The Lost Heir

The Lost Heir

By:  Kari F.  Updated just now
Language: English
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Innocent souls who had been caught up by the adults wrongdoings, greed and selfishness. A love that was put to an end before it fully bloomed due to misunderstanding. And a love that had remained even after years have passed. Love and second chances.

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karijin 1992
It’s kinda intriguing.
2024-04-18 16:11:42
37 Chapters
Chapter 1
3rd PERSON’S POV "Why is my little prince crying?" A man asked his 10-month-old son. The baby boy has been crying in his mother's arms for almost three minutes now. And he immediately stopped crying when he heard his father's voice and started looking around while sniffing. He keeps blabbering and saying gibberish words like he was actually telling his daddy why he was crying.This makes the father smile so brightly. The baby starts giggling when he sees where his father is and the man walks towards his son."Who is that?", the woman holding the baby asks. Then the baby starts babbling again. He even starts drooling and slaps his tiny pair of hands on his mother’s shoulder."Oh, it's Daddy!", she chirped, which made the baby squeak loudly, getting ecstatic after seeing his father act like he was going to attack him. And that makes the couple laugh loudly. The room was filled with the couple laughing and the baby's giggling."How was the meeting, darling?" Avery asks her husband after
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Chapter 2
3RD PERSON'S POV FOURTEEN YEARS LATER “Sean Williams, my love!” A boy in his teens called out. The one he called Sean Williams halted, facepalmed, and looked down because of embarrassment. After a few seconds, he looked up and faced the other young guy running towards him while grinning. He looked at him as if he wanted to murder him.“Dylan! How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that? Others might misunderstand. I just want to end this school year peacefully.” Sean Williams retorts to the guy named Dylan, then kicks his back leg just right under his bum. Dylan didn’t dodge. He accepted his best friend's kick while laughing at his reaction.Sean Williams'S POVI was about to enter our school’s entrance gate when I heard my best friend’s voice, Dylan, calling—shouting my name rather. I smiled brightly the moment I heard his voice, but that smile vanished automatically after hearing the endearment he uses.Ugh! How I wish I’d disappear right at this instant. This
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Chapter 3
3RD PERSON’S POVIt was the weekend, everybody was busy doing their own chores. Well except for one person, Sean who's still in his journey on his dreamland.“Sean!!” Marcus woke his brother up, shaking him vigorously. “Until what time do you plan to sleep, huh?" Sean stirred but he didn’t wake up. Marcus again shook his brother stronger.“What?!" Sean hissed at his brother. He yanked his brother's hands and turned his back on him. “Let me sleep, it’s Saturday we don’t even have class. Why do you have to wake me up so early?” he grumbled. “Early?!!" Marcus shouted irritably. “How can you call this early when it’s already 10 AM!!” After hearing what his brother said, Sean abruptly shot up from his bed.“What?!! 10 AM?” Sean asked.“Yes! And here you are still snoring like a pig, and you're even drooling. Yuck!” Marcus commented disgustingly.“Oh,Shit! I’m doomed!” Sean exclaimed.“Doomed? Why? Do you have a date?” Marcus teased his brother.“Date my foot." Sean retorts. Then Marc
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Chapter 4
Monday“Ok class, as you already know. Today we will have our homeroom officers election. But before that, let me introduce your new classmate. He just got transferred, and it’s a bit late. So I would really appreciate it if you would treat him nicely." The teacher said after greeting her students. “You may come in." Miss Spencer, their class advisor, called the attention of a student waiting outside their room.The newly transferred student entered the room. It made the students of that class gasp. And they began to chatter and whisper at each other. Some are staring at the new guy like a statue. Not moving and as if they even forgot how to breathe. Some start squealing like they just saw their idol in person. Except for the three who are not bothered by it at all. They just keep playing rock, paper, scissors at their seats. The winner will flick the loser’s forehead.“Shhh... Keep your voice down. The whole campus can hear us.” Miss Spencer shook her head while shushing her studen
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Chapter 5
3RD PERSON’S POV The next day...Dylan, Dean, Marcus and Sean walked together side by side. They're all heading to the canteen. As soon as the four entered the canteen students from all levels couldn't help but stare at them. The four acted like they're not bothered by the way other students stare at them. They just kept walking to the corner as they spotted a vacant table for four earlier.Sean sits beside Dylan. Marcus is sitting at the other side. Dean facing Sean."Hi girls," Dylan said and winked at the group of girls who sat next to their table. "Oh my god! They were like F4" one of the girls squealed. "Hmm… F4, huh. Not bad. We are King University's F4." Dylan grins.Sean rolled his eyes with his usual 'I'm so done with this person' look. Dylan, seeing his best friend's reaction, extended his hands and pinched Sean's cheeks. That earned him a slap on his hands."I'm really curious. How can you manage to stay as best friends when you two always bicker with each other. Mostly.
