Chapter 7



Princess Sidhiel Ampheal's POV

Busy street and talking people and children having fun.

"Father it's here! Come come come hurry!" I call my father who is spacing out and keep wondering he's eyes everywhere, I get it he's worried cause we're alone with no guard but this is our kingdom so it will be fine.

He approaches me and I shove a wild strawberry that I buy and I pick inside the paper bag then I shove it onto his mouth and he's surprised by the sudden impact he swallows it fast and I laugh so hard seeing my father so cute and innocent expression just now.

"(Laugh hard) fa-father! HAHAHAHA you should look at yourself PFTHAHAHAHA" I laugh hard teasing my father.

King Ellandan's POV

"Sidhiel..." Father mumble seeing my only daughter laughing so hard and so happy admiring the view of her shining happily.

I smile and I laugh together with her. "Father?" She paused and she laughed again together with me.

Princess Sidhiel Ampheal's POV

'Father...I don't want this to end, I want to see you so free and so happy all the time, Father...' I talk to my mind looking at my father taking a moment with him.

"Mother, brother don't worry I protect and take care of father tell the day we all meet again..." I mumble looking up at the sky smiling happily as we walk happily to the street with my father side by side.

"Oh! Look, father! Let's go over there next come!" I said, smiling brightly as I grabbed a hold of his right hand and he smiled. "Okay slow down," father said coming with me.

While we each wear a blue smooth cloak to cover up our identity as we enjoy our visit to cala town.

to be continue.....

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