The Hunted Vampire

The Hunted Vampire

By:  Kelvin Ateb  Ongoing
Language: English
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After Liam became a vampire in a different era, he has been a target for both vampires and vampire hunters due to his sinful past. A past that he can't escape from no matter how far he runs for he was a vampire that loathed his own existence. Liam has tried to die but he has been cursed with immortality, a vampire that cannot die despite wanting to was the worst torture. But he finds his will to live through Sophia Walker, a lady that reminded him of a piece of him that he once thought was dead. But what if the one that could gave him a reason to live was the only one that could kill him? Will his pain be released or would the idea of leaving the one he loves be his new pain?

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6 Chapters
The moon shone beautifully on the surface of the earth, the wind danced gently like it was welcoming the descent of angels. “Where are we going?” A young lady in a red dress questioned the man holding her hands as he led her through the forest.“Shush Selena, don’t you know demons lurk in this forest?” The man dressed in casual clothing teased his girlfriend but all this made her giggle like a schoolgirl, the leaves soon rustled, it was coming from behind the thick bushes and trees. “Honey! Did you hear that?” The lady sounded distressed upon hearing this but her boyfriend waved it off as he was overcome with lust. The blood in his head was flowing somewhere else at the moment.He pushed her up against a tree and made his move, he could feel his body heat up because of what he had already done to her in his mind, and boy, has he done a lot. “H-Honey, you have to be patient,” The lady squirmed. She was not comfortable but her boyfriend mistook this as her playing hard to get and bec
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Sophia Walker
Immortality is the one thing that everyone seeks as the fear of death is man’s greatest weakness. Rarely has man conquered this fear and this is why the prospect of immortality was so exciting to humanity. But immortality was its prison because, without the fear of death, life served no purpose. The suffocating feeling of loneliness after centuries of living. Watching people you love die, loving new people, and watching them die as well. Those who don’t have immortality crave it and those who do have it, resent it. “Sophia! Get ready! You will be late!” A lady screamed, her voice reverberating through every wall in the house.“Arrrghhh! I can’t get any fucking reading done!” Sophia cussed under her breath. Sophia was an aspiring brunette writer in her late teens about to start college. She was a fit lady with shoulder-length hair, she had glasses on with an open book right in front of her. Her room was like the room of any teenager her age, except she had posters of famous gore mo
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First Day Of College
Sophia Walker snuck back into her apartment but she found out her luggage was already moved from her room.“She is standing in the corner, isn’t she?” Sophia thought to herself with a defeated look and behold, like a soothsayer, there was her mother standing right in the corner with her arms crossed.“SOPHIA WALKER! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?” Erza shouted despite Sophia literally being just a few feet away from her.“Here we go again,” Sophia was already irritated in advance as she listened to her mother scold her over something so irrelevant because she still got it in the end so what was the fuss about? She watched her mother do it so passionately like she was auditioning for a role in a movie. “Don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit?” Sophia blurted out but she wished she could take back her words the moment they left her soft lips. “Did I just say that out loud?” Sophia’s impulsive thoughts had won this battle.Erza was an average-height lady, she had brunette hair like
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Sophia Walker had settled into her dorm thanks to the help from her mother, the room she was in had two beds in opposite directions with a table in the top middle acting like a buffer. A fridge was at the other end, opposite the table, and by the looks of the items in them. Whoever she was meant to stay with had already moved in, and she was not looking forward to the awkward socialization she would be forced to undergo because of her roommate but that also depended on the type of person her roommate was.“Please God, a decent roommate. Please God a decent roommate,” Sophia prayed to herself, fingers crossed because she knew that a good roommate was important when it came to getting peace of mind. In the meantime, she took this opportunity to arrange her bed. It was so soft and comfortable, the opposite of what she had at home because her mother believed soft beds ruined one’s posture overtime and she didn’t want this for her child, who barely had any sex appeal in her eyes despite
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New Friends
Ronnell and Sophia got along seamlessly but that was simply because Ronnell had this contagious energy surrounding her. Sophia felt like she had known her whole life despite just meeting only a few minutes ago.“Dayum girl! You look stunning! You don’t need all of this…” Pausing as she waved her hand in the face of Isabella. Ronnell complimented Sophia while taking a jab at the makeup Isabella had on her face.“You always do this Ronnell!” Isabella retorted. Sophia wasn’t interested in getting mixed up in whatever drama they could potentially have but now was the perfect time to change the subject because things would escalate if she didn’t or at least that’s what she thought. Sophia noticed Ronnell's breasts were far from average and noticed the outline of her nipples poking through them, they were so big and her ass complimented her jeans.Ronnell noticed Sophia’s gaze was fixated on her chest and a grin crept up on her face.“You roll that way?” Ronnell asked Sophia but Sophia was
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Past Memories
A young lady walked through a garden, admiring the flowers in her path, the sun rested gently on her pale skin as the gentle wind made her brunette hair sway and that only complemented her beauty. Her yellow eyes looked like the sun was a product of them, she was a captivating lady with an average-sized bust. “My lady! You mustn’t be outside!” A lady in a maid outfit came rushing out of the mansion.But the frail lady continued admiring the flowers in the garden, she didn’t look healthy and walked with a limp, a limp that would make her trip over herself but she was caught before she could fall. “Thank you, Hazel…” The frail lady thanked her maid but upon looking up, she realized it was not her maid that had caught her but a strange man she had never seen.“Unhand lady Genevieve!” Hazel shouted from afar as she rushed towards them, but Genevieve didn’t share the same urgency as her maid as she was speechless by the man before her.He was far too handsome to be just a man, Genevieve’
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