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Chapter 6
3rd Person’s Pov As time passed, Sean and Dean got closer with each other. They often joke around. Dissing each other sometimes and throwing light punches at each other. Dean would pick Sean up from his house and go to school together. They are often spotted at the campus just the two of them and most of the students—especially girls, would look at them—at Sean with envy. And there was even a time when Sean got into a fight with one of the girls and Dean saw it. He didn’t have any second thought and jumped in, pulled Sean and hid him behind him. The girl froze after seeing Dean, she looked so pale like her blood drained. “D-Dean…” she called his name, almost crying. “Dean?” Dean repeated. “Calling me casually by my name? Who do you think you are? And the hell gave you the right to hurt Sean?”“B-but he did it first! Don’t get blinded just because he’s close to you and Dylan. He’s a cunning fag! Acting like a victim, can’t you see who he really is?” “ENOUGH!!” Dean roared, making
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Chapter 7
3rd Person's Pov“All done,” the school as she put the last band-aid on Sean’s scratch wound.“Thank you, Emily.” He replied with a smile and stood up. “We better get going,”“Going where?” Dean asked as he followed Sean who’s heading towards the door. “Class, of course,” Sean replied, brows furrowed as he looked back at Dean.“What class? Aren’t you supposed to go home and rest? I’m sure Dylan already informed Miss Spencer about what happened.” He argued, “There’s no need, D. It's just a scratch, it’s not like I’m seriously injured. I’m not gonna skip my class just for small things like this. And besides, Emily already treated and disinfected it.” Sean argued back.“But—”“No buts, D. I’m really fine—hmm? Why? Is there something on my face?” He asked, suddenly his face got hot. Sean looked away to hide his pink-taint face. “D, huh?” Dylan mumbled in a very low voice and grin as he saw Sean blushed. “Erm.. l-let’s go.” Sean stutters as he walks out. Dean follows while grinning wid
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Chapter 8
“YES! Junior high will soon be over!” Dylan King exclaimed happily.“Senior High is waiving” Sean Williams shook his head.Dylan clicked his tongue. “Of course I know that. But we still have two months before that.”“Yeah, in two months I'll be seeing your face at our house every day. Like seriously Lan, why do you always go and hang out at our house when your house is huge, ours is small. Why don’t you try and hang out with your other friends? I heard they asked you to come hang out with them sometimes.”“I just like hanging out at your house. It feels kinda warm. You know our Dad sometimes comes home when it's also our school’s vacation. I just don’t want to see Mom and Dad giving cold shoulders and having silent war with each other.” Dylan explained feeling sad. “As for other kids, I don’t want to hang out with them. They would just brag around and bully those not so fortunate kids around their area.”Dean was listening silently to his brother while nodding unconsciously. He kn
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Chapter 9
3rd Person’s PovEveryone enjoyed their dinner. Dianne prepared a lot of food. They are happy having their dinner while telling some funny stories. But Dylan was having trouble following the conversations because he was busy fidgeting on his phone. He kept jumping in with off-topic comments and asking for things to be repeated. Then Sean teased him that he needed to get a hearing aid.Dylan kept looking at Sean as if he was crazy.“What would I do with a hand grenade?” Dylan exclaimed loudly. Upon hearing his response everyone burst out laughing, and Marcus even choked on his food which made everyone laugh even harder. And so the bickering saga of the two best friends continues. Looking at the scene in front of her, Dianne can’t help but smile emotionally, how she wished things would remain as peaceful as this, how she wished her husband—Oliver can see how happy Dean and Dylan are. Before anyone could see the tears in her eyes Dianne pretended to drop her fork so she leaned down to
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Chapter 10
Dean’S POVI keep pacing back and forth in my room. Feeling so anxious about what my brother said. I kept thinking about that caterpillar incident back at the school’s garden and based on Sean's reaction earlier made me think that I'm not the only one who thinks about it. Remembering that day, my heart starts beating rapidly. I stopped walking around and calmed myself down. Breath in and breathe out. After I calmed myself I went out of my room and headed back to the garden.I was already at the foot of the stairs when I heard footsteps also coming down the stairs. And there I saw the person who made my heart beat like crazy. I don’t know when this started but everytime I see him I get flustered. Even when he is not doing anything. He saw me and he smiled shyly.He's too cute for his own good. “Are y-you heading back there, n-now?” Sean asks while coming down. I just stood here in my place and waited for him. He looked like an angel descending from above. And just then, just like
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