongue. Slowly he licked my nipple causing me to whimper and push up towards him, wanting him to fill his mouth.He chuckled at my expense and nipped it gently trailing his tongue to massage the sting. I lifted my head and begged him with my eyes.“You need to stay put,” He started thrusting his fingers in and out faster.“Remember, I love watching your beautiful body lose control.”My juices were flowing like a river at this point, I was so close to the edge. He moved to tease my other nipple while lightly pinching
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Chapter 6
Kilian was looking at us like there was more to say. I softened my eyes and took a few steps towards him, closing the distance. Lex followed protectively behind me.“Our children are special. I’m not sure why. I do not know how this is going to work. I hoped it would be more difficult for you to leave our relationship in the dust.”“You will always be the light I follow and will give my life for. After seeing you with him, I don’t know how I feel yet.”“I know I should be jealous, but it is difficult when I saw the power amplified off the two of you a moment ago.” He blushed.I was blushing like a schoolgirl who was just caught by her parent in the middle of her first kiss.“I understand why she warned me, no one could resist something like that. But you are amazing Astrid and though we may not be what we once were, I do not want to live my life without you in it.”“You never
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Chapter 7
“He said his name is Joseph Nicholas.” I repeated to Lex and Kilian.Lex continued to search his brain for the name but seemed to come up empty. I hadn’t remembered anything like that from our previous lives. Kilian was the first to speak startling both Lex and me.“I know the name. I got an email a few weeks ago with that name. He said a similar story, that he was related to your mother in some way and he was coming to America.” He shook his head; regret was written all over his face.“I thought it was you,” he looked at Lex.“trying to find her.”“I ignored the email; I wasn’t going to make it easier for you to find her.” Slight attitude in his tone.“A few hundred years ago, there was a power-hungry pack. They were told of the prophecy by a witch that one day there would be a change in power. A hybrid wolf, both witch and werewolf shifter, would become Alpha. It
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Chapter 8
The doorbell rang as the contact info appeared on my phone screen. I grinned slightly at glad that something came up to distract me. Opening the door, I was greeted by Sylvi holding 2 cups of coffee.“Hey, I was just about to call you, I haven’t been able to get ahold of you for days. Are you okay?” I asked right away.“Of course, I was just tied up and not in a good way.” She winked at me.“Well consider me disappointed for you, what brings you by?”“That is what brings me by.”Sylvi waved her hand in a circle around my face as she spoke. She knew something was going on.“Great, I’ll take that coffee.” I said taking the cup from the tray.We both went in and settled into the couch. I was taking as long as possible to begin. She noticed I was trying to avoid the conversation.“Astrid, I feel like we are tight on time so we should get on with it. Start
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Chapter 9
As I headed into the kitchen, I walked into Helga, Ingrid, and Freya all tossing bags around while they argued about who was getting what. I shook my head watching them and laughed, food in this house was one of the things worth fighting over.“When did you guys order take out?” I asked.“Um, Mama, this was that hottie.” Helga pointed into the living room speaking low.“Oh, I’ll explain that later.” I said walking towards Lex.“I don’t know if Kilian is going to be okay with you being here with them. I was thinking you would just keep an eye on them from outside.” I explained in a whisper.“I have no problem with it, in fact I suggested it.” Kilian said from behind me.He was wearing a black button-down shirt and light jeans. His cologne filled the room as he walked in.“Girls, there are a lot of things changing. I want you to know that your mother and I lov
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Chapter 10
“Kilian, I feel this is something that needs to come from you.” Lex said.Sylvi handed me the joint she had just lit. She had a look in her eye like she was trying to get me to relax. I took it then handed it to Kilian as he nodded at Lex.“Okay, there was a heavy conversation that took place at first.”“I told her the same thing I told you. I am not going anywhere.”“She told us some vague information about preparing for a huge influx of wolves. She told me how special you are, Astrid.”“Love, there is a reason you have affinities for all the elements.”“A war is coming, and we will be ready. All of us, together.” He stated firmly.“I don’t feel the need to get into the specifics of my personal conversation with her, it was bad enough Lex was there.” He blushed a little.I was shocked. I closed my mouth once I realized I was staring, eyes
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