Thank You! Miss President!

Thank You! Miss President!

By:  Silver Rose  Ongoing
Language: English
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Tanya has a sister who is extremely ill and needs surgery to stay alive, but Tanya is in deep debt and has no money for her surgery. In deep desperation, Tanya stole some money from gamblers and she tries to escape from them as they pursue her. Tanya runs to the hospital and pays in the money for her sister’s surgery however they say the money is not enough to begin her treatment until she pays at least 80% of the cost Tanya decided to work in a club while crossdressing as a male because he is trying to raise money. Elaine, who needed a fake boyfriend to introduce to her parents, went to the club and met Tanya. Elaine sees Tanya in her cross-dress and decides to propose to her an offer to pretend to be her boyfriend, the reward is Elaine will be covering all expenses of her sister's surgery.

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Thank You! Miss President! by Silver Rose is a romantic LGBTQ+ novel with a refreshing plot. Tanya loves her sister dearly. She stole from gamblers to have the funds for her medical care. Then she crossdresses as a male to work in a club to earn more money. Tanya meets Elaine, a wealthy lady who does not want to tie the knot yet. She proposes to Tanya to be her pretend boyfriend. Elaine promises to pay for the hospital bills. Tanya agrees. But who knew, aside from earning extra money, the two ladies discover something precious.

