Chapter 9



Princess Limiel's POV


Setting up, "That dream it happened is not a dream" I said calming myself down. "Oh is already morning, "(DEEP SIGH)" I mumble tiredly.

—Training Room—

"Belegurth, Araphor" king thranduel call his two sons upon seeing them inside the training room cleaning their sword and armor. "Father," Belegurth and araphor said at the same time standing up from the chair and bow. "Belegurth come to the throne room later me and your mother has something to say to you and araphor go get your sister limiel" King thranduel said and his two son bow as a yes and he leaves the training room with his guard.

"My lady, I'm here for your breakfast" my maid called outside my door.

"Come in" I permit and she enters holding a different kind of food. When suddenly someone knocks on the door her maid checks who is it,

"Princess is prince araphor" the personal maid said

"let him in'' Limiel responds and araphor get inside hurriedly,

"Limiel father told me to bring you to the throne room are you okay?" Araphor said worried

"Why? What does the father want? I'm not in the mood and yes I'm fine brother don't worry"
Limiel said looking away from his brother

"But so, father tell me to get you, so let us go now" Araphor said and grabbed her sister right wrist and go to the throne room while Limiel keeps wiggling to go out to her brother hold but her brother is more strong and they already inside the throne room Limiel stop wiggling and behave herself.

"Limiel i summon you here with your two brothers, your mother and me, because we're worried what happened tell us" king thranduel ask seriously upon feeling the changes of the nature towards their kingdom,

Once their child is born it will hold their whole power left them with nothing but a throne and control to the kingdom but they won't hold any kind of power anymore cause it will be given fully to their children. That power is connected to all parts of the kingdom and whatever happened and what might they're feeling is, the kingdom will also react and get affected by its changes.

and Limiel think carefully into what she should say the truth or to lie then she came into conclusions,


"It's nothing father, mother and brothers I'm fine sorry I was acting a bit rude and out of my self the other day I was just bored and exhausted from visiting the town yesterday so I pretend to be angry hahaha" Limiel said lying and pretending to be fine smiling forcefully

"Limiel are you certain with your words just now?" King thranduel asking for assurance and limiel smiling brightly to them all assuring them lying,

when suddenly someone barges into the throne room

"Pathlaniel" Belegurth mention

"What's going on? I didn't know there's a family meeting what happened?" Pathlaniel ask approach Limiel and scotch her left hand into Limiel shoulder, Limiel shove it away and bow excusing herself

"I will leave now mother, father, brothers, and old sister. I'm tired, I want to sleep, see ya all later at dinner I must go now," Limiel said and left the throne room.

Leaving all the people inside worried but the one person only feels confused about her little sister's behavior rejecting her touch. "Limiel?....". Pathlaniel mumble seeing her little sis figure slowly fading.

to be continue....

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