Chapter 8



Third Person's POV

"Lilly sorry I'm late my mother orders me to clean the house first Are you okay?" Limiel ask her only girl friend in town seeing her serious and dark expression,

"DO YOU REALLY HATE ME? I THOUGHT YOUR DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS BUT YOU'RE THE SAME!" Lilly shouted at her angry "what? Lilly what are you saying? I can't understand..." Limiel respond worried and confused,

"your Princess Limiel ARE YOU?!" Lilly ask with hurt and sad expression

"What? H-how'd you know?" Limiel said fear cast on her

"So is it true...why lie to me? I thought you're my true friend ?*sobs*," Lilly said, crying and hurt "Why did you deceive me?" Lilly added

"n-no that's not it, I didn't deceive you I hide my real identity because I am scared if you will know you won't make friends with me" Limiel respond feel sorry and fear of losing her only friend

"Is that really the case? Or you will just worried that I might use your wealth because You're from a royal family and I'm just a peasant" Lilly said misunderstanding the situation

"No no...that's not it please listen to me lilly" Limiel beg but lilly turn her back to Limiel and said the words that Limiel fear that Lilly would say someday, "I don't want to see you again and I don't want to be your friend again goodbye Leah no princess Limiel" Lilly said and leave

Limiel was shock and couldn't move an inch she couldn't believe what just happened it felt so unreal to her after some time she got back to reality and follow lilly route just now when she turns left to the yard she was about to call her but she saw her old sister Pathlaniel she hides under the garbage 2 meters away from them and heard her old sister speaking.

"Your so easy to deal with, a gold as a promise I give your mother back to you later but You know I am a royal too and someday I will be a queen I don't want to dirty my name so I'm sorry I need to kill you don't worry it won't hurt a bit your mother too didn't scream she just sleep and opps! Sorry yeah, she is dead but don't worry you will meet her soon so..." Pathlaniel said and Limiel heard it she was so surprised that she can't believe her old sister is like this

"so it's your fault! You were the reason why! I won't forgive you!" Limiel said whispered she wanted to save lilly but as she stood out under the garbage she was too late lilly was already dead and her old sister was gone like a wind,

Lilly was dead Limiel trembled and fell on her knees to the ground and cried. After that, she buried Lilly herself and went home at night so wet, so dirty, exhausted, and worn out.

Pathlaniel is the first to approach her and hug her but Limiel shoves her away harshly and Limiel collapses.

to be continue.....

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