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Binu Binuzz
i like your story.. ... waiting for next update ...good luck and stay safe...
2023-06-03 23:37:43
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Thank you for the updates!!.
2023-02-12 16:12:33
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Ellesor Oyorra Aru
When is the next update?... Please, still waiting here..
2022-11-23 21:33:45
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Michelle Suarez
Nice story. Thanks for free reading today!!
2022-10-26 23:59:04
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Charm Mauring
I’ve been reading this book and now I came to the last update. I wonder when are you going to update this story? I can’t stop reading it.
2022-08-10 13:06:33
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Iahsej Taugilab
update plssss ganda ng story
2022-06-01 10:08:26
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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-30 16:21:50
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It’s great story but be puncture for the updates
2022-01-11 01:06:22
111 Chapters
Chapter 1
[Beep][Beep][Beep]Only the sound of the heart monitor Tanya heard in this quiet hospital. Tanya let out a sigh as she looks at her sister who are in the hospital bed. “What am I going to do…” Tanya mumbled to herself as she holds her sister’s hand who is in a coma, she lowered her head, placing her head on her sister’s hand. Suddenly, the opened quietly along the sound of footsteps was heard by Tanya. She looks at the side and saw the doctor walking towards her. “Miss Tanya” the doctor spoke as she stops beside Tanya. Tanya stands up from the seat with her hands together, she rubs her palm with her thumb, Tanya usually does this when she’s anxious or scared. “Miss Tanya, your sister needs surgery, luckily she doesn’t need it for now but it’s better if she had surgery right now” the doctor stated as she looks at Tanya&rsq
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Chapter 2
As Tanya walk to the sidewalk, she saw her reflection through the glass window of one of the stores she walks by. Her eyes widened as she saw herself, her green eyes have a big dark circle under her eyes, her glossy black straight hair was unkempt. Seeing her messy appearance is. She quickly put her hood to her head, covering her appearance. She walks to the bus station with her head lowered while her hand is inside the pocket of her jacket. Tanya sat down at the window seat of the bus; she looks at the window as the bus went to their destinations. The bus stop at the hospital, Tanya exited the bus and walk toward the hospital. Tanya went to the reception, the receptionist let Tanya enter. It’s already 5 pm when Tanya visited her sister, she looks at her sister through the window of the door before gently opening the door. She saw her sister who is in a coma look like she&r
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Chapter 3
‘This is my first time here…’ Tanya thought to herself as she walks, she looks around as she eavesdrops on the people’s conversation. She sat down on the barstool; she ordered water from the bartender. Tanya sips the water as she eavesdrops, hoping she could get the information of the gamblers who got the 1 million. Luckily, the world is on her side. She heard the woman who plays poker talk as she put her cards down, “Tsk, Tsk, that b*stard is having fun in the second floor with a bunch of women in there, just because he has 1 million on his hand, he got to be arrogant” the woman cursed as she smacks the table. “Is he an idiot? He brought his whole money in here; I would laugh at him on his face if he was ever robbed” the other woman spoke with a grin on her face while she looks at her card. Tanya took her last sip from the glass before she put it back
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Chapter 4
“Haaa…Haaa” Tanya panted as she supported her upper body to her knee, she removes her mask to breathe properly as she run out of air. She leaves the building with some people chasing her, luckily, she lost them but she had the feeling that they would find her if she stayed here any longer. Tanya went to the clothing shop next door; she picks up some random clothes and went to the changing room to change. She then went to the cashier and pay for the clothes, just as she’s about to leave, she notices a summer straw hat on the side. She grabs the summer straw hat and wore it; she pays the payment with great sadness in her heart as she felt sad wasting money instead of paying for her sister’s surgery bill. ‘No, it’s okay Tanya. Now that I have money, I can pay the bill now’ she optimistically thought to herself as she leaves the store, some of the men who were chasing her earl
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Chapter 5
[Ring][Ring][Ring]By the third ring, the woman in the office who wears a white suit with her silver hair reaching at the end of her back, answered the phone call. “what?” the woman cold voice with an annoyance on her tone penetrated the quiet room. “Is that how you answer to your mother now? Elaine” a woman’s voice who can be identified as someone from her 50’s spoke with an ungrateful tone on her voice. “What do you want? I’m busy” Elaine asks in annoyance as she flips her hair, she sat down on her chair and opens the laptop that was placed on the table in front of her. “Your dad and I wanted to ask if you found any boyfriend yet” Her mother spoke with a little bit of impatient tone in her voice. “What? Mom, how many times do I have to tell you. I’m lesbian, I’m into girls!” Elaine
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Chapter 6
[Kling]The sound of the bell on top of the door sounded as Tanya enters the club. Everyone look at Tanya and was amazed at her current look. Every woman started to each other as they look at Tanya while the man only looks at her for a while before going back to their business. Tanya keeps looking around in the building, looking for her friend, Athy. “Tanvi!” Athy shouted as she waves her hand, she was across the room, serving the customer. Tanya looks in her direction and smiles before heading towards her. ‘Tanvi’ is the male name she created earlier when Athy asks about what would be her name when they’re video calling. “Is your boss here?” Tanya asks as she looks around, looking for Athy’s boss. “He’s in the office, you just have to enter his office since I have already talked about you to the boss” Athy
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Chapter 7
‘Today is a hell of lot of work…’  Tanya thought to herself as she sighs, she took her phone and open it. There, you can see Kyla as her lock screen. Seeing her sister’s face, Tanya smile as she turns her phone. ‘But that’s okay! For Kyla, this is nothing’ she thought to herself as she’s being optimistic.   “Tanvi! Give this drink to table 15” the bartender called Tanya over.  Tanya left the room behind the bartender station; she saw the bartender is extremely busy due to having customers come and go.   “Yes sir!” Tanya subconsciously salutes the bartender causing him to widen his eyes before laughing at her.   “Don’t tense boy! Later in the evening will be more chaotic!” The bartender smacks Tanya’s back as he laughs.   Tanya could only hold back the cough with a stiff smile on her face, she took the tray and went to table 15.   The customer w
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Chapter 8
“Hmnnhh..!” Tanya let out a moan as her body bent back, her hand stretches out as well as her toes.   “Haa..” there’s another sound that sounded near Tanya, the man wipes his sweat as he let out another breath.   “I…can’t...! I can’t…take it anymore…” Tanya mumble as her voice sounded weak as if she’s pleading to someone.   “Heh, we’re not finished yet” the man let out a chuckle as he smiles, he wipes the sweat in his forehead before…….   “It’s so f*cking hot in here! I might die!” it was the bartender who shouted in the staff room, Tanya also thought this to her mind as she felt the intense heat in the room.   Tanya stretches her hand as she sits in the chair while her coworker also sat down in the other chair while writing on the paper as he wipes his sweat from time to time.   It’s already been 4 days since Tanya started working in the club, in those 4 day
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Chapter 9
Wayne was surprised to her hear the threat in Tanya’s voice, his eyes look at Tanya’s cold eyes.   He didn’t what to do at first as it was his first time having an employer threatening him on their first day.   “N-Y..yes…” Wayne subconsciously politely answered Tanya, he stutters as he answer. He could feel the aura of a rich person coming out on Tanya.   Hearing his word, Tanya suddenly snaps back. She stares at Wayne who has a dazed look on his face, Tanya coughs to change the heavy atmosphere.   “Umm…I’m sorry sir Wayne for threatening you, it’s just that I don’t want someone leaking my personal life and personal information without my permission…I hope you understand that sir” Tanya apologized to Wayne, she scratched her head in embarrassment with her head slightly lowered while she looks at Wayne directly into his eyes.   “Y-yeah, I understand. It was my fault, to begin with
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Chapter 10
“Break time is over guys~ let’s hurry up go back to our positions!” the supervisor opened the door and informed everyone.   Tanya looks at the clock and saw it was indeed over, she stands up from her seat and left the staff room for males.   The reason why the club was only hiring males was that the club was full of females and in need of the strength of males for a heavy workload and to attract female customers.   Tanya fixes her hair before her tie; she went to the bartender station to wait for drinks for the customers.   She’s already getting used to this job, although it was hard for the first hours, Tanya quickly adjusted as she was used to this due to having different jobs in the past.   “Tanvi boy! Give this to the customer over there” The bartender whose name is Ezekiel called out Tanya and pointed at the woman with silver hair.   Tanya’s eyes widen,
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